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Thread Title Posts Started by Last Updated by Last Update
Nikon D750 in the Field28Chuck SteenburghChuck SteenburghToday, 05:19 AM
Monopod help13John FisherChet GordonYesterday, 09:35 PM
Won’t Take Assignments That Should Go to Pro Photographers2Ian L. SitrenStanley Leary12.16.14, 10:27 PM
Profoto B1 50017Kevin KrowsKevin Krows12.16.14, 07:24 PM
Looking For Examples8Paul HayesCorey Perrine12.16.14, 02:01 PM
Icon Sportswire5Kevin SousaJosh Weisberg12.16.14, 11:46 AM
NYC Photog Bryan Bedder hurt in Florida1Debra L RothenbergDebra L Rothenberg12.15.14, 06:11 PM
Another reason to love Getty Images3Michael ProebstingKevin Krows12.15.14, 04:38 PM
A true legend leaves us6Chuck LiddyBen Mackey12.14.14, 09:46 PM
Photo Archive for Sports Information Office29Joshua LindseyStanley Leary12.14.14, 09:40 PM
Jeff Frost Inches Past Recently Set World Record4Jim ColburnMark Peters12.14.14, 02:36 PM
Peter Lik’s Photo Sale May Constitute Torture1Jim ColburnJim Colburn12.13.14, 04:50 PM
Are there alternatives to Blinkbid for photogs?7Armando SolaresN. Scott Trimble12.13.14, 04:05 PM
Don Pettit, Photographer and Astronaut1Ronnie MontgomeryRonnie Montgomery12.11.14, 11:08 PM
The Sony A77II body. Does it really threaten the status quo?17Patrick Murphy-RaceyPatrick Murphy-Racey12.11.14, 02:57 PM
The Sony A6000: PJ dream box that even covers sports17Patrick Murphy-RaceyDoug Strickland12.11.14, 08:50 AM
Photo Staff Cuts Continue At Thomson Reuters3Jim ColburnSteve Russell12.09.14, 06:30 PM
It's nice to get some publicity from your clients...5Guy SwarbrickGuy Swarbrick12.09.14, 10:41 AM
Noise Ninja Is it's noise reduction better than Photoshop18Robert O'RourkKevin Krows12.09.14, 07:26 AM
Nat Geo's Camera Guy1Jim ColburnJim Colburn12.08.14, 12:56 PM
Guernsey Opens Image Rights Registry1Jim ColburnJim Colburn12.06.14, 08:12 PM
Wearing Hard Hats while shooting12David MintonDoug Murray12.06.14, 02:51 PM
Bob Rosato Speaks to CIP Meeting in Roswell GA 12-11-20141Stanley LearyStanley Leary12.06.14, 11:38 AM
Iron Bowl3Ron KovachG.M. Andrews12.05.14, 05:21 PM
Southwestern Photojournalism Speakers Announced10Stanley LearyStanley Leary12.04.14, 09:00 AM
New Canon Rebates3Michael MartinPatrick Fallon12.03.14, 12:46 AM
Promo Cards6Kevin SousaMichael Augustin12.02.14, 01:44 PM
Problem with Lexar 64GB 1100x XQD + D4S?13Gary JonesMichael Augustin12.02.14, 01:41 PM
Yosemite Wi-Fi issues7Stanley LearyPhil Hawkins11.30.14, 12:36 PM
Sports Shooter Academy XI: THE Coolest...11Robert HanashiroJosh Barber11.30.14, 03:46 AM
NYTimes: "Catching the Catch on Camera"17Kevin M. CoxKeith Lucas11.28.14, 10:18 AM
Register/Recall3Steven LimentaniSteven Limentani11.26.14, 07:21 PM
OT: not Sports, but...1Bryan WoolstonBryan Woolston11.26.14, 12:26 PM
Lessons from Ferguson10Wesley R. BushWesley R. Bush11.24.14, 09:13 PM
Haiti photographer wins major copyright victory1Wally NellWally Nell11.24.14, 01:30 PM
"New mystery arises from iconic Iwo Jima image"4Chris MachianFrank Niemeir11.24.14, 08:34 AM
Canon 7D MKII Focus Issues24Derek RegensburgerDoug Strickland11.23.14, 02:24 PM
PhotoShelter Lattice1Jack KurtzJack Kurtz11.23.14, 07:43 AM
Canon 1DX Focusing5Harvey LevineDayna Fjord11.22.14, 11:50 PM
