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|| News Index

Most recently posted news stories:

1 Light and Shadow
|| In this age of quick images captured by mobile phones and tablets, quality photography takes a backseat to speed, expediency and instant gratification. So what can make your images stand out? Duh! ...
Posted Date: Jan 8, 2015 | Writer: Sports Shooter Staff | Issue number: n/a

2 Robert Distributors News: On The Move
|| Greeting to all my friends at Sports Shooter. It is wonderful to have this opportunity to catch up. Especially for this auspicious occasion, because I love TRI-X. Many great things are going on at ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: Jody Grober, Robert Distributors | Issue number: 155

3 Sports Shooter Academy
|| The Sports Shooter Academy recently unveiled a newly designed website that features the best images from the various workshop over the past 9 years. The site, now hosted by PhotoShelter, displays g ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: Sports Shooter Staff | Issue number: 155

4 Tri-X
|| Hello … my name is Dan and I was an addict. Yes, I was addicted to Kodak Tri-X film. My habit started out innocently enough when I was 15 years old. I had a Humanities teacher my freshman year at A ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: Dan Dry | Issue number: 155

5 Tri-X
|| Unlike most of my brethren, my early forays into photography were mostly in color. I worked at a one-hour photo lab in high school, so I was able to get color neg processed at a hefty discount. I al ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: Robert Seale | Issue number: 155

6 Tri-X
|| For more than 50 years, when someone decided they wanted to be a photographer they usually asked three questions: What’s the best camera to use, what the best lens to use, and what’s the best film to ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: Joey Terrill | Issue number: 155

7 Tri-X
|| Beginnings, way, way back… Early 1974. My first experience with processing Tri-X, in my apartment bathroom in Mesa, Arizona. Lights out, and a bath towel shoved underneath the door, loading a plas ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: John W. McDonough | Issue number: 155

8 Tri-X
|| I’ve always hated that Kodachome song. If you came of age in the 1970’s, as I did, it was hard to escape Simon and Garfunkel going on and on about the virtues of that ubiquitous slide film, what wi ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: Matt Mendelsohn | Issue number: 155

9 Tri-X
|| As a senior in high school, I got a weekend job developing film for the writers who had to take their own photos. After instruction and practice getting the film on those stainless steel reels, I forg ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: Greg Schneider | Issue number: 155

10 Tri-X
|| It would have been in the summer of 1970 when I first held a roll in my hand. I was going to be a freshman in high school and I bought some outdated Tri-X and an Argus Autronic 35 camera at the “Buyer ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: Kim Komenich | Issue number: 155

11 Tri-X
|| Fifty years ago, when I started taking pictures for the yearbook, there was just one film. You could use it in about any place, any time. Available light, bang-on flash. It was “the film” which fit ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: David Burnett | Issue number: 155

|| Stained shirts. The bitter smell of Indicator Stop Bath. The buzz of a Gralab timer. For photographers “of a certain age” ---like me--- those are some of our earliest memories as we fell in love with ...
Posted Date: Oct 3, 2014 | Writer: Robert Hanashiro, | Issue number: 155

13 SSA XI Application Site Now Open
|| Applications are now being accepted for THE coolest sports photography event of the year, Sports Shooter Academy XI. This hands on, shooting workshop will be held November 5 - 9, 2014 in Southern C ...
Posted Date: Apr 27, 2014 | Writer: staff | Issue number: n/a

|| Two of the best things to happen in my life were getting hired by the Los Angeles Times in 1983—and getting laid off by the Times in 2009. I had photographed all the sporting events, movie stars, n ...
Posted Date: Mar 11, 2014 | Writer: Lori Shepler | Issue number: n/a

15 Dispatches from Sochi: One-Man-Band
|| In another age they might have been called a “lone gunman” or a “band of gypsies.” Every Olympics has them, photographers from newspapers covering the biggest sports event on the planet…working alone, ...
Posted Date: Mar 1, 2014 | Writer: Robert Hanashiro, | Issue number: n/a

16 Dispatches from Sochi: Long Track Speed Skating
|| It’s the biggest sports event of the year. But most of the actual sports at the Winter Olympics are off most people’s radar until just before the opening ceremony. Save for the "glamour" sports - w ...
Posted Date: Feb 18, 2014 | Writer: Robert Hanashiro, | Issue number: n/a

17 Dispatches from Sochi: All About Teamwork
|| After six straight days of long track speed skating here in Sochi, Russia, I had the opportunity to cover an evening of figure skating. Obviously there are many events at the Winter Olympics, but "fig ...
Posted Date: Feb 15, 2014 | Writer: Robert Hanashiro, | Issue number: n/a

18 Dispatches from Sochi: Home Sweet Home?
|| A lot has been made in the blogisphere as well as the mainstream media about the living conditions that the early-arrivers encountered. From the (in)famous double toilets to lack of shower curtains to ...
Posted Date: Feb 13, 2014 | Writer: Robert Hanashiro, | Issue number: n/a

19 Dispatches from Sochi: Leaving On A Jet Plane
|| (The first in periodic reports from the Sochi Winter Olympics) Whoever said, "Getting there is half the fun" never had to sit in an aging Aeroflot AirBus 330 for 13 hours. The only saving grace ...
Posted Date: Feb 11, 2014 | Writer: Robert Hanashiro, | Issue number: n/a

20 Thinking or OVER THINKING: packing for that 'Big Assignment'
|| Every athlete has a goal. And getting ready for covering the Sochi Winter Olympics I came up with my own goal: Get there with just three checked bags. You would think after covering 12 Olympics I w ...
Posted Date: Feb 6, 2014 | Writer: Robert Hanashiro, | Issue number: n/a

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