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|| News Item: Posted 2007-06-28

Summer Sports Shooter Special From Penn Camera
By Jeff Snyder

Photo by Penn Camera

Photo by Penn Camera

Jeff Snyder is surround by boxes of Canon Mark III cameras in his office at Penn Camera.
WOW! Summer is heating up with Canon's Mark III being released as well as the "rumored" announcement of a new camera from Nikon. If you watch the forums on many internet sites daily, then you know about the buzz on the new products, as well as the criticisms too. It's simply amazing to me that certain Internet sites have become "The Gospel" so to speak, and the power they have over this industry is simply mind boggling. Causing phones to ring off the hook, emails to fill my in box, and Instant Messages to be 10 deep on my screen….So, my message to all of you is this, keep reading the sites, continue to send emails, and feel free to IM me with questions (and orders!) anytime…That's what I'm here for.

If for some reason you've been out of touch for the past few weeks (which in this day and age of connectivity I find unfathomable), here's what you have missed-

• Canon has begun to ship the EOS Mark III camera. YES, they are dribbling in. NO, we do not have any on the shelf to deliver TODAY. YES, I can add you to the "List". YES, I'll do the best I can to get you one before your wife has a baby, before you leave for that trip to the Antarctic, before your parents 50th anniversary, before YOUR team makes the playoffs, before "I have this special really cool assignment coming up soon", before the shutter in your Mark IIN rolls over 99999, before Vince and the boys of Entourage release "Medellin", and finally, before "I cannot do my job anymore, because I can't keep up" excuse…

Now, a word to the wise, for all of you that want one NOW, when a new (and hopefully exciting) product is announced…Make your purchase plans early, contact me early. So that in the future, your new baby will not have had their 3rd birthday before yours comes in.

Canon's Instant Rebate program on selected lenses ends on 07/16/07, order now to instantly save $$

• Nikon's D200 Instant Rebate of $100 continues too! Nikon's Coolpix P5000 has been written up lately as "THE CARRY ALL THE TIME" camera…Take a look! Just in…Nikon CoolPix S50's in Red at $249!

• Gary Fong's Lumisphere is now in stock! Get incredibly lit flash images with this fantastic diffuser.

• Lacie 80GB Rugged Portable Hard Drives, are on special at $129 (USB 2.0/FW400/FW800) …While supplies last.

• Olympus Voice Recorders are here, and ready to ship.

• Casio's XJS30 LCD projectors is so tiny, and so cool. It fits in my Think Tank Airport Check In case, and goes where I go, for immediate presentations! Price was just reduced too!

• Lexar's new FireWire 800 Compact Flash Card reader should be here any day.

• Think Tank's Urban Disguise cases are really cool…See them on our site.

Have a great summer…and keep in mind, when the next really exciting, earth shattering Cameras or Lenses are mentioned on the net, place your order immediately!

(Jeff Snyder can be contacted at Penn Camera at: 1-800-347-5770 or FAX 301-210-7370; Email:; AOL Instant Messenger: JeffPennCamera. On the web:

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