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|| News Item: Posted 2004-12-16

Penn Camera's News & Notes for the Holiday Season
By Jeff Snyder

Photo by

Nikon Coolscan 5000
First off, it was GREAT to see & meet so many of you at the Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau last month. So many people, so much fun, and what an opportunity to learn from the finest professionals in the business! You are all so lucky to have had the "Luau" experience!

Lot's of exciting happenings here at Penn Camera …Our re-designed website is now available at . Take a look, and please use this for reference purposes, remembering to always check with me for MEMBER ONLY pricing.

Nikon and Canon both have huge rebate programs in effect for the holiday season, please check out these links to them both:

Nikon -
Plenty of the latest & greatest from Nikon in stock. Everything from D70's to D2H's, and the complete line-up of Nikon's CoolPix cameras. Make sure to see the Nikon/Epson promotion on the above link if you're in the market for a CoolPix & an Epson printer.

Nikon D2X availability?? We're hoping to hear definitive pricing and delivery dates any day now. If you haven't already placed your preliminary order, contact me now!
Nikon's CoolScan Film Scanners are here too for the holidays…..It's time to get all those negs scanned & archived!!

Canon -
WOW the Canon EOS20D's are back in stock! EOS1D-II cameras are here as well, and the new EOS1DS-II has begun to arrive as well. Have you seen the new Canon SD20 ( in 4 colors and a 5MP camera, it's a perfect holiday gift!

Lexar -The current Lexar rebates in effect are: 1GB $20, 2GB $30 and 4GB $40…Everything Lexar is in stock for immediate delivery, don't forget your memory! Take a look in the Store for our current Lexar special for MEMBERS.

Newswear -One of the BIG hits at The Luau was Newswear's Chestvest, in both standard & Foul Weather versions. These are now back in stock……The reviews in the message board have been outstanding!

Speaking of foul weather…..make sure your gear is protected! AquaTech products were another VERY popular item at The Luau … If you haven't already been hit with the lousy weather in your area, it's only a matter of time….Don't get caught with protection!

Apple -Apple's new iPod Photo is in stock now for immediate shipment, in time for the holiday season….Available in both a 40GB & 60GB the iPod Photo would make you smile if your name was on it next to the Hanukkah Menorah or under your Xmas tree! Belkin's add on CF Card reader for the Apple iPod are here too!!!!

Wanna cool toy to play with for the season? We're now stocking the "Lensbaby"…. The Original Lensbaby creates a 'sweet spot' area of focus that you can move around the picture plane by bending the flexible lens tubing. You will get a unique new look, with gorgeous blurring and subtle, prismatic color distortions, all without software manipulations. You've got to see the images created with "Lensbaby"…

GOT POWER? The Digital Camera Battery is what you need in the cold weather to keep your gear running … With the Digital Camera Battery in your coat, wired to your camera, that freezing cold football game won't kill off your camera batteries so fast. Power a strobe & camera at the same time…Even power up your PC or Mac with the right cables…

Get all your printing completed in time for gift giving…We're stocking Ink Jet papers from: Arches, Canon, Crane, Epson, HP, Ilford, Kodak, Konica, Legion, and Media Street…every different type of finish you can imagine…

As always, feel free to contact me anytime … Happy Holidays to all you Sports Shooter readers from Penn Camera!

(Jeff Snyder can be contacted at Penn Camera at: 1-800-347-5770 or FAX 301-210-7370; Email:; AOL Instant Messenger: JeffPennCamera. On the web: and

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