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|| News Item: Posted 2003-08-30

Miller: Are you ready for some football?
By Peter Read Miller, Sports Illustrated

Photo by

Peter Read Miller (left) and Robert Hanashiro in action on the sidelines.
"Here are a few simple tips for those of you that are just starting out or haven't covered much football:

- Know the teams and the players. Read and watch as much as possible about each team and player. What are their game plans and styles of play. What are a player's strengths and weaknesses? Will a team tend to primarily run, throw short passes; will they risk the long bomb?

- Be familiar with your equipment - don't take brand new gear to an important game. Try it out first-be comfortable with your gear.

- Don't forget about what's going on before the kick-off. Watching and shooting warm ups is a great way to get familiar with a players specific moves and personal style. Warm ups is an excellent time for portraits of players and coaches.

- Pre-game is a good time to look at and think about the angle of the light on the field and how it will change during the game. Will a shadow fall across the field? At what point in the game? From what direction?

- When the sun is high, a lot of photographers prefer to shoot backlit (into the direction the of the sun), because the high sun will throw a shadow on the player's faces under the helmets. Be sure to compensate your exposure (usually open up about 2 f stops) and be sure to have a good lens shade to avoid flare."

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