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|| News Item: Posted 2007-06-28

Sports Shooter Academy Boot Camp: November 2 - 3, 2007
By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter

With the newspapers and the publishing industry scrambling to increase its incorporation of "rich media" into its on-line outlets, I have been thinking of ways to include multimedia into the Sports Shooter Academy format.

Apple has approached me about holding a workshop where they could lead an intensive, hand-on training session that would expose participants to visual storytelling using "rich media".

On November 2 - 3, 2007 in Southern California, the Sports Shooter Academy Boot Camp will combine Apple's rich media training with what past SSA workshops have done best: Shoot real sports.

This two-day workshop will allow participants to spend one full day learning techniques in gathering and editing audio and combine it with photographs to produce multimedia presentations suitable for various digital platforms. Apple will be providing workstations for participants to use during the multimedia training at the Boot Camp.

Day Two of The Boot Camp, participants will have sports events to cover during the day under the guidance of the workshop faculty. In the evening the faculty will work with participants in editing their work and offering critiques. Apple personnel will be available to help those Boot Camp participants that want to produce a multimedia presentation from the material captured during the day's shooting.

Awards and prizes will be given out for the best photographs and best multimedia presentations.

The Sports Shooter Academy Boot Camp is for both students and working professionals that want to jump into rich media, improve their sports photography and get tips on visual storytelling, picture stories and generating ideas.

SSA Boot Camp will be based in Southern California, near the Orange County-John Wayne Airport.

More details about this cool workshop and where you can download the application form will be announced in the next week. If you have any questions about SSA Boot Camp, email me at:

In addition to Apple supporting the Boot Camp, other companies involved include:
• Canon, USA (which will provide loaner equipment for participants to use during Day Two)
• Think Tank Photo
• Samy's Camera

Apple multimedia curriculum outline:
Rich Media Publishing
Your story in any medium

As the publishing industry transforms itself, nimble organizations are using rich media to increase their reach, a strategy that's paying off. In this hands-on workshop, you'll see how easy it is to create an engaging experience. With iTunes, the iPod, and Apple TV; people and organizations can deliver their story in many more ways, reaching millions of people around the world via podcasts, broadcasts, DVDs, the web, mobile phones, and more.

Join Apple in this hands-on workshop, led by Apple Certified Pro Trainers, and learn how to combine digital photos, audio, and video using Final Cut Studio; create a universal master to deliver your project in any format; record sound to amplify your story; and deliver a rich media experience to many devices.

Hands-on Multimedia Workshop Topics:
Preparing to create a rich media podcast
• Equipment and setup
• Planning your project (file formats, settings, resolution, etc.)
• Gathering and capturing content (audio, photos, video)

Selecting and editing your image content
• Introduction to Aperture
• Comparing and selecting your images
• Metadata and image processing
• Exporting images for use in a rich media (on-line galleries, podcast, etc.)

Assembling your content to tell the story
• Introduction to Final Cut Pro
• Importing video, audio, and graphics
• Working in the Timeline
• Editing, transitions, and color correction
• Exporting your project

Editing and sweetening your audio
• Introduction to SoundTrack Pro
• Basic sound editing
• Repairing common audio problems
• Producing, mixing and special effects

Delivering your project in multiple formats
• Introduction to Compressor
• Creating Export Presets
• Exporting to multiple formats with ease (audio, video, and podcasts)

Telling Stories with Sound
Audio for Rich Media Technique. Integrating audio with other media to create richer, more dynamic journalistic features on news websites. Read more:

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