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|| News Item: Posted 2004-07-28

The Intern Diaries: Chris Detrick
By Chris Detrick, Baltimore Sun

Photo by Chris Detrick / Baltimore Sun

Photo by Chris Detrick / Baltimore Sun

Soo's Kimchee House, 11 W. Preston Street, features Korean cuisine such as Mandoo dumplings and Kim's special sauce.
(Editors Note: Since it's summer Sports Shooter asked several college students serving internships to write about their experiences during their first few weeks "in the real world." This is the first of two parts.)

Dear Sports Shooter,

I have just completed my first week as the photo intern at The Baltimore Sun and all I can say is wow! If this is any indication of how the rest of the summer is going to be, I can tell it is going to be great!

My first official day was June 1st. The morning began with a tour of the building and meeting the other photographers and editors. Coming from the daily newspaper at Mizzou, I was a bit overwhelmed by the size of the newsroom and large number of people on staff, but enjoyed meeting everyone and learning how a major daily metro newspaper operates.

A major plus is that I now have access to almost any piece of equipment I could ever need to complete the job. I felt like a kid in a candy store when I was shown the equipment storage room. I can't wait to use the lenses, the lights and other gadgets.

For the next two days, I went on assignment with other photographers and got to see how they worked and interacted with their subjects. They also took this opportunity to show me around the city and pointed out the best routes to avoid traffic jams as well as their favorite spots for feature hunting.

Having grown up 50 miles north of Baltimore in York, Pa., I had visited Baltimore quite a few times before. Still, I never had the opportunity to fully explore the city. This will certainly change during the summer as I begin to discover a whole new side of Baltimore.

Living in York also helps because I am somewhat familiar with the area and will not have to spend as much time learning a completely new city.

I was given my first real assignment on Thursday: A review of a local Korean restaurant, Soo's Kimchee House. I was sent out with the encouraging words of my assignment editor. "Don't screw this up. I'm not afraid to send you back multiple times until you get it right."
Not wanting to have to go back for a second or third shoot, I spent almost three hours at the restaurant making pictures of various Korean specialties from as many angles and locations as I could think of. When I got back to the newsroom, I edited my shoot and showed my editors. They were pleased, so I was pleased.

Photo by Liz Malby / Baltimore Sun

Photo by Liz Malby / Baltimore Sun

Chris Detrick at Camden Yards in Baltimore.
The biggest highlight of the week was getting to meet the other 18 staff photographers. They were all very welcoming and friendly and really made me feel at home.

Every night after work, a group of photogs would take me out to their favorite restaurants and bars in town and showed me a good time. Intern Bonus #1: Free food and drinks at cool restaurants.

This was a great opportunity to get to know them further in a relaxed, non-work setting. I thought I was back in college with my friends having stayed out until three, then having to be in at work early the next morning.

These outings also helped me explore new areas of Baltimore that I probably would have never found without being taken there by other photogs. Even though it has only been a week, I feel like I have known some of the other photographers for many years.

I look forward to the experiences to come and I plan to meet each challenge with the maximum effort which I hope will result in creative and insightful images. I will keep you updated on my progress and will write again at the end of the summer.

-Chris Detrick

(Chris Detrick is a student at the University of Missouri, majoring in photojournalism with a double minor in violin performance and psychology. To view his work, check out his member page:

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