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|| News Item: Posted 1999-08-30

Equipment Corner
Pocket Wizard Max Now Available

By Bruce Kwitny, Roberts Distributors

Updates, Updates, Updates!

LPA Design...The long awaited Pocket Wizard Max units are FINALLY here! Price is $475.00 per get out that plastic! Trade-ins are welcome, but remember that these units ARE compatible with older 16 channel Pocket Wizards.

Nikon...The D1 Digital camera will start shipping toward the end of September. So far only the "retail" price has been established...$5580.00. The street price is yet to be determined. Nikon is having their national sales meeting next week. It is likely that we will have actual pricing shortly thereafter.

Nikon...We are now accepting orders on the recently announced AFS 17-35mm/2.8 and 85mm PC Micro lenses. Pricing and availability is TBA.

Canon...BIG News on a number of items. As mentioned in the last issue of Sports Shooter, the prices of the new EF 300mm/2.8 IS and EF 500mm/4.0 IS lenses were recently announced. The special we were offering at the time is even sweeter now due to the fact that Canon just lowered the price on the EOS-3. Our normal selling price is now $1199.00 effective immediately. We will allow you to buy one EOS-3 camera body for $1099.00 with the purchase of any of the new IS long lenses. The body and lens MUST be delivered at the same time for this special offer.

Now for some additional Canon news...We now have special introductory pricing on the new EF 400mm/2.8 IS and EF 600mm/4.0 IS lenses for Sports Shooter readers. Delivery is set to start around mid-October. Intro price on the 400 is $8250.00. Intro price on the 600 is $9500.00. Orders are now being accepted on a first come, first served basis. Bribes work!!! (NOT!)

A few other Canon notes: The 550EX flash has just been lowered by $50.00...our new price is now $399.00. Lens and body rebates that have been in effect most of the summer will expire on August 31st. Don't worry though, f you miss the deadline this month, the same rebates will start up again on October 1st.

Digital Cameras...A lot of photographers are starting to see the benefit of using small "point and shoot" type digital cameras for location scouting and in place of Polaroid backs. Most of these cameras are priced below $900.00 with a minimum of 2.1 million pixels. Before purchasing one make sure that the camera has provision for attaching external strobes. Please feel free to call us anytime for help in selecting the right model for your needs.

Fuji Film...The new Provia 100F film will start shipping in September. It will be the same price as the current film.

(Robert Distributors is located in Indianapolis and came be called toll-free during business hours at 800-726-5544.)

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