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|| News Item: Posted 2006-12-20

Sports Shooter End of the Year Resolutions, Thoughts, Wishes & Ramblings
By Various Photographers

(Editor's Note: The Sports Shooter Newsletter asked photographers what their thoughts were of the past year … and give us their predictions for 2007. We asked that these musing could be serious or funny and they should be honest. Or at least as honest as they wanted to make them.)

Too Old Fashioned?
From David Burnett

Well, as someone who is perhaps a little too old fashioned on Fridays and Sundays, I still long for the days when we could work the way we would like to work (check this image: from a poster site of Joe D batting.) I'd love to know what happened on what day in the 1950s that caused MLB to finally decide to get photographers OFF the field.

Clearly, up until the early 50s, you could still shoot from near the on-deck circle. Before all the old timers are gone, it would be interesting to know what the event was (did someone cause Yogi to trip while pursuing a fly ball?) that started the inexorable slide from shooting with a normal lens to shooting with a 600.


Photo by Salt Lake Tribune photo / Scott Sommerdorf

Photo by Salt Lake Tribune photo / Scott Sommerdorf

Chris Detrick
Bidding Adu to 2006
From Trent Nelson

Season's greetings from snowy Utah, where the Jazz are 16-5 with the highest winning percentage in the NBA (what?!) and Real Salt Lake just acquired Freddy Adu. All is good in Salt Lake City (at least as I write this) where me and Chris Detrick will gladly kick anyone's ass at Guitar Hero 2 any day of the week.

To all the gloom and doom newspaper photographers, I'd like to spread a little holiday optimism. Amid all the stories of layoffs and plunging print circulations this year, you may have missed two stories from December: 1) The New York Times Co., predicted a 30% increase in their online revenues for 2007; 2) Newspapers are dominating their local Internet advertising markets.

This is the year to take advantage of the web revolution. It's no longer enough to simply send your photos in and collect a check. You need to find ways to interact with your readership, and push photojournalism into their faces. This is a time of change when you can blaze your own trail. Take advantage of it.

We're in a transition phase, not a death rattle. As we move from print to the web the dust will eventually settle. Hopefully we'll still be standing when it's done. That's my hope for 2007.


Year - End Multiple Choice Question
From Vincent Laforet

So how does it feel to be an endangered species?

Any different than you felt before you found out you were soon to be extinct?

Here's a series of multiple-choice questions to wrap up the year...

The single biggest threat to professional photographers today is:
a. Auto-focus
b. Blogs / Citizen Journalists
c. Chimping
d. De-Interlaced Video
e. Our market-based Economy and the bean counters that run it.
f. The Future
g. Gullibility
i. The Internet
j. Jazz Drives
k. Karma
l. Lemmings
m. Microphones
n. New Technologies
o. Other Photographers.
p. Panic
q. Quantity over Quality
r. Royalty free Stock Images
s. Speed over Substance
t. Television
u. Undercutting others
v. Video Phones
w. Whining
x. Xerox machines
y. You?
zzzzzzzzz wake me up when the sky is falling... on second thought - let me sleep through it.... as far as I'm concerned we all have to adapt whether we like it or not - things change with or without you and it's best not to be one the receiving end of change... as long as we continue to strive to produce quality work that clearly stands out from the rest - there will be a place for us somewhere and a justification as to why we should be paid for producing it. The moment we start to produce sub-par work to fill in some unknown void/need/trend - we become our own worst enemies - forget all the above outside factors.

Photographers will play a central role as to how their craft evolves - and right now I think many of us tend to forget that fact. We tend to focus far too much on how to insulate ourselves from change or on the contrary - we embrace it too quickly and jump headfirst into new media without giving enough thought as to how we can best make our own unique contribution to a craft that is already practiced and mastered by others. I think we should remain focused on being positive and proactive in our current craft's future.

Being an endangered species is kind of cool - it means that at least people are paying attention to you don't it?


Work For Hire, Chili's Barry Bonds … 2007 Predictions
From Thomas Witte

As with every year, several million dollars will go directly in to corporate ledgers because to many photographers forfeited their copyrights and never saw a penny of the re-sales. Despite this fact people are lining up to sign the NYT, AP, Bloomberg and several other WFH contracts. Meanwhile the sane ones will continue to watch in stupefied disbelief while cashing our royalty checks and answer stupid questions like "how can you afford an Audi?"

