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|| News Item: Posted 2004-03-03

Tell your family you love them…then take a photo!
By Michael Treola, Asbury Park Press

Photo by Michael Treola

Photo by Michael Treola
All too often petty little things distract us photographers. We find ourselves too concerned with what kind of camera we have, or how fast our computer is, our portfolio or next lens purchase.

I'm just as guilty! As I too want the best gear, best jobs, and be involved in those big named games. It's important in a way.

Sometimes though things happen that brings life into perspective forcing you to realize the things above mean absolutely nothing.

What is important are our families and friends. You know all those people that support you emotionally and physically. Those people you see every day. Those you love…them.

I say this because earlier this month a devastating thing happened to me. My father at the tender age of 65 died of a massive heart attack. It shocked my family and friends leading us all on an emotional roller coaster we weren't prepared for.

My father was a wonderful person, a US Navy Veteran, a husband to my mom for 39 years, a grandfather, my friend, and the best fisherman I every knew.

He was loved throughout the community and touched more people then I thought humanly possible. It was apparent now more then ever a super guy, my father, had raised me.

As I made burial arrangements I decided to present a photo tribute of the things that made my father happy and display it at the wake so those could see the wonderful person I knew.

Thankfully my family always carefully labeled all of our albums. So right where is should have been were my dad's Navy photo, fishing photos, his wedding album and tons of pictures of he and my mother, grandkids and daughter whom he loved very much.

Then I became sad, horrified, sickened and began to cry. Never in my life had I been so emotional.

You see I didn't have any photos of my father and I together. Of the literally hundreds of thousands of photos I had I could find only 1 recent photos of us together. And that photo was taken at my sisters wedding some 10 years ago.

I wept as I asked myself how this could have happened. All the while knowing the answer.

Very simply I spent too much time behind the camera instead of being in front of it. I took for granted my father's health thinking he would be in my life for years to come

Well it is not so.

All of the birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings and just regular time spent with my family I have nothing to show for it other then the memories in my heart. This hurt me a lot.

Sure my memories are wonderful but those memories would be so much stronger had I just had a photo to reinforce all of the good times we had together.

A PHOTO! A simple photo. Something we all very easily can do.

So I plead with you. Stop right now, get off your computer, and go take a photo of YOU and all those you hold close to your heart.

You might think it's a silly idea now but someday you will thank me for suggesting such a thing because life is short and can take sudden turns for the worse.

I promise you I've already done what I've asked of you. Having taken these photos has strengthened my relationships with those I love and given me a little something to hold close to my heart for many years to come.

NOW GO! And do as I ask…you'll thank me later!


P.S. I want to thank everyone for supporting me during my time of sorrow. The countless emails, phone calls, and cards helped me get through one of the toughest weeks of my life. I can't thank you enough. It feels great to be surrounded by good people …Thanks!

(Michael Treola is a staff photographer with the Asbury Park Press.)

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