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|| News Item: Posted 2008-09-04

Olympic Moments: Nhat Meyer
'China got it right.'

By Nhat Meyer, San Jose Mercury News

Photo by Nhat Meyer / San Jose Mercury News

Photo by Nhat Meyer / San Jose Mercury News

Nhat loved the security in Beijing.
By far the greatest improvement over Greece, in my opinion of course, was the ease of security. In Greece if I were to go to from my room to three venues, the MPC, and back to my room that meant a minimum of FIVE security checks, that's five times waiting in line, five times taking off all my gear and going through the metal detector. Basically any time you entered any kind of structure you had to go through security.

China got it right, we went through ONE security check when we left our media village and then we could go to unlimited venues - as long as you stayed within the secure zones. Buses would drive through a security checkpoint and then directly to the media entrance so that we skipped any metal detectors. This probably saved a good 30 to 60 minutes a day waiting in security lines (depending on the popularity of the event) and a bunch of stress. I never had more than one person in front of me in the security lines.

So in this very unexciting picture - you can see that there is a friendly security guard and a little podium thingy with a video camera attached. We'd have to wave our credential over the red part of the podium, which would then match our picture with the live video camera picture. And you can also see that there are three metal detectors and only one person in front of me. Yea!

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