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|| News Item: Posted 2004-12-16

Photodude: Sports Shooter ABC's
By Photodude

Photo by Brad Mangin

Photo by Brad Mangin

Darren Carroll enjoys some fine Texas BBQ at Smitty's.
Yeah, the Photodude is back for the holidays after spending the past few months hanging out with former running back Ricky Williams, enjoying some fine bud and tasty waves. Ricky turns out to be quite the photo buff, so we had plenty to talk about between yak rides and through traipsing the photo stores of old Bangkok.

Thanks for all the letters about the message boards, the contest, the Red Sox and the Luau (those who I met there, thanks for the pizza and for loaning me the cash -- I promise I'll get it back to you. I mean it.)

It was in a smoke-induced haze somewhere outside of Singapore, or was in Thailand, I get them mixed up, that a vision came to me and told me to write you dudes a "dictionary" of Sports Shooter terminology.

Hey, at least the vision didn't tell me to quit my $8 million job playing for the Dolphins...

Herewith, the Photodude's Dictionary. Read it and weep, bastards.

A - Auto - focus. You would suck without it. Admit it and get on with your life.

B - Back-focus. When you are so bad you even can't aim the AF target correctly.

C - Compact flash. Those things you put through the wash.

D - Darren Carroll. Is he the writer behind the mysterious Photodude? Inquiring minds want to know...

E - Eppridge, Bill. Sports Shooter Workshop and Luau adds a touch of much-needed class to its final event, as photojournalist Bill Eppridge brought tears to many eyes and a packed crowd to their feet with his wonderful presentation.

F - Framing. Ancient photo technique lost in the digital evolution of 2000. Formerly used in conjunction with "composition" before center-point auto focusing forever changed the landscape, so to speak.

G - Grover Sanschagrin. Everyone wants to know him, and then they want to BE him.

H - Hanashiro, Robert. Founding father of Sports Shooter. Capped a successful five-year run of his brainchild, the Luau and Workshop, summed up best by Salt Lake City photographer Trent Nelson as, "the best one yet". Launches his initial Sports Shooter Academy this spring.

I - iPod. If you don't have one, you want one. If you already have one, you want a newer one. No one wants the iPod Photo.

Photo by Brad Mangin

Photo by Brad Mangin

Kojo Kinno at Dodger Stadium.
J - Best letter to start your name with if you work for Getty. Justin Sullivan and Jed Jacobsohn both continued to work their magic around the world. Justin's showed his mettle in Iraq and along the Kerry campaign. Fresh from making killer skiing images in Aspen, Jed was last seen wheeling a drunken co-worker around Santa Monica in a grocery cart after the Getty holiday party. And yes, that is true.

K - Kojo Kinno. Patron saint of photo assistants willing to tolerate just about anything --- even Robert Beck.

L - Luau. The final one. If you missed it you are a loser (which also starts with..."L").

M - Manual. Not the mode or the type of focus. As in, that little book you never read.

N - Newbies. The wise men of revamped the membership process in an effort to increase the professionalism of the site. Those new members have proven to be skilled, energetic and courteous contributors to the community.

O - Olympics. Every four years the world's greatest gather to compete, create and renew friendships, culminating years of training and preparation. Of course, we're talking about the photographers.

P - Printers. Ink-drinking, monitor-calibrating, profile-needing, paper-jamming boxes that suck money from photographer's wallets. Unless you are Vincent Laforet, and you have tamed your Epson 2200 while the rest of us curse...(yeah, that's you again, Robert Beck).

Q - Quality. It's still what separates the pros from everyone else. With auto-focus and 8fps, anyone can grab a moment. But when you can do it day in and day out, you don't need no stinkin' photographer's license.

R - Robert. As in, Hanashiro, Beck, Seale, and Deutsch. Best first name in sports photography. Either that or a global law firm.

S - Silhouette. Oft-abused photo technique resulting in trite and cliched images. Guarantees a monthly clip winner, however.

T - Tony Tomsic. Legendary sports photographer who trekked across country with Ron Vesely to grace this year's Luau (think Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise driving across country in "Rainman" -- decide for yourself which one played the Cruise role).

U - Underexposure. You're taking pictures with a freakin' COMPUTER -- how can this still happen? How?

Photo by Brad Mangin

Photo by Brad Mangin

V.J. Lovero
V - V.J. Lovero. Ah, dammit we miss you Veej...

W - Wizards. Grover, Burf, Brad and Joe -- the wizards behind who have set the bar high and created the model for all other wannabe photo websites. Now other sites are charging for membership and offering message boards and city guides. What's next -- a clip contest?

X - Xbox. No truth to the rumor that the new Halo 2 has hidden controls for a war photographer. However, rumors abound regarding a Rich Pilling character in next season's EA Sports MLB 2005.

Y - Youth sports. Gets bigger and bigger each year. So many still shooters making good money at these events that television and radio can't be far behind. Get ready for eight-year old cable pullers and "dish kids". You heard it here first.

Z - Zagaris, Michael. Next to Britney Spears, the Olsen Twins and Paris Hilton, was there a more overexposed celebrity? Keynote speaker at the Final Luau, subject of an NFL Films special. Only thing he didn't do was release a sex tape...yet.

That's it, kids. Have a fun and safe holiday season. Don't be too naughty or nice, and get those entries ready because just around the corner is the Photodude's Worst of Photography contest.

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