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|| News Item: Posted 2007-12-17

The Holiday Season Is Here: Living in Vegas
Cool Holiday Event: Vegas and 7,269 Santas

By Tiffany Brown, Las Vegas Sun

Photo by Tiffany Brown / Las Vegas Sun

Photo by Tiffany Brown / Las Vegas Sun
Living in Vegas I have grown accustomed to over-the-top events but a few weeks ago my favorite holiday assignment was topped. Not assigned for work but instead an event that I missed last year and have been looking forward to photographing since December of 2006: The Las Vegas Great Santa Run, where thousands come out and run for charity dressed in Santa suits!

I tore the event advertisement out of the paper more than a month in advance and stuck it to my refrigerator, constantly reminded of the event and anxiously awaiting it as the date drew near. "Beat the Brits!" the ad said, which meant Liverpool, who held the world record for most Santas doing anything, set in 2005.

I adore absurdity, so this was going to be right up my alley. I'm off on Saturdays and I planned to go and shoot for myself and perhaps try to make a picture for my holiday cards this year.

Free to roam as randomly as I wanted, with the primary goal of making fun pictures and indulging myself visually, I roamed from the heart of the event to the boundaries beyond, laughing much of the time and thinking how confused the hundreds of small children that were there, dressed as Santas no less, were going to be.

It's important to do things like this for yourself from time to time, I think. I like to see how / if my mind works differently when I am not covering an event for work or for something related to a project, when the pressure and interests are purely my own. The holidays are as good a time to do this as any, with more community and special events packed into December than any other month. Consider it a little gift to yourself.

I had a blast and I'm pretty sure the 7,269 Santas gathered didn't come up short either. As of now they unofficially broke the world record - until Guinness confirms, and I have my holiday cards made.

(Tiffany Brown is a staff photographer with the Las Vegas Sun.)

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