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|| News Item: Posted 2006-07-03

'Big Announcement' from Penn Camera and 'New Cool Items'
By Jeff Snyder

Photo by

Pocket Wizard Plus II
Happy Summer!

I hope you all will take some time this summer to enjoy your families...Hit the beaches, go fishing, go camping, go biking, go walking, or just hang out...But while you're participating in these activities, keep shooting...You never know when you'll make that award winning image!

A few new products and a big announcement this month from Penn Camera....

First the BIG Announcement ...
We would like to welcome Cooper's Camera Mart in Baltimore to the Penn Camera family.
Comprised of locations on Harford Road in downtown Baltimore and Greenspring Station in Lutherville, Cooper's Camera Mart has been serving the Baltimore area for 60 years. We look forward to continuing to offer the service and expertise they extended to their customers.

Cooper's Camera Mart will carry most of the products that can be found at any Penn Camera location including a more extensive inventory of compact digital cameras, lenses, memory cards, and other accessories. Each Cooper's Camera Mart location is also able to print your digital images and 35mm film with their on-site mini-labs. We're very excited to be in the Baltimore market!

Some new cool items:
Pocket Wizard Plus II
The New PocketWizard Plus II offers great flexibility and ease-of-use for photographers who demand a reliable wireless solution that they can just plug in, turn on and shoot. The PocketWizard Plus II is the first radio triggering system to offer Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology, which automatically sends or receives, plus can trigger your camera and flash in auto-relay mode.
• Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology *Automatically Transmits or Receives radio signal.
• Auto-Relay mode
• Wirelessly triggers a remote camera and flash simultaneously.
• Fast Triggering Speed
• Up to 12 frames per second.
• Four 16-bit digitally coded channels
• Provides the most reliable triggering performance.
• Wirelessly Triggers Cameras and Flash
• 1600 foot triggering range
• Compatibility
• Works with all PocketWizards and
• PocketWizard Wireless Freedom products

Power Squid
Its ingenious design and multi-purpose functionality makes Power Squid one of the most versatile power management devices available today. Features 5 outlets on flexible arms, to easily accommodate bulky adapters and awkward spaces-perfect for tight spots in the home, office or dorm that require power. Surge protector models provide the ultimate in reliability, featuring patented Power Blocker automatic shutdown technology to isolate connected equipment in case of a damaging power surge or outage.

Protect your discs (CD/DVD) the easy way...with Protective Disc Skins® from d-skin®. They protect your DVD, data, video game and music discs from scratches even while they play.
Snap It On
Just snap a d-skin® onto your favorite discs and consider them protected.
Leave It On...
The beauty is, d-skin® stays on your discs even while they play. That's right--your discs are totally readable right through the Skin. Even While It Plays!
Once your discs are skinned, there's nothing to take off or put on when you're playing, storing or transporting. One d-skin® does it all.

Nikon Camera Control Pro (coming soon)
Stand alone remote camera control software that allows full control of all aspects of the camera prior to shooting, and the subsequent extraction of files afterwards. The remote control software is compatible with supported wired and wireless interfaces. Extremely useful in high production studio environments like packshot photography, thumbnail images can be viewed on screen during transfer.
Control of shutter-release and all camera functions Operation by wired and wireless connections Upload Custom Curves to the camera, includes 3 sample curves for the D2Xs.

We're now accepting orders for the D2XS Body, and hope to have stock in 30-60 days.
FINALLY...We should have some Nikon D200's in "Kit Form" with the 18-70 lens very soon. Call me if you have any questions.

Canon's $300 Cash Back Rebate on the ever so popular EOS 5D is in effect through 07/15/06... Take advantage now to save!
Paramount's Miniphone to Female HotShoe, enables Canon's 580EX flash to be used with Pocket Wizard remotes...Now in stock!

Coming SOON! Hoodman's new Universal Right Angle Finder, fits all Digital SLR cameras. No need to crawl on your belly to line up a shot. With a built in diopter, 1X or 2X capability, full 360 degree rotation, and adapter for all current digital SLR's. Storage case included.

Coming Soon! H-LPP Hoodloupe Professional is worn around your neck just like a normal loupe. When it is time to review your
shot, bring HoodLoupe up to you image and place your eye up to the eyecup for complete glare free viewing. HoodLoupe has a +1 diopter to accommodate those with less than perfect vision. HoodLoupe is encased in or out to set for your vision. Minimal magnification is used to eliminate visual pixilation of your image. Each HoodLoupe is encased in user-friendly rubber for comfort and protection from bumps that will occur throughout your shoot. Comfortable lanyard and compact protective storage case included.

As always, thank you to all the loyal Sports Shooter readers out there. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me anytime.

(Jeff Snyder can be contacted at Penn Camera at: 1-800-347-5770 or FAX 301-210-7370; Email:; AOL Instant Messenger: JeffPennCamera. On the web:

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