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|| News Item: Posted 2005-01-03

Let's Talk Business: My New Year's Resolution
By Rick Rickman

Photo by
I'm having a hard time getting to any kind of resolutions for the coming year.

I'm not worried about weight like many photographers so that's not an issue. I actually lost 17 pounds this year.

My love life is terrific and unlike most photographers that love life is with the same woman I've been with for 24 years now.

I'm not worried about money so much as many photographers seem to be, so that really isn't bugging me. It would always be nice to have a little more but I'm getting along fine.

When I started photography, I felt that sometimes pictures could make a difference in life. They could show aspects of the world that might actually affect conditions some how.

I'm beginning to feel a bit misguided in that continued belief these days after working as a photographer and journalist for almost 30 years now.

I think that the general public has been greatly desensitized to visuals because so much of what is thrown at them is so intently wrenching in our modern world.

It seems that our audience is turning away from much of the disturbing imagery that is offered up to them to view because they are visually tired of the continual assault. It's perplexing in some ways but understandable.

I guess the only things that I'm truly resolute about for this coming year might be these:

To do something visually this year that somehow makes a difference for someone. Something that truly sheds some sense of truth into someone's life. That for me would be extremely gratifying.

The other thing would be to ride the perfect 10-foot pealing wave on the nose of my latest board with all ten toes hanging serenely over. Taking in all the serenity and beauty of reflected color off the water as the sun rises over San Onofre State Beach. To truly appreciate life's simplicity and beauty and know that I'm actually part of that simple beauty.

If I can do those things this year's this will prove to be one of my best years ever.

(Rick Rickman is a freelance photographer based in Southern California. He is a regular contributor to Sports Shooter and writes often about business practices and other issue facing the photography profession.)

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