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Thread Title Posts Started by Last Updated by Last Update
Calumet goes under32Scott MorganAl DiazYesterday, 11:40 PM
Killer image from The Masters25Michael McNamaraDoug StricklandYesterday, 08:51 PM
Photographing Track and Field20Tim NwachukwuClark BrooksYesterday, 12:57 PM
Which brand of softboxes3Marvin GentryJoey TerrillYesterday, 11:54 AM
Pulitzers announced, Haner's work3Jeff StantonJim ColburnYesterday, 11:53 AM
Letter of Intent signing - New Ideas???10Bob NicholsJeff StantonYesterday, 05:53 AM
Heartbleed - Updated Site List3Ralph MawyerRalph Mawyer04.14.14, 06:22 PM
Tethered shooting auto upload to editor help8John ToddGeorge Bridges04.14.14, 12:11 PM
Oops...9Jim ColburnBrian Blanco04.14.14, 09:43 AM
Capture/transfer from CF card to PC7Doug HollemanDoug Holleman04.14.14, 12:42 AM
latest on commercial airlines with camera gear28Brett GroehlerSteven Limentani04.13.14, 11:43 PM
Reminder: US Copyright Office - 1st May Fees Increase5Martin McNeilGarrett Hubbard04.13.14, 11:29 PM
Cigar Aficionado1Keenan WrightKeenan Wright04.13.14, 04:33 PM
Video workflow3Paul HayesPaul Hayes04.12.14, 05:31 PM
Instagram workflow4Chris PetersonJoey Terrill04.11.14, 07:30 PM
Stolen photo makes it as a finalist in Smithsonian contest2Chris MachianMax Waugh04.11.14, 12:28 PM
THE Windows XP Image1Jim KarczewskiJim Karczewski04.11.14, 03:32 AM
Lens Testing? That's An Arrest...32Jim ColburnAndy Mitchell04.11.14, 12:46 AM
Gretzky Golf Digest cover9Stew MilneStew Milne04.10.14, 07:54 PM
Photo Recovery Software2Reinhold MatayReinhold Matay04.10.14, 10:44 AM
Modern portrait of 'Little Rock Nine'1James BroomeJames Broome04.10.14, 10:21 AM
Support Weird Sports 24Scott StrazzanteTing Shen04.10.14, 12:21 AM
Robert Seale -- Starting a Successful Photography Business3John StrohsackerChet Gordon04.09.14, 07:57 PM
More altered editorial content...?6Jon BlackerJon Blacker04.09.14, 07:51 PM
Rutgers AD loves the local paper --- NOT!6Robert HanashiroEd Mulholland04.08.14, 04:41 PM
Just announced w/ LR 5.4 (subs only)1Robert HerreraRobert Herrera04.08.14, 11:26 AM
Photoshop Tutorial - Funny13Jim ColburnChuck Steenburgh04.08.14, 08:17 AM
"Supreme Court declines free speech, gay marriage case"1Jim ColburnJim Colburn04.07.14, 04:53 PM
UAV (drone) certification and crash in Australia7Bob NicholsRandy Sartin04.07.14, 03:15 PM
Lens Found after Oregon Preview1Larry LawsonLarry Lawson04.07.14, 03:08 PM
Toledo Blade lawsuit2Alex MenendezChuck Liddy04.06.14, 01:37 AM
Sizing files for enlargements5Alan HerzbergAlan Herzberg04.04.14, 11:38 PM
Desmond Howard settles with photographer1Jeff KowalskyJeff Kowalsky04.04.14, 11:47 AM
AP Photographer killed in Afghanistan today2Jack KurtzAlex Menendez04.04.14, 09:10 AM
The more things change, the more they are the same7Gene BoyarsChuck Liddy04.04.14, 08:51 AM
Anyone know how the light is in Gentile arena/Loyola Univ.?3Ed ChanEd Chan04.04.14, 01:30 AM
Canon Announces the EOS-1D W for Wildlife Photographers15Nic CouryMichael Granse04.03.14, 05:17 PM
SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash 4 GB14Luke TrottierCurtis Clegg04.02.14, 11:00 PM
First Aid Kits7Ian L. SitrenEric Canha04.02.14, 09:43 AM
Canon Opens New Service and Support Center in Itasca, IL.1Ting ShenTing Shen04.02.14, 02:29 AM
Larger SuperClamp?13Michael StevensGuy Rhodes04.02.14, 02:22 AM
Pioneer Press photo staff to shoot exclusively with iPhones5Mike BradleyChuck Liddy04.01.14, 11:03 PM
Another craigslist request for free services1Will PowersWill Powers04.01.14, 10:52 AM
Arena Lighting setup16Joshua McCoyBobby McDuffie03.31.14, 10:24 PM
I'm not sure what this all means for photography, but...1Paul AlessePaul Alesse03.31.14, 07:15 PM
Which Camera To Upgrade To?19Brian KunstLuke Trottier03.31.14, 04:37 PM
Lexar Ripped Me Off - Will Never Buy Again28Kevin PatakyMichael Granse03.31.14, 01:55 PM
iPhones - Lens Attachments - Instagrams - etc.10Tony LeonBen Krause03.31.14, 12:48 PM
"Dying for a photograph (and an Audi A3 advert)"2Jim ColburnThomas E. Witte03.30.14, 11:44 PM