Chili's goes out of business forcing Rebilas to check in to an insane asylum. We still see a steady stream of "Fun Pix" submissions, here on out he's only wearing white robes and Kleenex boxes for slippers.

In a rare instance, there will be riots in 65 college towns. Sixty-four will riot because they lost during March Madness, one because they won.

Barry Bonds will report for Spring Training but is not medically cleared to play. Doctors explain that they were never able to do the "cough test" because Bonds' Jingle Bells had shrank to the point of nonexistence from years of steroid use.

Global Warming causes it's first direct human fatalities when temperatures are too high for ice to form in NHL arenas. Thirty two million Canadians commit suicide within weeks.

The NBA tries to use another new ball, this time they go with NERF.

The Hamilton County Justice Center decides to add black strips to it's jail uniforms to help the Cincinnati Bengals feel more at home.

Tom Cruise lands another movie. Even Xenu can't explain why/how.


Photo by Brad Mangin

Photo by Brad Mangin

Kojo Kinno, left, and Roberto Beck have fun in the Giants dugout during the Barry Bonds watch in May of 2006.
2007 Wish List
From Robert Beck

Next year I'll follow Barry Bonds for three months as he teeters towards the record and he'll pull a hamstring three shy and won't play again for the rest of the season. In '08 he'll play for the Devil Rays and hit four in his first game back. Frakes will be holding a seminar at the game and every student will have a shot of the big one.

I hope my kids are happy and healthy for another year (At my age you hope for things one year at a time.).

I hope to shoot an NFL game from the front-lit sideline.

I predict that everyone will want a Marcella Visa Card and that, once again, I will fail to open my first "Pete's House of Toast," a restaurant that serves different types of toast only.

I would like to see the Padres sign a pitcher with less than 15 years of experience and ANY lifetime 300 hitter.

I would like to ink Z to a book deal.

I would like Canon to make my 24-70 sharp and develop a flash that exposed my images properly and consistently.

I wish more parents would let their kids walk or ride their bike to school. Or anywhere for that matter. And screw those travel teams. What about kickball?

I hope they outlaw the use of hand-held phones in a moving vehicle. And outlaw reading anything in a moving vehicle. And outlaw the applying of make-up in a moving vehicle. Why don't we just get rid of moving vehicles. I want to cry when I think of the state of our planet.

I don't want to listen to anyone's conversation on a cell phone anymore. From now on, if I hear one, I'm joining in. Then The King of the K will start filming it and we'll become rich mother-effers from our reality show.

Why is Michael Irvin on ANY talk show or preview show? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I do enjoy The Dan Patrick Show (especially when KO is on) on ESPN Radio.

I have turned into my Dad...Except I'll never be that fabulous.

I want more music by Los Lobos and Van. More songs like The Road To Gila Bend, Better Way and Waiting On The World To Change. Listen to "Imagine" once a week. Listen to any Beatles song once a week and remember when.

I wish for better etiquette out in the line-up. I wish skaters would trash their own stairwell, curb, garden bench and lunch table instead of the ones at the school. Learn to build your own rails for goodness sakes.

I hope that they discover a cure for cancer and that doughnuts and cookies are good for you. Wouldn't you like to be the lab guy for that one? "Ralphie seems to really like the maple bars but he won't touch the chocolate old fashions."

Can I leave my shoes on at security? Quit sending the 80 year white bag through secondary.

Learn how to play a musical instrument...I will too.

Be a good sport.

AND ... see Kojo wear his seat belt!


Thanks Roberto!
From Kohjiro Kinno

Photo by Robert Beck / Sports Illustrated

Photo by Robert Beck / Sports Illustrated

Kojo Kinno gets interviewed.
2006 was an interesting year for me. It was a year I bought my first digital SLR, D200, and bought an extra card reader because I am a prepared person. No, actually I thought I lost it, bought a replacement, and found the original later. I still use film cameras mainly, but I can now take my digi cam and shoot "stuff", if you know what I mean...stuff.

