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|| News Item: Posted 2005-04-30

Penn Camera's April News & Notes
By Jeff Snyder

Photo by

Epson's P2000 Image storage device.
This month I'm reporting live from the backside stable area of Churchill Downs, where 25 of the most talented junior and senior college students have gathered for the Churchill Downs Nikon Photojournalism Workshop. The images are already popping up in the update pages, so take a look, and be happy that you're dry, while they are out in the pouring rain making images. The excitement has been building as we get closer to next week's Kentucky Derby!

Joe McNally led a breakout session yesterday here at the workshop on Nikon's wireless TTL Speedlite system that blew us all away! With 8 SB800's set up as TTL remotes, controlled by the main unit on the camera, multiple flash has never been easier to master, nor as accurate. The images of two of Churchill Down's finest exercise riders (thanks again to Maxine & Adelaide) were absolutely stunning with perfect exposure!

Coincidentally, Nikon has just released "The Speed of Light - Joe McNally and the Nikon Creative Lighting System", an instructional DVD. The Speedlite DVD has Joe on location in Las Vegas showing you lighting diagrams of selected scenes, overviews of the Nikon SB800 & SB600 speedlites, and a behind the scenes commentary from Joe revealing his vision and execution. The DVD will be available in the next few weeks at $30.00, and I'm accepting orders immediately.

As we get closer to the Kentucky Derby and the rest of the Triple Crown, and deeper into Baseball season, make sure that you have all of the AquaTech Rain covers that you need. DO NOT GET CAUGHT without protection (in bad weather)....

Speaking of wet weather protection, every piece of Think Tank Photo gear is supplied with a fitted rain cover, With Think Tank, not only are your lenses dry, you are comfortable with the gear over your shoulder or around your waist! The complete line of Think Tank products from the Whip it Out case to the Airport Addicted back pack are in stock for immediate delivery.

In case you've been asleep under a rock, Canon now has a $500 Rebate in effect on the EOS1D-II camera, which is a fantastic opportunity for all of you that have been thinking about picking up an EOS1D-II … Many more Canon rebates are on the list as well, including a $100 Rebate on the EOS20D Camera kit with lens!

Epson's P2000 Image storage device along with Jobo's GigaView device are now in stock! Both units area great way to store images while you're on the go!

Stay tuned to the message boards and member updates for some incredible images from the workshop here at Churchill Downs.

(Jeff Snyder can be contacted at Penn Camera at: 1-800-347-5770 or FAX 301-210-7370; Email:; AOL Instant Messenger: JeffPennCamera. On the web:

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