Turning Photos Into Music2Jim ColburnRon Alvey03.29.14, 04:07 PM
Mirrorless: Less is more. An opinion by pm-r :)14Patrick Murphy-RaceySimon Wheeler03.28.14, 08:05 PM
Cardboard Photo Folders6Richard ShiroRichard Shiro03.28.14, 02:10 PM
HISCOX - insurance policy14Michael BurnsMike Doran03.28.14, 12:22 AM
2TB/4TB Thunderbolt Bus Powered RAID1Jim ColburnJim Colburn03.27.14, 04:09 PM
Very disappointing Reuters news7John ToddLucy Nicholson03.27.14, 03:25 PM
High School Hoops Photo: Truth or consequences moment?2Robert HanashiroDarin Sicurello03.27.14, 02:04 PM
Cam Ranger for Transmitting?4Simon WheelerSteve Violette03.27.14, 09:48 AM
UPDATING MAC OS?33Mark PerlsteinPatrick Murphy-Racey03.26.14, 02:52 PM
Old Negatives9Blaine McCartneyBlaine McCartney03.26.14, 11:21 AM
Lightroom won't resize images4Alan HerzbergKevin Krows03.26.14, 08:29 AM
Reader photos submitted to newspapers6Bob FordAlan Look03.25.14, 07:53 PM
Anti-piracy group pegs the Irony Meter!1Geoff MillerGeoff Miller03.25.14, 07:35 PM
Chicago: Toyota Park - MLS - Anyone Shoot There at Night?3Dennis WierzbickiJim Karczewski03.25.14, 06:21 PM
Side Access Backpack1Jonathan NimerfrohJonathan Nimerfroh03.25.14, 11:15 AM
Any sports photography workshops anyone can recommend?19Darrin SpencerKeith Kountz03.25.14, 01:41 AM
hard drive died41Phil HawkinsPhil Hawkins03.24.14, 07:11 PM
newspaper archival choices?5N. Scott TrimbleN. Scott Trimble03.24.14, 06:10 PM
What's the latest in straps?28Chuck SteenburghMark Goldman03.24.14, 04:23 PM
Corrupt Card26Jesse BealsPhil Hawkins03.24.14, 01:20 PM
Fuji Film Frontier Mini Labs10David DennisJon Eilts03.24.14, 11:47 AM
Drone for Photos Runs Afoul of FAA7Robert HanashiroMark Loundy03.24.14, 03:46 AM
What is the Best iPhone 5S Charger2Manuello PaganelliBaron Sekiya03.23.14, 10:41 PM
Canon 7D can't hear in movie mode13Darrin SpencerDarrin Spencer03.23.14, 09:45 PM
Amid more layoffs, Sun-Times rehires four photographers12Stanley LearyLandry Major03.21.14, 01:58 PM
Copyrights and photo restoration assistance4Michael CiuManuello Paganelli03.21.14, 01:07 PM
NPS Not Happy32Randy SartinJustin Berl03.19.14, 02:00 PM
D800 dumb question11Chris PetersonChris Peterson03.18.14, 08:23 PM
Assault on Photography3Al DiazScott Serio03.17.14, 03:16 PM
State Representative proposes moving duties of IHSA11Alan LookAlan Look03.17.14, 12:37 PM
Drones40Chuck LiddyDoug Pizac03.16.14, 04:57 PM
Changes over at Code Replacements?3David WelkerDennis Wierzbicki03.16.14, 04:00 PM
Jog openings at the Associated Press.4Mark J. TerrillBrian Blanco03.15.14, 06:45 PM
Canon LP-E4 & LP-E4N batteries & chargers3Michael StevensMichael Stevens03.15.14, 12:25 AM
"Toronto Star builds technology"7Jim ColburnChuck Steenburgh03.14.14, 08:40 PM
Globus weekly magazine1Al DiazAl Diaz03.14.14, 11:09 AM
New Policy Regarding 1st Amendment For Baltimore Police3Scott SerioAlan Herzberg03.14.14, 09:29 AM
Interesting pic from today's building collapse in NYC8Robert HerreraMike Isler03.13.14, 01:23 PM
Nikon D4S Official Announced.45Robert HanashiroMichael Augustin03.13.14, 01:07 PM
SLC Tribune's best Olympic images Presentation March 13th2Rafael Agustin DelgadoRafael Agustin Delgado03.13.14, 01:28 AM
Basic Printing Software4Sam SantilliTim Gangloff03.12.14, 11:03 AM
Blinkbid Update1Elan KaweschElan Kawesch03.11.14, 06:58 PM
Amazing skydiving accident stills2David HarpeRobert DeForge03.11.14, 02:10 PM
Photographers: Daylight Savings Time12Stanley LearyFrank Niemeir03.11.14, 11:42 AM
HELP! My Canon 400/2.8 IS tripod collar blew up...37Brian CripeScott Morgan03.10.14, 07:39 PM
Video Lighting Solutions15Paul HayesPreston Mack03.09.14, 11:01 PM
Getty makes images FREE20Andrew KnapikScott Serio03.09.14, 08:03 PM
Company suing over patents for "event photoography websites"11Jim KarczewskiPaul W Gillespie03.09.14, 12:05 AM
Great photos by SS member Al Diaz11Chuck LiddyPreston Mack03.08.14, 10:14 PM
"32 Heart-Stopping Moments You Can Only Experience Thanks To1Jack McCoyJack McCoy03.07.14, 03:23 PM
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