2006 was also another year I have been working for the boss, Robert Beck. Working for "Mr. Beck", one might think it is surfing for an hour before heading off to a assignment, or getting perfume sprayed on your feet and smelling like a teenage girl all day, or driving 200 mph trying to catch a earlier flight home, or "massaging" his dog, or shooting water balloons at neighbors with his son, or whatever. And sometimes it is.

But for the most part, it is watching him care for his family, getting ready for the assignment all day, taking care of business while on assignment, coming home to download, edit, burn, ship film at the airport, massage dog, cook dinner, work on, and passing out after a 67 hour day and doing it all again the next day on a different assignment. I know many people do the same everyday, but not many do the same with the passion, energy, and enthusiasm, as that old guy. And for that, I respect him!

Thanks Roberto for a rad year, and wish everyone a happy holiday season!


A Wish, A Prediction and a Resolution
From Matthew Mendelsohn

While I know we can't put the genie back in the bottle, I wish we could all take one or two steps backward, to a time in which people had normal eyes rather than Photoshopped white ones (looked at a cover of People lately?), when a photograph represented absolute truth, and when photographers actually had to focus their own cameras, rather than rely on some stupid dot in the center of a viewfinder. I further wish that I never see another photograph of Britney's crotch (with C-Section scar to boot), or of Paris Hilton walking in or out of a nightclub, or, quite frankly, of 32 photographers rushing the field to take a picture of two football coaches shaking hands, a photo that in the history of journalism has never been used in an actual newspaper. Finally, I wish that corporations like MediaNews, which continue to buy up--and then destroy--storied newspapers around the country would explode and dissolve in a fiery burst, just like the ending of Lord of The Rings: Return of the King, which I finally saw last night, years after everyone else, on my brand new humongous television.

Corporate "synergy" (whenever you hear this term, run very fast) will continue to eat away at journalistic access. Coverage rights of the Oscars and Emmys will be sold to Getty, or better yet,; College bowl coverage will we pool only (with Getty providing the feed); and museums and institutions like the Smithsonian, which recently announced an exclusive, 30-year deal with the Showtime network, will take a page from the Wal-Mart playbook and treat journalists like persona non grata. Except, of course, Getty, which will have already brokered a deal to assume the copyright of the Declaration of Independence.

The same as 2005 and 2006: to spend more time outside shooting pictures than inside sitting at my computer, watching a spinning beach ball tell me I'm frozen again.


New Year's Resolutions
From Jordan Murph

Photo by Jordan Murph

Photo by Jordan Murph

Jordan Murph wants a tie-dye Lithuania basketball tie-dye t-shirt like Robert Hanashiro has.
A few of the things I hope to accomplish in 2007:

1. Graduate from college with a degree of some sort.
2. Land an internship somewhere...err, anywhere in the United States.
3. Convince the supreme powers at UH to allow photographers to shoot from locations besides on the floor directly behind the volleyball court and in the corners of the basketball court. Fans bring 70-200's and 300's to "cover" events, and photographers aren't allowed in the stands, concourse, or any place else...yet!
4. Eat lots of pineapple like Don Miralle.
5. Scour eBay for a rockin' tie-dye Lithuania basketball tie-dye t-shirt like The Kahuna has.
6. Listen to Myung Chun's advice and visit a place called
7. Stop bothering Matt Brown with phone calls 24/7...or at least cut back a little bit.
8. Eat a giant sandwich or burger at a restaurant somewhere in America and have it re-named after me.
9. Visit a 14,000 foot peak and an erupting volcano by the ocean in the same day.
10. Somehow make it to the Olympics in China in 2008 as an assistant or shooter. Ok, ok, a really farfetched and early resolution.
11. Work my butt off and make killer pictures all year long and be the best that person that I can be. Amen to that.


"I Would Like To See ..."
From Chuck Liddy

I would like see peace between the Canon shooters and Nikon shooters.

I would like to see the end of inane message threads.

I would like to see those same people who start those threads to learn to spell...maybe then we'll take them seriously.

I would like to win the lottery.

And forget about those folks who say they'd keep working...I'll be shooting travel photos as I transverse the globe.


Two Things For 2007
By Michael McNamara

First, I'd like to spend more of my paycheck on photo books and less of it on movies. There are great books out there that I want to add to my shelves, and there is a lot more inspiration from people like Seliger, Demarchelier, Nachtwey and Salgado than there is in "You're a funny guy Sully. I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last."

