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|| News Item: Posted 2003-12-01

Road Warrior: Guide to Internet shopping for Christmas
By Mongo Johnson, Sports Shooter

Photo by
I'm home for the holidays, and that's a bummer cause in Missoula, we don't have lot of stores to choose from when it comes to Christmas shopping. Oh sure we have Best Buy and a Barnes & Noble, but stuff you really need for the "job" is hard to find.

I find myself using the vast resources of the net to get my shopping done and find that I'm saving a butt load of money at the same time.

To this end I present:

The MONGO guide to Internet shopping for PW's.
The preeminent high-end toy store for boys and girls with to much money. Way before Sharper Image was even a glimmer in Thalmier's eye, there was Hammacher Schlemmer!

For the paparazzi that need to get above the rest of the rat pack at Michael Jackson's Neverland fortress, check out the STOW - ANYWHERE EXTRA HEIGHT LADDER $139.95 - 67190s - This baby stands 10 feet high in lean to mode or folds in half like a step ladder for a 5 foot boost over your competitors. Best of all it collapses down to a package that's just 4 x 2 x 60 inches, that's right it's only 4 inches wide when folded!
Portrait shooters will also love this ladder cause it slips right into a light stand bag.

Photo by

Shirt Pocket Shortwave Clock Radio
Need to travel light and fast? Trim the fat and buy the SHIRT POCKET SHORTWAVE CLOCK RADIO $24.95 - 70551s - You can't trust the gerbils at the front desk to get your wake up call right, so do it yourself with this nifty little radio. It's small enough to carry around your neck during the game and listen to the play by play. Best of all it runs on AA batteries!

Do you work in dark and scary places? Light up the night with the SURVIVOR'S 700 - HOUR THREE MILE EMERGENCY FLASHLIGHT $54.95 - 61198s - There's a proliferation of LED lights on the market now but none are as well thought out as this one. 1400 HOURS of light with 3 AA batteries, 7 different lighting modes, and all in a tiny little water tight package. (Hint: you can jazz up your light painting portraits by tracing around your subject while in stroboscopic mode.)
Going abroad for a shooting job? Did your newspaper decide to ship you overseas to cover the conflict in the mid east? (BTW, they picked you, cause everybody hates your guts) Tired of getting screwed by European hotels charging exorbitant fees for long distance calls?

Relax and rent a satellite phone!

Photo by

Iridium Motorola 9505
GLOBALSTAR GPS1600 phone rates start as little as .25 a min. The data speed is slow (around 9600 baud) but hell, the handset is the size of a TV remote.

Need a dial tone anywhere on the planet? MOTOROLA IRIDIUM 9505 is the ticket. North pole, South Pole and everything in between. The downer here is a 2400 bps xmit speed.

If you feel the need for speed you can add a BGAN (broadband global area network) IP satellite modem. You can xmit shit-loads of pictures at up to 144kbs. Saturation shooting, (aka: The WireImage way) and let the editors pick the shots, oh wait a sec, that's wrong, they post everything.
Laptops, cellphones, and digital camera batteries, How the hell do you keep them charged up when the country you're in has just been bombed back into the stone age? Or maybe you're just somewhere, the grid is offline (think NY blackout or California rolling blackouts) Solar panels dude! Free energy from the sun! Old school panels were big - ass rigid and bulky folding affairs, but the new generation features flexible panels that can be rolled up like a 5lb burrito and transported easily.
Gotta go hardwired? Well this is the site for you. Every phone adapter and power adapter known to man is available here.
THE ULTIMATE LOW COST computer accessory & supply source!!!! Once you see the site and prices, you'll never set foot in another Best Buy, CompUSA, or Circuit City.

So I'm strolling thru the local Radio Shack and I spy a light up 6 foot USB 2.0 cable, $24.99 says the tag. YEOW! $25 bucks for a cable? Well it does look pretty cool, but I know I can get it for less.

Right in the middle of the store I whip it out --- my laptop, you filthy minded heathen --- fire up the Verizon wireless Aircard (thank you Trent Nelson) and log into the Cyberguys site.

Product 131 1450 $5.49 for the same cable!!!!

Frustrated at never having the right firewire, or USB connection for the external drive or camera you're plugging into? No problem with 131 1275 USB 5 IN 1 CABLE. It comes with a Type A female, Type A male,
Photo by

Microfiber cleaning cloth
Type B male, Mini A male, and Mini B female connectors and it's USB 2.0! For a firmware solution , check out 122 2490 IEEE1394 3 IN 1 ADAPTER CABLE. It comes packaged with 2 x 6 pin males, and 2 x 4 pin males.

Dirty lenses? Are you one of those PW's that waits all year for the FSC to get your gear cleaned? Yeah I know your type, I was standing at the booth, listening to all the whining about discontinuing the 200 f/1.8 when you picked up your gear, looked thru the camera and said "wow, I can see again" or "it's a stop brighter now!"

Do it yourself with a MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH 114 0328 $4.99 this is real steal! Most camera stores charge $20.00 or more the same sized cloth. When it gets dirty just hand wash it with a little dish soap and rise it (3) times and hang to dry.

(Mongo Johnson is a regular contributor to the Sports Shooter Newsletter. He is a former stunt double and has worked in films such as "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken", "Wired" and "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh". Currently he runs a travel consulting firm in Montana and leads fishing expeditions to remote regions of the world.)

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