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Thread Title Posts Started by Last Updated by Last Update
T&I photo envelopes7Gary JonesJim Pierce07.15.16, 09:45 AM
Robert Seale: 'Photographing Tim Duncan...'1Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro07.14.16, 02:50 PM
Nick Ut retiring1Doug PizacDoug Pizac07.14.16, 12:59 PM
A Baseball Chat with Kevin Sullivan1Matt BrownMatt Brown07.14.16, 11:36 AM
Photo Manipulation47Michael MyersAndrew Nelles07.13.16, 01:13 AM
Canon 600EX II-RT1Kevin KrowsKevin Krows07.11.16, 10:11 PM
Canon 1DX + Sandisk Cfast Cards7Kevin KrowsKevin Krows07.09.16, 03:33 PM
How do you get a credential? PhotoShop17Mike JanesTroy Taormina07.08.16, 10:59 AM
Bill Cunningham Dies At 877Jim ColburnJim Colburn07.06.16, 11:29 PM
Remote Camera Trigger15David DennisPaul DiSalvo07.05.16, 06:27 PM
Joel & Ethan Coen - Shot | Reverse Shot4Stanley LearyRobert Beck07.05.16, 02:21 PM
"Avedon, Unsigned"1Jim ColburnJim Colburn07.03.16, 12:21 PM
Anti-Flicker Technology - The Real Story7Kevin KrowsKevin Krows07.01.16, 09:28 AM
Eyefi To Brick Its Older Wi-Fi Cards3Jim ColburnWesley R. Bush06.30.16, 03:49 PM
Profoto B1-500 (Part 2)7Kevin KrowsSteve Puppe06.29.16, 11:18 PM
"Iconic Photo Source of Pride, Frustration For Photographer"1Frank NiemeirFrank Niemeir06.29.16, 12:05 PM
Drobo or SYnology21Marvin GentryDoug Pizac06.25.16, 05:28 PM
Profoto B1 50050Kevin KrowsPaul DiSalvo06.25.16, 12:26 PM
Nikon's new 200-500mm16Rob SirotaRichard Mackson06.25.16, 01:04 AM
DSLR Video Rigs/Supports/Accessories1Kevin KrowsKevin Krows06.22.16, 09:24 PM
5-year old kid shoots the presidential campaign... on FILM!1Paul AlessePaul Alesse06.22.16, 06:37 PM
Drones in the news again34Keith SimonianDennis Wierzbicki06.22.16, 12:30 PM
XQD Card Readers4Gavin WerbeloffStanley Leary06.20.16, 06:24 PM
Camera RAW question2Chris PetersonDoug Pizac06.20.16, 11:21 AM
Glass....Nikon vs Sigma 24-70mm f/2.82Andris VisockisStanley Leary06.19.16, 08:16 PM
Lexar vs Sandisk9Kevin KrowsGregory Greene06.19.16, 01:14 PM
Nikon D50031Chuck SteenburghStanley Leary06.18.16, 09:43 AM
Another reason NOT to deal with Getty Images4Michael ProebstingGene Boyars06.17.16, 10:17 PM
OT: "Microsoft expands empire of pointless annoyance"2Jim ColburnJim Colburn06.17.16, 05:12 PM
RIP: Doug Pensinger, Getty Images Photographer4Patrick Murphy-RaceyPatrick Murphy-Racey06.15.16, 10:00 PM
Vavel contact info???4Jim KarczewskiJim Karczewski06.13.16, 10:21 PM
Small solution for tele-converters10Kevin KrowsAlan Look06.09.16, 07:21 PM
Remote Camera Gear Bag9Brad TollefsonAlan Look06.09.16, 07:20 PM
NPS Sponsorship3Sam SantilliSam Santilli06.08.16, 06:00 PM
think tank SPeed Demon v2.01Marvin GentryMarvin Gentry06.07.16, 09:39 PM
Chicago3Steven LimentaniJeff Haynes06.04.16, 01:22 PM
Canon USERS! - Picture Style14Marvin GentryPhil Hawkins06.02.16, 11:33 AM
Nikon D4s question11Debra L RothenbergDavid Minton06.01.16, 04:49 AM
Buffalo Bills 2016 Media Policy3Tim VizerMike Janes05.27.16, 02:32 AM
Canon Image Stabilizer3Will PowersWill Powers05.22.16, 12:12 AM
Canon 1DX II50Kevin KrowsGregory Greene05.21.16, 08:58 PM
Samy's Photo Con LA3Ian L. SitrenIan L. Sitren05.19.16, 08:53 PM
Onsite Youth Selling13David DennisSam Santilli05.18.16, 12:19 PM
Brandenburg2Sam MorrisJim Colburn05.17.16, 11:05 PM
Think Tank for travel8Mark PerlsteinPhilip Johnson05.13.16, 05:04 PM
Remote camera triggers4Cooper NeillDoug Pizac05.12.16, 11:22 AM
Help Needed: Canon 1d MK iii repair13Kenya AllenMichael Granse05.11.16, 01:52 PM
HELP — Photoshop CS6 Problem11PJ HellerOtto Kitsinger05.08.16, 10:36 PM
Any experience with Molto Marketing?2Ana ZangronizDoug Pizac05.08.16, 05:23 PM
Airline travel to London.17Mark PalczewskiJim Colburn05.01.16, 03:22 PM
Any concerns about Instagram?16Phil HawkinsJeff Lewis04.28.16, 01:24 PM