Second, I need to put more of my ideas down in a central place. I love Moleskine books, but I have a habit of buying new ones much more often than I fill up the old ones. In fact, I think that until last month, the deepest I'd gone into one of them was about 15 pages.


Photo by Brad Mangin

Photo by Brad Mangin

Paul Cunningham, left, and Ron Vesely at the 2006 World Series at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.
Wishes and Predications…
From Rich Pilling

My wishes for 2007 and beyond are for a peaceful world in which small children like Ron Vesely's little daughter Laura, Paul Cunningham's adorable girls Lucy and Grace, JD's son Luis, Stephen Green's children Aidan and Shea as well as my beautiful daughter in-law Kelly and son Scott's baby to be born this summer (as well as ALL the children in the World) can live in harmony without the threat of destruction and war.

I predict in 2007 there will be a Brad Mangin sighting at the Pink Pony, an Eric Risberg sighting at T Cook's, that Paul Cunningham will have a strong desire for Single Barrel Rum, Grover Sanschagrin will again fall in love with a woman wearing glasses (that one is too easy!), the Yankees will not reached the promised land but the Mets will, Karen Warren and Robert Seale adopt a new kitten, Jason Burfield and family think long and hard about moving out of the city but stay where they are, Ron Vesely comes REAL close to trading in his SUV for a "real" car and everyone in ss.comland will have a very prosperous 2007.


The Razor's Edge, Predictions for 2007
By Gary Bogdon

George Bush will still try to make everyone believe that we are going to stay the course in Iraq, and win that war... Yeah, Right!

Hillary Clinton thinks she has a shot at winning the presidency in '08....Yeah, Right!

Bob Knight will become the all time leader in NCAA history passing Dean Smith, and he says records to him mean nothing...Yeah, Right!

Ohio State will embarrass the Florida Gators for the National Championship title on Jan. 8th, causing Gator fans to long for the 'Spurrier Days' again.

Knicks coach Isiah Thomas and Denver coach George Karl will square off at each other in an ESPN 3 HD pay-per-view special at The Garden in NYC.

Tampa Bay Bucs injured QB Chris Sims (his spleen was ruptured in a game and removed) wants to know who removed coach Gruden's heart from the team.

Brad Mangin and Barry Bonds have both signed a 1-year multi million-dollar contract to return to their beloved San Francisco Giants for some more love.

FSU head coach Bobby Bowden will say 'dad gum' 500 times in post game press conferences in 2007 surpassing all previous NCAA records.

Penn State grandpa "Joe Pa" will coach from a lazy boy recliner in the first half of the season in Happy Valley.

PhotoShelter's dynamic duo of Grover and Allen, have inked a deal to replace Regis and Kelly Ripa for 2 weeks in the summer of '07, upsetting Clay Aiken, again!

Louisville Courier Journal's Bill Luster, signs on with Veteran Records to record Burl Ives classic Christmas hit- "Silver and Gold" from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer hit TV classic.

As Jim Rome says: "Rack 'em, I'm out"...Happy New Year


Photo by Brad Mangin

Photo by Brad Mangin

Jonathan Daniel takes a nap during a rain delay in the bowels of Busch Stadium in St. Louis during the 2006 World Series.
And Now … Fearless and Semi-Informed Predications For 2007
From Jonathan Daniel

Ah 2006...

