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|| News Item: Posted 2003-08-30

Razor's Favorite Things
By Gary Bogdon

Photo by
It's hot and humid, and time to break out the rain gear. It's that time of year again folks, it's Football Season. I've been watching too much Oprah this summer, so I'm breaking out with my own "RAZOR'S FAVORITE THINGS" for the fall.

Have you ever worked in the photographers dungeon at The Swamp? That's the photographers workroom at The University of Florida for those of you that have not had the pleasure. When it's September and pushing 90 degrees on the field, well it's even hotter and more humid than that in the dungeon and you don't want to be in there without one of these: The KENSINGTON FlyFan (a mobile USB Fan) that powers direct through the USB Port on your laptop, and you can direct the airflow with the flexible neck. They can be found almost anywhere including Best Buy for about $20.00. On the web, go to either or

When it's pouring rain, and your running up and down the field slogging through the mess, I've found nothing better to keep my feet dry (I'm sure there are more expensive alternatives, look at SI's Bob Rosato's feet as he runs past you one weekend, and he usually has on the finest waterproof footwear, not that I'm noticing!) for the money than Nike's Air Yahats XCR shoes. They're lined with GORE-TEX (and the label says "Guaranteed To Keep You Dry") and will last at least an entire football season. I found mine at the Nike Factory Store for $59.99, a bargain for what they do. You can view them online at As the ad says: Just Do It

Photo by

Nike's Air Yahats XCR
You're driving on the interstate early on Saturday morning, and you hear that bumping noise, a rumbling sound, and a weird gurgle at the end. No, that's not a scene from the movie "GoodFellas", (remember the opening scene with the 'trunk') it's your stomach, you fool. Your starving because you didn't have time to eat much before rushing out the door at the crack of dawn to drive to the big college game.

For my money, and my stomach, nothing beats The Cracker Barrel. The Uncle Hershel's breakfast special (country ham, eggs, grits, biscuits with apple butter, and they're famous hash brown casserole) will fill you up for not much money.

After this meal, when you reach the stadium, you can just "pass" on those death dogs they're serving up to all of those fat sports writers. And as a bonus-- At my last trip to "The Barrel" I even picked up (.99 cents each) 4 little mini clamps to use on my background for a portrait shoot. Now what other place can offer that?

And don't forget a tall sweet tea "To Go". Visit "The Barrel" at, and map out your next trip. Tell the greeter at the door I said hello, maybe I'll get a discount next weekend in Atlanta.

I know there has been lots of discussion on what is the best 'rain cover' for your camera, and long glass. I've tried it all, from garbage bags with duct tape (that was before I could afford 'gaffer tape') to various manufacturers rain covers, to using my poncho hood (not the guy from the CHIPS TV series, although sometimes that theme song is still stuck in my head).

But after all of my trials and errors, I've come to one conclusion on rain covers for my gear. There is none better than the AquaTech. It's the Joe Montana of rain covers. Granted they are expensive (about $200 each) but when you have a $5,000 digital camera and a $7,000 lens stuck on the end of it, what's $200 more to keep it dry and safe? Spend the money, buy the best, you won't be sorry.

A little note: The AquaTech rain covers do not come with the eyepiece (they're an additional $30.00 approx) that goes on your camera. I bought some, and now don't use them, because you can just stretch the AquaTech's neoprene slot over your existing camera eyepiece and it works great. I just saved you $30 bucks, so buy your wife, kids, girlfriend, boyfriend, or all of the them a little something. You can find AquaTech rain covers from several dealers including: and

Photo by
It's time for a little snack. Have you ever been to a wedding or reception, and on the table are those chocolate covered, thin little peppermint sticks. They come in an assortment of colors and flavors. Well my friends they're actually called (I'm not kidding, look at the fine print of the clear plastic wrapper, not Rapper, like P.Diddy, although I still have those songs pounding in my head after pulling up to a stop light and the guy next to me is trying to let the world know he has a stereo system in his Honda Civic) 'Bogdon Sticks'.

I love chocolate, and I love that candy. Try some at the next wedding or reception or go online and get your own at: You can also read the entire history of the Bogdon Chocolate Co. A fascinating story, while you're waiting and still have 3 hours before kickoff.

OK, lets get back to more serious matters. If you're looking for some very comfortable, lightweight clothing. Go no further than Their clothing line for men and women is the best. Some of their technical features include the following: Insect repellent finish (repels flies,
ticks, insects, mosquitoes, chiggers, midges and ants (but not Warren Sapp).

Other features include: quick drying, security zip pocket, protective UPF 30+ (special weaves, finishes give added sun protection) moisture wicking, stain resistant, ventilation, anti-bacterial (whoa!), indestructible button system, wrinkle resistant, stain resistant and convertible. Sounds like something Jack Gruber wore in Iraq, doesn't it? This is great stuff folks. When the weather cools down a little, I love their lightweight, nylon long pants. Their vented as well. Their ad states- 'Exofficio - The ultimate clothing to see the world in'. Also check out the clearance warehouse section on their website. Some bargains can be found here.

The last of my favorite things for fall football is simple and inexpensive. The night before a game, I put 1 plastic bottle of Gatorade and 1 plastic 'sport' bottle of water in the freezer overnight. They're frozen solid by morning, and I put them in my Lowepro fanny pack. They slowly thaw throughout the game, giving me something cold to drink all day.

Enjoy the football season. Stay safe, cool, and dry. Oh, and if you see Sports Illustrated's Bob Rosato running by, ask him about his shoes.

(Gary 'Razor' Bogdon is a freelance photographer in Orlando, Florida. He regularly shoots college and NFL football for Sports Illustrated magazine. You can view his new website at . He also loves chocolate.)

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