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|| News Item: Posted 2005-07-05

Samy's Sports Shooter Summer Specials
By Louis Feldman

Maybe there's still hope for our beloved (or is it bedeviled?) LA Lakers ... Phil Jackson's back in town!!!

I don't know if Phil just loves a challenge or if his girlfriend Jeannie Buss (daughter of Laker owner Dr. Jerry Buss) applied a little "pressure" to return ... having him back as head coach brings back some respectability to the team and probably a return to the playoffs. Even if it's a #8 seed in the west. I guess it's better than the other names thrown out there like Kurt Rambis and Brian Shaw!

Photo by

The ExpoDisc is the easy to use custom white balance solution that helps you get a correct color balance every time.
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Are you like me and sometimes the color balance on your digital files is just a little off? So check out the ExpoDisc! The ExpoDisc is the easy to use custom white balance solution that helps you get a correct color balance every time. The ExpoDisc neutral diffusion filter that gathers ambient light and passively transmits 18% of it through to your camera's light meter, effectively producing a 'gray frame'. You then set a custom white balance using the 'gray frame' that results in accurate color in most lighting conditions. Check out or give us a call for pricing info.

Nikon's professional digital SLRs, particularly the D2X and the D2HS, are still very hot items and if you're looking for an outstanding value for a smaller, lighter DSLR, check out the D70. We have a great price for Sports Shooter readers, so give us a call.

Samy's also has the largest rental department in So Cal, so if you're looking for anything from lighting gear to large format cameras, check our on-line catalog for details.

Remember that Samy's is also a authorized Apple dealer! If you're ready to upgrade your desktop computer to a G5 dual or the super-cool iMac (featuring either a 17-inch or 20-inch flat panel monitor) check out Samy's web site. We also carry Apple's entire line of laptops, from the economical iBook 12-inch to the super-duper 17-inch PowerBook.

And one last thing: We are your one-stop shopping for everything video. If you're looking for a small consumer digital video camera like the Canon ZR400 or the 3 CCD professional - level Sony DCR-VX2100 we have them all in stock.

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

(Contact Samy's Camera in Los Angeles by calling (323) 938-2420 and ask for an industrial sales representative. Also check out Samy's Specials on or on own Samy's web site at:

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