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|| News Item: Posted 2003-09-29

Choice Tidbits From Roberts Distributors
By Jody Grober

Greeting to one and all. It is really nuts here today… Formula One is in town and it is great to see so many shooters stop by. Here are some choice tidbits…

They are on their way...the Dynalite XP1100 rechargeable battery pack. Not just for power packs...power anything AC...and on a 1000 ws power pack have enough juice for most large projects. GET ON THE LIST NOW...IT IS GROWING. I haven't uploaded to the site yet so give me a call and I can send you a picture of it with pricing.

Everything Canon is flowing …especially the new Digital Rebel which makes a great gift for the loved one. $899.00 body only, $999.00 with lens.

I have found some more of the original FLASH WIZARD components,1 transmitter and 5 receivers. The receivers are board rev. 3.1, rom rev. 2.8 and the transmitter is board rev. 3.0a and rom rev. 3.0.

It looks like the new Hitachi Microdrives will be here in late October. The 2 Gb @ $349.00 and the 4 Gb @ $499.00. Get on the list early.

Photo by
Finally...the new Sandisk Ultra II CF cards are supposed to arrive next week. These cards scream. For the first month only we will have them on special, the 512 for $159.00 and the 1 Gb for $289.00.

I have had my preliminary training and all I can say is WOW...the D2H in awesome and the SB800DX has re-invented Nikon TTL flash photography. It's going to be an exciting fall. The lists are growing fast. I hope to see many of you at the Flying Short Course and we can discuss the new stuff there.

The Aquatech Sports Shields came in very handy during Isabel. I hope everyone came out safe and the gear stayed dry. To clarify a point roaming around the WEB, all of the Aquatech Sports Shields will start coming fitted with the neoprene to accept the optional flash attachment. This new feature is being phased into the new inventory.

SUPER SPECIALS FROM SIGMA ON THEIR PRO EX LENSES: 15-30/3.5-4.5@ $549, 24-70/2.8@ $379, 28-70/2.8@ $309, 70-200/2.8APO@ $699, 120-300/2.8APO@ $1799, 14/2.8@ $759, 20/1.8@ $329, 24/1.8MACRO@ $279, 28/1.8MACRO@ $209, 50/2.8MACRO1:1@ $239, 105/2.8MACRO1:1@ $359, 180/3.5MACRO1:1APO@ $699, 300/2.8APO@ $1999.

Moose Peterson has created a very interesting carry-on bag that may very well serve sports photographer and photo journalists with great results. I should be getting them in very soon with a price of $345.00. Call me, 800-726-5544 if you want to be contacted when they arrive.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of all the Sport Shooter Newsletter sponsors and and remember to keep it fun.

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