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|| News Item: Posted 2005-01-03

Sports Shooter New Year's Resolutions
By Sports Shooter staff

Photo by Brad Mangin

Photo by Brad Mangin

Eric Risberg will be pursuing Pilates and robustos when he returns to Scottsdale Stadium in February of 2005.
Don Miralle, Getty Images
My New Years Resolution in to not chimp so much but I'll need a couple of 4gb cards from Santa if I can't edit. The thing I'd like to see most in 2005 is the Super Chargers going to the Super Bowl and winning! But they will probably have to close out the Colts in the 4th Quarter to accomplish that.

Brian Davies, Eugene Register-Guard
This year, I want to make just one cool sports portrait like Robert Seale. I want to post ten quality frames from a single sporting event like Dan Powers and Rod Mar. I want to make some pictures that celebrate the sheer joy of seeing like Chip Litherland and Melissa Lyttle. And I want to think and see in new ways like Kyle Green and Kohjiro Kinno. In short, I want to continue to do what I have done for the past three years on this site -- be inspired by the talent of some of the most amazing photographers in the business.

David Burnett, Contact Press Images
I want to figure out how to really bridge the gap between film and digital, and all the wires, laptops, readers, film holders, scanners and other crap which make me feel, at times, that Matthew Brady and his wagon of stuff, had it easy, which I know, of course, that he did not.

Jenna Isaacson, Columbia Daily Tribune
I resolve in 2005 to make work easier on my body by finally putting those earplugs in my camera bag --- and finally biting the bullet and buying that Kinesis belt I've been dreaming of for *far* too long. I'm sick of ringing ears and bad posture!

Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times
I usually start out strong on resolutions, and then they fall by the wayside around midyear. Though I have held out the whole year and beyond before on cutting out all caffeine one year, and also kept a no fast food rule too. So this year, feeling like I could be in better shape, the resolutions are probably going to be based around that. In anticipation of this, I've been gorging on all the holiday foods. I profess to consume limited caffeine in 05, keep up a regular exercise routine, eat better foods, play harder, work harder, and hell, maybe even find a place to live

Matt Mendelsohn, Washington D.C. freelancer
My New Year's resolutions:
1) No more Yoo-Hoo's until I lose twenty pounds.
2) Spend more time taking photographs with a camera, less time tweaking photographs on a computer.

Eric Risberg, The Associated Press
Here's my resolution: More Pilates! Pilates is not a cigar--that is a Pleaides. Just because I do more Pilates doesn't mean I will give up double robustos.

Max Morse, Brooks student
My resolution is: I want to graduate ... finally!

Jose Villegas, Sacramento Bee
The New Years resolution: To spend more time working on my photography and less time working in the toy store ...

Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune
I promise to spend more time with my kids than I do with OK, not realistic. I'll at least try to stop calling them Bert and Grover.

Walt Calahan, Washington D.C. freelancer
To completely organize and archive all my digital photographs, as well as learn more completely the software used in the process.

Rod Mar, The Seattle Times
To do business like Rick Rickman.
To have vision like Vince Laforet and Trent Nelson.
To be committed to the photo community like Bert Hanashiro.
To have the perspective of Bill Eppridge.
And finally, to remember the legacy of V.J. Lovero -- to love and honor my wife, to love and spend time with my kids, and to try to make each day better than the one before. Happy New Year!

Deanne Fitzmaurice, San Francisco Chronicle
In 2005 my resolution is to not format and write over important images on my cards like I did in 2004.

Robert Dall, Portage la Prairie Daily Graphic
Serious: To learn Spanish, and never to write an article for while battling a parasite from South America. Can you say spell checker.
Funny: To move to LA sleep on Bert's couch and start my acting career. (And thanks to Mark J. Terrill!)

Photo by Scott Sommerdorf

Photo by Scott Sommerdorf

Zoe Sommerdorf
Scott Sommerdorf, Director of Photography, The Salt Lake Tribune
To listen closely to my 5 month-old daughter Zoe. She's teaching me the real meaning of life - one smile and giggle at a time.

Randy Vanderveen, Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune
Here are my resolutions. One to lose 20 pounds and secondly to improve my photography by learning more about lighting, taking on some personal projects and taking some risks by trying something new.

Andy Kuno, San Francisco Giants Team Photographer
I want to be able to spell Jeff Chiu's name correctly.

Sean Haffey, San Diego Union-Tribune
From now on I will not yell at network television people, but if I do, from now on I will tell them my name is Denis Poroy.

Robert Beck, Sports Illustrated
New years resolution ... Hmmmmmmmm. I don't think I've EVER made one. Well, at some point in college I probably said I would never drink like that again. Maybe this year I will try harder than last year to make my donut holder smaller. Of course, as usual, I just want to make it through the year. That's what you say when you get to be my age. Maybe I'll get a physical this year. Maybe I won't lose my mind when TV guys get in the way. It's a karma thing you know. Maybe I'll surf a wave bigger than ten feet. Maybe I'll learn to drop in from the coping. Maybe I'll put all of my expense receipts in the same place this year ... And that will be where I can actually find them.

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