The year I became a father.
NOTHING beats that.
The year of family cheese and the teasing that came with it. Can ya pass me summore cheddar, please, ya hey?
The year of...da Bears.
The year David Cantor finally swore off MLB, the Tigers and calling me after White Sox games and bought a trailer home in the parking lot of the Mud Hens.
The year of 90 wins, no playoff dates, and a Ves left with only memories of a bug zapper and a nick in his World Series ring.
The year of the frozen, wet and almost pictureless World Series. 'Cept for a shot by Jed Jacobsohn, of course.
The year still photo dudes got even with television dudes at the World Series. You're welcome.
The year Scott Rovak asks for everyone's address IN THE WORLD so he can send out Christmas cards with a photo of the Red Birds celebrating...with, of course, his own bad self in the photo.
The year someone in St. Louis shot a month of football season with one of MY 1G cards.
Did I mention the year I became a father?
The year of the two-month cold.
The year the Cubs just sucked (see the last 50 years).
The year of...da Bears.
The year featuring a fall of almost flawless editing from fellow Getty colleague Chris Chambers. Youdaman.
The year Jim Prisching of the Chicago Tribune make almost all of us look bad the day AFTER a Bears game. (Except for what my editor did, of course.)
The year the boss finally got married.
The year Jamie Squire and I learned about "road sleep."
The year Milwaukee is named the "Drunkest City in America."
The year Chicago comes in 6th and New York comes in...what, 34th? in the same contest. Yeah, right.
The year that suddenly, every sports shooter in Chicago wants a stinkin' kringle from the Mars Cheese Castle in Wisconsin.
The year of Babies 'R Us, Toys 'R Us and Diapers 'R Us.
The year of the three-month cold.
The year that Bret Favre refused to retire (see Michael Jordan).
The year that saw Jeff Phelps spend six hours freezing in a helicopter in his PJs.
The year da Bears actually played two Monday night games worth watching.
The year the Cubs payroll reached 300 MILLION DOLLARS with nothing to show for it.
The year Brad Mangin started asking people about spring training ten minutes after the final World Series game, AGAIN. Chooch.
The year GWB finally got his November come-upin's and Morry Gash got to stick it to his neighbors.
The year of the four-month cold.
The year of the sweetest little smile I've ever seen in my life, thanks to Luis.
Did I mention the year my wife and I became parents?
NOTHING beats that.

Predictions for 2007:

Photo by Brad Mangin

Photo by Brad Mangin

The man, the myth, the Legend. Chris Covatta before the Canada vs. USA game at the World Baseball Classic in Phoenix in March of 2006.
The year da Bears win their second Super Bowl (and I live to tell the tale yet again)... AND the year Bill Smith blocks all of the Chicago photographers AGAIN! for whatever trophy shot we can grab.
The year the White Sox play the Cubs in the World Series and Steve Green and Ron Vesely wrestle nude in the middle of the Dan Ryan expressway for the "Second City All-Nude Baseball Team Photographer Title."
Jed Jacobsohn, of course, gets the shot. The rest of us leave da area's just a gross concept.
The year the Bulls take their first NBA title in the post-Jordan era...with another special post-season appearance by "The Caveman." Fear Benny, right, Joe Raymond?
The year the Chicago Fire wins the MLS Cup and team photog Brian Kersey finally locates the bum who stole his computer from Wrigley Field...three years ago. OOOOh-Lay, Oh-Lay, Oh Lay, Oh Lay...BK! BK!
The year Bret Favre retires. Thank gawd.
The year I retire...the diapers. I hope.
The year Luis learns all about the "inside pitch."
The year David Cantor finally stops drinking with minor league umpires. NNnnnaaa.
The year I get back at Al Tielemans for a "suggestion" to wake me up at the World Series. Oh yeah,'s coming.
The year the CONCACAF semi-finals and finals come to Chicago. OOOOH-Lay, Oh-Lay, Oh-Lay, Oh Lay!
The year Steve Dunn actually gets a real case of "The Blues."
The year two more "bosses" and a card thief from St. Louis get...engaged.
The year the Chicago Blackhawks actually make the playoffs.
Opps, sorry. Every NHL team makes the playoffs, right? This year, it's the Mighty Hawks! Well, maybe. Coach Denis Savard actually says "Thanks, guys" after every post-game interview session with the media. A hockey coach with class. Last of a dying bred. He deserves a playoff spot. Opps, that's right...he's got one.
The year Brad Mangin starts asking people about spring training ten minutes after the end of the World Series YET AGAIN. Dude...please, for the love of gawd, get a life.
The year Chris Covatta and me update our "members page" AND get invites from Bert Hanashiro to be on the faculty for a "Sports Shooter" seminar. NNnnaaaa. Unless it's a class about cooking with FIRE. Then...please be aware...we plan to cook Bert Hanashiro slowly over an open pit, tied to a surfboard. CLASS! Bring your own basting brushes, please!
The year I will continue to be...a father.
NOTHING will beat that.


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