Photo Mechanic and Spell Checker, warning on names4Simon WheelerAndrew Nelles04.23.16, 10:34 PM
Palm Springs Photo Festival1Ian L. SitrenIan L. Sitren04.21.16, 09:38 PM
Carrying case for pocket wizards?19Todd SpothDave Prelosky04.20.16, 11:21 PM
Accepted Into SSA3Mickey BernalDaniel Malmberg04.20.16, 06:34 PM
UC Davis' embarrassment srubbed from the web?2Robert HanashiroKevin Krows04.20.16, 09:55 AM
"Why Sony’s Full Frame Pro Mirrorless Was a Fatal Mistake"6Jim ColburnStephen Brashear04.19.16, 01:17 PM
12 Photographers on Kobe Bryant6Simon WheelerRobert Hanashiro04.18.16, 12:34 PM
Studio Strobes pros and cons? recomendations?33Jim PierceMichael Clark04.18.16, 09:58 AM
D5 - is it just me?6Leslie BillmanDebra L Rothenberg04.15.16, 02:07 PM
NBA play-offs shooting positions.5Steve RussellSteve Russell04.14.16, 03:50 PM
On the Sidelines2Frank NiemeirMark Loundy04.14.16, 09:52 AM
Pocketwizard Multimax not triggering TT55Bradley LeebThomas Oed04.14.16, 02:58 AM
Congrats to Joey Terrill6Doug PizacJoey Terrill04.10.16, 12:35 PM
DNA Imaga Storage1Jim ColburnJim Colburn04.08.16, 07:30 AM
Did Photoshelter take out the share to SportsShooter option?2Jack KurtzMike Janes04.06.16, 12:51 AM
Photog vs. Shotput9Robert HanashiroRichard Uhlhorn04.05.16, 01:19 PM
I need to interview photographers about their work flow.1Dorn BygDorn Byg04.05.16, 12:43 PM
Play Ball!1Bryan WoolstonBryan Woolston04.05.16, 11:12 AM
Toyota Park at Night4Cody SchmelterCody Schmelter04.04.16, 06:15 PM
Photographer gets javelin through leg3Mitch GetsonMitch Getson04.03.16, 08:24 AM
Blass from the past: Zip Drives and DCS3 files?12Robert HanashiroDarin Sicurello04.01.16, 08:34 PM
Nikon d5 AF microadjust1Robert DeutschRobert Deutsch03.31.16, 07:01 PM
Sports photos undercut by highlight clips: Poynter Report3Simon WheelerSimon Wheeler03.31.16, 04:46 PM
Sports Shooter anecdotal humor11Dirk DewachterDirk Dewachter03.28.16, 11:12 PM
Posing photo @ Brussels Memorial?7Robert HanashiroStanley Leary03.25.16, 03:52 PM
Google Nik Collection Now Free4Scott HolsteinDoug Pizac03.24.16, 10:43 PM
Looking for info on U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati6Jim PierceJim Pierce03.24.16, 04:04 PM
Nikon wt5 question4Dean LeggeRichard Mackson03.24.16, 12:06 AM
Fixing a Canon Fisheye "hood"?7Jim PierceSimon Wheeler03.20.16, 08:57 PM
Fonts hard to read in ACR 9.51Simon WheelerSimon Wheeler03.18.16, 08:52 PM
VSCO3Shelly CastellanoJim Colburn03.18.16, 03:15 PM
Personal Website Advice11Justin BerlKevin Krows03.17.16, 07:51 AM
Sony A6300 is similar in performance to the 7DMII for sports13Patrick Murphy-RaceyKevin Krows03.17.16, 03:57 AM
Canon 1.4L 35mm v II (BR) lens technology4Kevin KrowsSimon Wheeler03.11.16, 06:14 PM
Strobe Kit Rental House Miami?5John ToddPreston Mack03.11.16, 08:28 AM
Expired Film9Sam MorrisSam Santilli03.10.16, 01:20 PM
Photographer choked and slammed to the ground...Full Video19Nick TurchiaroIan L. Sitren03.08.16, 11:27 PM
Online portfolio question9Rob DickerRob Dicker03.06.16, 09:35 PM
OT: None More Black...2Jim ColburnMichael Okoniewski03.05.16, 08:39 AM
Your Job Is So Fun Part Duex18Scott MapesStanley Leary03.04.16, 10:23 PM
multiple Bay Area newspaper closures2Doug PizacNic Coury03.02.16, 08:43 PM
David De Rueda photography: The eerie beauty of abandoned Soviet spaces1Darin SicurelloDarin Sicurello03.02.16, 09:53 AM
Photographer choked and slammed to the ground...1Nick TurchiaroNick Turchiaro03.01.16, 03:17 PM
NBA Instagram Account3Rob SirotaRob Sirota02.28.16, 02:49 PM
How not to be professional3Stew MilneKevin Krows02.28.16, 11:20 AM
The Next Generation - Phodographer6Kevin KrowsWill Powers02.26.16, 05:16 PM
What is Professionalism7Doug PizacDoug Pizac02.25.16, 03:35 PM
Content Management Software Recomendations?7Jim ColburnKevin M. Cox02.24.16, 09:57 PM
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