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|| News Item: Posted 2007-12-17

Bloggin' Fun
By Dan Powers, Appleton Post-Crescent

Photo by
To be honest, I'm not sure bloggin' is really a word. Regardless it's a word that was brought up to me this past summer by photo editor Dwight "Dewey" Nale. Dewey wanted to have a little talk and he was smiling when he said it. I knew I was in trouble.

"So I was thinking…You seem to enjoy that Sports Shooter website don't you? said Dew.

"Uh…yeah, it's cool." I responded cautiously.

"Well, I was thinking. Why not do something like that for the paper?"

And so it began.

Dew's thought was that I was updating my page pretty often…especially during the football season. That's because Steve Apps and I are having a little fun with it. When we started posting on, we agreed that we HAVE to update with ten pictures after every game no matter how bad a game we had.

So I thought about it for a while and we sat down again to get into the specifics of what this blog would be. At first the thought was to have it be a photography blog that revolves around covering the Green Bay Packers. After more discussion, I started to get excited about it and we decided it should be about shooting sports in general.

We figured most of the people that would check it out would be our daily readers. The average reader and folks who like photography as a hobby would most likely give us the most traffic. So, I decided I would like to do it from the perspective of being along the sidelines. Those sidelines, of course, include swimming pools, hockey rinks, tennis courts…well, you get the idea. Pretty much anything.

So, in August we decided to start the blog right before the NFL pre-season. I thought the timing was great because people in Wisconsin gobble up anything that includes the Packers. The tough part was naming it. This is where I have to publicly thank Rod Mar of the Seattle Times. I was struggling with a unique…or at least not too boring a name. He offered up one of the ideas he had for his blog and I thought it was great.

And so Eye On The Ball was born. Why am I telling you all of this? Not for shameless publicity, although I can use all I can get! No seriously, I want to encourage all of you to consider trying something like this yourself. I find it quite rewarding. I have had some nice feedback as well as criticism. I embrace both. More importantly, I really enjoy sharing my love of photography with others. The bonus is being able to help someone out with their passion for it as well. So, if you have the time, consider giving it a shot. It's really a lot of fun.


(Dan Powers is a staff photographer with the Appleton The Post-Crescent.)

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