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|| News Item: Posted 2004-03-30

Photodude: Contest winners and losers
By Photodude

The Photodude returns this month after serving as a judge in POYi, BOP, World Press, and the finals of "American Idol."

Okay, maybe he didn't judge all of those things, but we know he did judge one contest - the First Annual Worst of Sports Shooting Contest!!!

To the Inbox we go!!!

Dear Photodude,

Okay, I didn't win anything in POYi, BOP, World Press, Sports Shooter or any of the other contests, and I've never even gotten a VOTE in the Sports Shooter monthly clip contest. I'm having a bit of an identity crisis, so I've been waiting by my laptop to see if I've at least "won" (or is it "lost") anything in your first annual "Worst of Sports Shooting Contest".

Please tell me I've won, and please send my bucket hat ASAP.


Lame Or Sucks, Either Rates.


Guess what? You're still a loser. Sort of. At least you didn't "win" or "lose" in my contest.

After sorting through the many entries, a panel of judges who didn't include Robert Seale or Robert Hanashiro (both famous for never awarding prizes in categories), sat in a '66 Plymouth outside a Déjà Vu somewhere in Florida, and voted on the worst of the worst for 2003.

Without further ado, the Winners!

Photo by Paul Clapp

Photo by Paul Clapp

Worst "I Choked" Photo
1. Worst "I Choked" Photo.

YOU messed up. This category is for the out-of-focus, the poorly composed, the under/over exposed, the just plain horrible frames you KNOW would have made a clip winner, "if only.

1st Place - Paul Clapp from John Carroll University.

This entry features peak action - a wide receiver in a football game diving outstretched for a pass with a nice background of players and fans. Vivid color. It's wonderful moment, which is what sets Clapp's effort apart from other entries. Of course, Mr. Clapp completely choked on the focus. He chokes so bad the judges couldn't even find the point of focus. We guessed backfocused, but who knows? Also, you add the immense grain and you just get the feeling he either A) shot at ASA 3200, B) shot through a lens he bought at Wal-Mart, or C) it's a massive enlargement.

However, you can judge yourself at:

2. Worst "Ref's Ass" Photo.

The REF messed you up. We all use the ref's and their polyester-clad posteriors for excuses that "we would have nailed it if that friggin' ref hadn't gotten in the way". Well, here's your chance to show the world "what I missed because of that zebra".

1st Place - Andrew Malana, Tokyo, Japan.

In this photo, it's all there, or so we're led to believe - Roy Williams, Texas receiver looks for yardage but a pair of hands his reaching for his facemask - all but obliterated by the familiar "Zebra Stripes" of a side judge, field judge or whatever the hell's he's called. For this, Mr. Malana wins the "Worst Ref's Ass" category. Congrats, Andrew.

You can view his entry at:

And now, the prize we've all been waiting for:

3. Judges Grand Prize Award -- "Worst Photo of the Year"

Photo by Jenn Jednyak

Photo by Jenn Jednyak

Judges Grand Prize Award -- "Worst Photo of the Year"
Our congratulations go out to Grand Prize Winner Jenn Jednyak, who defeated all other contestants in this year's Worst of Sports Shooter Contest!

Oh baby. This one has it all…. a nice moment, cute kids, a sport (hockey) we just don't see enough pictures from…and, a REF! It's nicely out of focus, so much so it begins to look like a painting, but you just know she blew it on this one.

But what really separates this photo from the rest of the field is the caption - which completely and honestly is the voice of a shooter who's clearly screwed up a potentially great opportunity by choking, and choking badly.

"A pic gone very wrong Oh what could have been ... sigh. One of my first attempts at shooting hockey (Nov. 2003). This photo has all the criteria and more for the Worst photo of the year award. It's out of focus, poorly composed and under-exposed, all that in one photo - oh, and I don't have names. WOW I SAY, it's a winner all right. Seriously though, I was shooting the goalie, saw this kid fall out of the corner of my eye and the ref just bends down and lifts him up by the shirt. I swung around and fired this one shot and it was all over but the crying."

You can view the winner at:

So, folks, that's it for this year! Thanks for your entries. As this was the first year of the contest, we're looking for an improved selection of your mistakes and mishaps for next year's contest.

As for the Photodude, well, he's working on Canon to donate that EOS 1D Mark II for next year's winner.

This year's winners should keep on eye on their email for a message from Store Manager Joe Gosen notifying them of what they have won.

Questions, concerns, rants, raves to

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