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|| News Item: Posted 2003-12-01

Photodude: Luau Top 10 List
By Photodude

Photo by Aaron Kehoe

Photo by Aaron Kehoe

The Photodude totally missed this moment.
Photodude has just returned from a covert operation installing hidden cameras inside of a chartered jet that recently flew from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara. Aside from that, there's little more he could tell you without everyone knowing what he was doing -- and then he'd have to kill you.

So, on to the mailbag!


Dear Photodude,

The Luau! The Luau! The Luau!

Who showed up?

Who hooked up?

Who threw up?

Give me the lowdown on the luau and the workshop!


Missed Out -- Ran Outta Money.


Dear MO-RON,

Hey bro -- I gotta come clean -- I know who DIDN'T show up.



The Photodude missed the big show himself.

There was just this little thing at the airport with some idiot from the TSA who wanted me to take off my new LeBron's, and then I called him something maybe that wasn't appropriate (well, he DID look like John Candy's character in National Lampoon's Vacation), then next thing you know I missed my flight, and well, then there was the small matter of bail, and well, you get the point.

But, despite missing the COOLEST PHOTOGRAPHY EVENT OF THE YEAR (aka CPEOTY), I received plenty of first hand reports.

However -- first, I must digress -- isn't the Luau more like the ONLY PHOTOGRAPHY EVENT LEFT ANYMORE SINCE THE NPPA'S DYING A SLOW, PAINFUL DEATH? Should we call it the OPELASTNDASPD?

Sorry. Couldn't resist. So, based on reports from the field, here's a TOP TEN list from the Luau and Workshop:

10. Corey Rich. What an awesome dude, with some awesome work. But a question lingers...could Rich Pilling or Rod Mar post up Corey Rich on the low blocks? Or would Rich take Mar down low? Or would Pilling own the post? I mean, none of them reaches 5'4", do they? If you stacked them on top of each other, would they be as tall as a Gitzo monopod fully extended? Would they?

9. Um, where was Mangin the whole time?

8. Deanne Fitzmaurice. Stop asking if women can succeed in sports photography. Just stop.

7. Hanashiro's entrance atop the surfboard. What, could they not get the lights turned down, the spotlights going and the Chicago Bull's intro music played? (and NOW......A 5'5" SHOOTER, FROM FRESNO STATE............ROBBBBBEEEERRRRRTTTTTTTT HAAAANNNNNNNAAAAASSSSSHHHHHIIIIIIIIRRRROOOOOOOOOO........!!!!!)

6. Biggest Disappointment -- that the Workshop didn't begin with Robert Beck picking up where he left off last year...."and then, after I got my driver's license...". Seriously -- where was Robert Beck? It's not truly a Luau without one of the coolest guys in photography. The Dude got the emails and he hears you loud and clear: With Robert Beck, you got a Luau. Without Beck, you only got a Workshop.

Photo by Aaron Kehoe

Photo by Aaron Kehoe

Jack and Wally, the "Scud Studs", show that you CAN bring everything including the kitchen sink into the desert with you.
5. Wally Skalij and Jack Gruber: Sportsshooter's version of the "Scud Studs". First, an incredible presentation, and then they reviewed portfolios until dawn (it originally was midnight, then the rumors got it to 1am, and it's taking on a life of it's own, so we'll just say DAWN and get it over with). Fine work, boys.

4. Andy Hayt's "final" speaking engagement. Say it ain't so, Andy. The Photodude has a lot to learn about hoops....

3. Vince Laforet's presentation. If nothing else, proves to everyone that even one of the world's best still gets stuck with shitty assignments. And also shows you what makes him one of the world's best.

2. Ben Van Hook's "When I Learned to Dance". Visual. Inspirational. Emotional. Personal. Pretty much everything you'd want in a project. And, it moved even the most-jaded of pros.

1. V.J. Lovero's session. One reader emailed me a perfect thought on V.J....."You know, so many of these students have NO IDEA who V.J. really is, or what he's accomplished, or just how much he's contributed- not only to the body of baseball photography, but to the separate worlds of baseball and sports photography. And, what a freaking cool guy he is!"

Even the 'Dude couldn't have said it better. So, that's the wrapup for this year's Luau and Workshop.

Sorry I missed it.

Peace out.

(Confidential to all you students who emailed me about the high school kid. Worry about getting a job first.)

As usual, send those rants, raves, questions to me at

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