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|| News Item: Posted 2004-09-08

Olympic Memories: Mike Blake
'It was also obvious that Mark was a fan of the TV show "MacGyver ...'

By Mike Blake, Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake / Reuters

Photo by Mike Blake / Reuters

Mark Terrill jumps into the Olympic swimming pool to test out the positioning IOPP underwater remote camera.
There were no corrupt judges involved, no performance enhancing drugs, no Sponsors' logos taped over because they were too big.

No stinky dark green camera vest to wear. No loop bus that never made a full loop. No salty meat and potatoes meal at 1am, no 4:30am wake-up call from my iPod. No getting lost in the triplex MPC buildings. No items left at a mag & bag. No stinky photographers. No triple firewalls and proxies to get through.

For the first time at the Olympics the IOPP (AP, Reuters, AFP) was given the opportunity to put a camera under the water during the Olympic swimming events. I was an early guy into Athens and when word trickled down about the spot on the pool a couple of e-mails and phone calls between myself and Mike Feldman got the ball rolling.

Mark Terrill was still in LA and was able to come up with an underwater housing. It was also obvious that Mark was a fan of the TV show "MacGyver" as he was able to put a whole kit together in about 24 hours before jumping on his flight over to Athens. (Note, Pocket Wizards remotes are not water proof ... and they don't work under water either!)

At the end of swimming each night I would be up in the press tribune looking over our report from the night's events at the pool. Mark would make his way out to the pool deck and dive into the pool to retrieve the camera's images.

The sequence of Mark diving into the pool was the first test of where to place the camera. It took a couple of goes but the results got better each time and hats off to Mark for supplying the IOPP with some very sweet pictures from the bottom of the pool.

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