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|| News Item: Posted 2007-11-03

Sports Shooter Academy's inaugural Boot Camp is underway in Irvine, CA
By Crystal Chatham

Photo by Robert Hanashiro / Sports Shooter

Photo by Robert Hanashiro / Sports Shooter

Sports Shooter Academy Boot Camp participants learn how to produce effective media using Aperture and Final Cut Pro during Apple's multimedia training session led by certified Apple trainer Jeffery Morse.
Sports Shooter Academy's inaugural Boot Camp, the topic-specific two-day multimedia workshop, kicked off Friday morning in Irvine, California with in-depth classroom based software training and continued with presentations by working professionals late into the evening.

Thirty-two participants, most of whom are members, are participating in the first-of-its-kind event, which is a spin-off of the annual Sports Shooter Academy.

"The Boot Camp is a bit of a departure from the five-day Sports Shooter Academy," said Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter founder and USA Today staff photographer. "We're taking one specific focus, this time multimedia, teaching it in classroom settings Friday. And then on Saturday going out into the real world and covering an event."

Jeffery Morse, certified Apple trainer and founder of, led students through hands on instruction with the company's multimedia workflow and editing programs including Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, and Aperture.

"The training was intense, but I think once you get a feel for how the program works it gets easier," said member, Boot Camp student and San Jose State visual journalism major Andrew Villa. "Having someone there showing you what everything does teaches you how to work faster. Now I won't be trying to figure things out on deadline. I'll know how to do it when I go home.”

Villa, who has previously produced narrative slideshows, is eager to put the training to use. "Now I have an idea of what I want to accomplish. It gives me a better skillset to work with."

"We're entering what's being called the post-PC era, where disparate devices will be accessing information online," Jim Heiser of Apple told the participants during a morning presentation. "The print story will remain," he continued, "but how will you move your story across multiple platforms?"

Late night presentations by Los Angeles-based KFI radio reporter Eric Leonard and multimedia journalist and member Myung Chun of the Los Angeles Times offered participants tips for getting started in multimedia gathering.

"People want to be on television. Nobody really wants to be on a tape recorder. It's very strange; it's a very different dynamic. You have to work a little harder to get people to trust you," Leonard said during his presentation.

"Audio is very intimate. It's a one on one experience. When you talk to someone it is a very close personal experience," he said. "Because of that, the way you communicate is very different from television. Rather than asking questions, I want people to tell me stories."

Photo by Jordan Murph / Sports Shooter

Photo by Jordan Murph / Sports Shooter

KFI Los Angeles radio reporter Eric Leonard speaks about his experiences and techniques for gathering audio with participants during the Sports Shooter Academy Boot Camp on Friday, November 2, 2007 in Irvine.
Chun and Leonard gave participants a tour of their gear bags offering insight into various multimedia setups for work in the field.

Audio recorders and video cameras are becoming staples in a photojournalist's gear bag as more publications move to web-based information delivery.

"The way the business is going right now I just want to stay on top of it," said member, Boot Camp participant and SSA IV alumnus Patric Schneider, a Texas-based photo editor with Houston Community Newspapers.

For Los Positos College student and member Jeff Bennett the workshop is an opportunity to work toward the future. "I want a job in a couple years so I need to learn all this (multimedia) and I figured this is the best place to do it," he said.

Audio and video skills will only benefit photographers and students as rich media gains prevalence and the industry evolves, Hanashiro said.

"It is about storytelling. The web has opened up a lot of opportunities for photographers to give our readers more. Combining our photography with audio brings a dimension that enhances what we do, which is tell stories,"

The Sports Shooter Academy Boot Camp continues with a full day of on location shooting Saturday.

Other faculty members include Southern California based freelance photographers Matt Brown and Eugene Tanner, Orange County Register staff photographer Mike Goulding, and South Bay Daily Breeze photographer Scott Varley, all of whom are members.

The program is sponsored by Apple, Think Tank Photo, Canon USA and Samy's Camera.

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