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|| News Item: Posted 2008-04-29

Photographer's Toy Box: Razor's Favorite Things
By Gary Bogdon

Photo by

15" Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook Pro:
It's getting close to the travel season again with spring upon us and summer not that far off. So for this installment of Razor's Favorite Things, I thought I would write about a few items that I've found to be very helpful for the traveler. After doing my fair share of travel, both international and domestic, I've found a few items that I would like to share.

I don't know how many times a month I have to pull my laptop out of the protective bag, and put it in the plastic bin at the TSA security line for a dose of x-rays and, but it's a lot. The constant wear and tear, and banging around has taken it's toll, until I found a solution that I would like to share. Incase Protective hard shell for you laptop, it's awesome, lightweight, and looks great.

It also does not have the 'feel' of hard plastic, (soft-touch coating, raised rubber feet, thermal vents, and access to all features of the computer) and looks classic. But more importantly it's very protective of your expensive laptop. It snaps right onto your laptop, and is super lightweight. I wish I had this product three laptops ago.

Love it.

They make an entire line of products for laptops, iPhones, iPods, and even cases for guitars. Also check out the cool colors of their products. They also make a really convenient 2-in-1 Wall & Car charger for iPhone & iPod. Use the same charger in your car, and in your hotel (or home), no longer need to bring two different chargers. It combines function and economy and is also compatible with worldwide voltage capacities. Smart thinking.
You can find it at all here:

Ever been on a international flight, and when it's time to fill out the proper paper work on entering a new country you can't find your pen. Or your pen is in another bag in the overhead, underneath another passengers bag full of her antique doll collection.

You want to be a friendly flyer but you don't really want to ask the guy next to you about borrowing his. I've found the solution. The Original Wallet Pen, is tiny (Very James Bond-like) and fits right into the centerfold of your wallet., so if you have your wallet on you, you always have a pen. Genius invention --- makes you think: Why didn't I think of that?

Photo by

Sena Magnetflipper Case
They are made in America, (in Vermont) by a hands-on small business, and it's a very cool, and won't kill your wallet when you buy it. Learn all about it at

Well, I finally broke down and got myself an iPhone. Which I love of course. But then the question is: Well what case do I want for it?

The Apple Store has plenty to choose from, and so does the local AT&T store, but when I found these products from Sena Cases, I found myself at the top of the mountain. A terrific line of cases, in all colors, textures, and styles. They also make terrific cases for Treo, Palm , iPods, as well. I think it's the best phone case that I've ever found on the market. I especially like Sena Magnetflipper Case (in fine Croco Leather), which also comes in a rainbow of colors. The Elega Pouch and the Ultraslim Pouch is also were a big hit. They have an incredible line of products and a great website that makes looking at their products very easy. Check it out at :

Here's a cool little item, for the next time you want to be in your own photo. The 'Quik Pod' acts as an extension of your hand, when you don't want to ask strangers to take your photo in front of the Egyptian Pyramids, or the Eiffel Tower, or at the beach. It attaches to your point and shoot digital camera, or video camera, and then you extend it out in front of you and shoot away. It's very lightweight, and pocket sized. Another one of those, why didn't I think of that items. Now you don't have to worry about having your camera stolen, when asking someone to take your photo, or having it covered with suntan lotion . Find out about the 'Quik Pod' at

Oakley, ( as in eyewear ) has teamed up with cycling star Lance Armstrong and LIVESTRONG to release two special edition eyewear frames. With each sale of the new Oakley Livestrong Radar and Flak Jacket ( sunglasses ) the company will donate $20 of each sale to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The sunglasses feature the famous yellow accents with the inscription, "LIVESTRONG" , etched near the bottom of the lens. They both feature high definition optics, special hydrophobic (coating that repels oils, water, dust ) and two nose-pad options. Buying these glasses helps your eyes, and helps others as well.

Click here for more info:

Now tune your ipod to some rock and roll from Queen, and "Get on your bikes and ride"...

Don't you hate it when you get to the airport late, and check your bag at the curb, and then find the hour-long line at the security check-in. Well, my friends, worry no more. I have the answer to your prayers ( and I'm not talking Allen Iverson as the Answer either). It's called a 'CLEAR' card, and the fast pass for airport security.

For a fee of about $128 for a year, (and some extensive screening for your background) CLEAR members are pre-screened and provided with a high-tech card which allows them access designated airport security fast lanes in many of the US airports (the list of airports grows each month). Now some people may have a problem with the background check, the fingerprint scan, and the eye scan (which you do once, before they issue you a card) but I don't have a problem with it, when it gets me through security at Orlando International Airport ( and Indianapolis, JFK, DC Dulles, DC Reagan, San Jose, San Francisco, New York LGA, Cincinnati, and many others) in record time.

I'm not kidding, when I tell you that I've walked up to the TSA line in Orlando, and seen the line as it goes into the lobby (at least an hour) and I go through the entire security process in less than 5-mintues... One time is worth the price.

You can enroll, and get all of the information you need at: and look for the lighted blue cube in the airport near you.

And lastly, ACE, the company known for their little black plastic combs, has introduced a full line of male grooming products. This is funny, but the national campaign for the product line lets friends and significant others send 'E-Flags' to guys who just aren't getting the message. You can visit and alert a uni-browed friend of the infraction. Seriously though, great products for all of your traveling needs. Very high quality, and made to stand up to traveling. The company started making the combs in 1924, and in 1955 actor James Dean made them famous using their comb to slick back his hair in the iconic movie 'Rebel Without a Cause"... They know a few things about grooming.

(Gary "Razor" Bogdon is a freelance photographer based in Orlando, FL and a regular contributor to Sports Illustrated and ESPN. He has been known to visit the Delta Airlines Crown Room in search of Biscoff cookies:

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