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|| News Item: Posted 2004-05-30

Just The FAQs!: 2004 Luau
The Big Kahuna Shares Questions & Answers for THE Coolest Photography Event of the Year

By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter

Registration for THE coolest photography event of the year has been open for a little over five weeks and I have received numerous queries and questions about the Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau 2004.

So in order to get the answers to these questions out to everyone, I thought I'd open up the Big Kahuna Mailbag and provide a Workshop & Luau FAQ.

QUESTION: "J.T." from a newspaper in the San Joaquin Valley wanted to know why he should plunk down $150 (gasp! he's not a member of to attend the Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau because he says "I already make killer sports photos."

ANSWER: A check of the 19 breakout sessions reveals that just 4 are specifically sports related and one--- Darrell Miho's "Sports Lighting 101" --- is the runaway leader with over 100 signed up at this writing. So if you already make "killer sports photos" maybe you could learn a thing or two from Bill Eppridge in his "Picture Stories & Personal Projects" or discover some new tricks of the trade in Jack Gruber's "Road Warrior: A Survival Guide for the Working Photographer or maybe acquire some lighting skills in Bob Deutsch and Dan MacMedan's portrait light class or Dave Black's light painting session. I think you will find one of the best parts of The Luau is the diversity of breakout topics and the instructors.

(Note: J.T. --- You REALLY should consider Rod Mar's Jedi Master: Basketball class --- I've seen your hoops photos.)

QUESTION: "K.G." from Texas asks "What happens if I don't wear a Hawaiian shirt at the Workshop & Luau?"

ANSWER: Something that separates the Workshop & Luau from other photography events (especially those by the 4 - Initial - Organization) is that we don't let things get bogged down by too much seriousness and we like to have some FUN. We encourage all of the participants (faculty and staff included) to wear Hawaiian print shirts ... it really sets the tone for the weekend, giving it a festive atmosphere.

(Note: We really can't force anyone who doesn't want to join the fun and wear a Hawaiian shirt ... but you never know, we might have Tom Braid, Mike Treola and Max Morse sit on you while they put a grass skirt on you!)

QUESTION: "Fran" from Florida writes "I don't get it. What's the difference between registering as a member and registering as a non - member?"

ANSWER: Twenty-five bucks.

(Note: Seriously, if you aren't a member it really is a good idea to join and then register for the Workshop & Luau. It costs the same and you become part of a fabulous photography community.)

QUESTION: A question asked numerous times, most recently by "Mikey" in Colorado ... "Can I pay my reg fee by VISA or PayPal?"


(Note: RTFM)

QUESTION: "I don't own a Hawaiian shirt, "Master Blaster" from Southern California writes, "Where does Robert Seale get his cool shirts he wears at the Workshop & Luau?

ANSWER: Robert is discriminating Hawaiian shirt wearer. He favors Tommy Bahama - brand shirts and truthfully, so do I. But you can get Hawaiian shirts these days at most department stores (even Kohl's and Mervyn's recently had some cool ones with some modest prints) and lots of surf and dive shops carry them. If you're in Orange County, there is a large Hilo Hatitie's store in The Block shopping complex that has one of the largest varieties of Hawaiian shirts I have seen outside of The Islands. Also there are plenty of Internet stores that carry them and you can find some "deals" especially on the baseball - theme shirts and the shirts made famous in "Magnum P.I." A true traditional "Aloha shirt" is made out of silk and is worn not tucked in.

(Note: Yes, we will again be holding the "best" and "worst" Hawaiian shirt contest this year.)

QUESTION: A student from a mid-west university asks "I don't want to hang sheet rock for a living. I don't want to be a plumber. I really am passionate about photojournalism. If my photography really gets ripped during the portfolio reviews, should I change my major?"

ANSWER: Only you and your school councilor are the ones that should figure that out. But I looked at your Member Gallery and you're doing fine. Take the portfolio review for what it is ... an evaluation of your work at this time. Use the criticism and advice to learn and grow. Don't take harsh comments personally. And make sure if you have multiple evaluations that you pick diverse photographers to look at your work.

(Note: One piece of advice --- don't put that slam dunk photo you have in your Member Gallery in the portfolio you show at The Luau. Those are a dime-a-dozen ... trust me, Brad Mangin and Rod Mar will both rip it!)

QUESTION: "Franklin" a freelance event shooter from Arizona asks "I am so excited I just got my notice that you received my Luau registration. I wanted to know what's the best way to send you my registration fee since Federal Express won't deliver to a P.O. box?"

ANSWER: People have been spending waaaay too much money to get me their reg fees, they must be as excited as you are! Some are even using overnight services and paying upwards of $18 to do this. Truthfully the best way to send in your registration fee is just the plain old U.S. Mail. As long as you give it 4 or 5 days and you send it as soon as you fill out the on-line reg form I'll get it in plenty of time to before your 21 - day payment deadline.

QUESTION: And speaking of registration fees, "Stan" from New England is in the same boat as many who have already registered: "Bert, I signed up for the Luau the first day and it's already past the 21 - day deadline for paying my registration fee! Are you really going to drop me?"

ANSWER: Good question Stan! Deadline are deadlines and because we have so many people that want to attend, many of the breakout classes are filled or filling up quick. It really isn't fair to others to hold onto a spot in the Workshop & Luau if you don't pay on time or don't really know if you're going to attend. My advice here (and in life!) is to fulfill your obligations and always pay your bills on time!

QUESTION: "I have a little wager at the office," wrote "Sam" from Oregon, "As a regular reader of the message board I say that 'The Fish' was the first person to register for this year's Luau. But a couple of the other fellas say that it was a student because they're always surfing the 'net, probably from Western or Missouri. I have dinner at The Outback on this."

ANSWER: Well "Sam", let's just say there will not be any "Fish" participating in this year's Luau, except maybe if you go across the street from the Redondo Beach Crowne Plaza and have dinner at Captain Kid's, a local seafood restaurant. Your buddies were half right ... a student was the first to register, at 1:10 AM on April 13, about 10 minutes after the registration site was activated. Mike Burley is a student, but he goes to Brooks! Have your buddies order the rib-eye, it's my favorite! And Mike ... you win a prize too: a free lifetime subscription to this newsletter.

QUESTION: "I just filled out the on-line Luau form and was thinking: I wonder what breakout classes Mongo Johnson would sign up for," "Albert" from the St. Louis area asked.

ANSWER: Well, the only way to know is to ask them! So I emailed Mongo and here's what he said:

"Since I will be on location working on the new "Silver Surfer" movie in November I won't be at Hanashiro's Luau. But since I am already an accomplished photographer (as well as expert outdoorsman) what I would sign up for is Epp's "Picture Stories & Projects" class for inspiration along with the basic video class from those two guys from the LA Times. Depending on what kind of 'talent' DMac brings in to model for his and Deutsch's portrait lighting class, I might take that one too. Gruber is always funny, so 90 - minutes there wouldn't be a waste of time and Reed Hoffmann really knows his DIT stuff, so the digital class would be in for me. And lastly since Bert says I have no ethics, I'd probably sign up for Sommerdorf's "Got Ethics" class, maybe I can pick up a tip or two on how to over use the cloning tool. Sorry I can't make it again Kahuna, I'm surprised you even caught me out in Wyoming on my latest fishing trip!" --- Mongo Johnson.

(The Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau 2004 is November 5 - 6 in Redondo Beach, CA. For more information or to register, go to the "Workshop" area at .)

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