Canon autofocus settings help6Josh MerwinJosh Merwin11.21.14, 03:34 PM
Open letter to client re: “Job Killer” quoted rate4Jim ColburnKevin Krows11.21.14, 08:22 AM
1D Mk3 focus issue fix by Canon question10Wally NellWally Nell11.20.14, 09:08 PM
Uber Exec suggests digging up dirt on journalists3Joshua BrownChuck Steenburgh11.19.14, 03:56 PM
Cool Gear9Alan LookEric Canha11.19.14, 01:07 PM
NY Times, software capable of describing photos1Simon WheelerSimon Wheeler11.17.14, 10:11 PM
H&K Camera Service in California closing9Jane TyskaSam Morris11.17.14, 05:43 PM
Common Ground: The Book20Scott StrazzanteStanley Leary11.17.14, 02:05 PM
Interview with Diana Walker - White House Photographer2Mike JanesSam Santilli11.17.14, 10:34 AM
Fine tune autofocus D8008Chris PetersonDoug Pizac11.17.14, 12:28 AM
Football season kickoff: Show us the goods!22Robert HanashiroBryan Woolston11.16.14, 04:53 PM
Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) Issues23Baron SekiyaWill Powers11.14.14, 10:23 AM
Yosemite on Macbook Pro and Photo Mechanic FTP issue4Leslie JohnsonSean King11.13.14, 12:54 AM
Best chuckle you got in the past few weeks1Sam SantilliSam Santilli11.12.14, 08:42 PM
"License not working" on Photoshop CS4 Extended after Time Machine Recovery10Tim VizerTim Vizer11.12.14, 10:09 AM
Texas Longhorns Basketball3Chris CovattaMark Sutton11.12.14, 12:31 AM
Kids React To Film Cameras1Jim ColburnJim Colburn11.10.14, 06:00 PM
Now I've seen everything2Phil HawkinsMark Peters11.10.14, 07:28 AM
Meet Liz Eswein, influential woman on Instagram1Frank NiemeirFrank Niemeir11.09.14, 01:53 PM has a sense of humor1Mark PetersMark Peters11.09.14, 01:40 PM
Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar, who's going?2Al DiazStanley Leary11.09.14, 08:36 AM
Varsityviews.com8Erik MarkovAndrew Nelles11.08.14, 04:24 PM
FAA clobbers high school Drone Club2Chuck LiddyGene Boyars11.08.14, 07:27 AM
Halloween Photo Contest2Al DiazAl Diaz11.07.14, 04:13 PM
Corrupt Card34Jesse BealsGavin Werbeloff11.07.14, 03:40 PM
Epson printers no more for me2David SeeligSam Santilli11.07.14, 10:50 AM
Green Screen Software Advice6John ToddMichael Augustin11.07.14, 08:06 AM
Joey Terrill's switch to Nikon2Mark J. TerrillNick Wass11.06.14, 09:50 PM
Ever heard of a HOT SWAP?9Marvin GentryAl Goldis11.05.14, 03:19 PM
Sports Shooter Academy Open House Nov 5th!5Michael DerRod Mar11.05.14, 10:28 AM
Adorama/Canon present: Capturing the Action 11/12/141Jeff SnyderJeff Snyder11.05.14, 09:44 AM
The ultimate BLING camera6Stanley LearySam Santilli11.05.14, 08:02 AM
Cold Weather, Camera Friendly Gloves32Timothy AndrewsTim Hynds11.03.14, 03:54 PM
Dynalite Baja B4 "T Mode" Explained: UNBELIEVEABLE17Patrick Murphy-RaceyJohn Todd11.02.14, 07:20 PM
UNC Chapel Hill Steals Photo1Ronnie MontgomeryRonnie Montgomery11.01.14, 11:52 PM
Macbook Pro Retina13Mark PerlsteinMark Perlstein10.30.14, 10:46 AM
Photo Companies Sued For Alleged Patent Violation39Brad ManginKevin Krows10.30.14, 06:48 AM
Sports Shooter Academy XI: A Week Away!1Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro10.30.14, 02:13 AM
Company suing over patents for "event photoography websites"19Jim KarczewskiMark Peters10.29.14, 11:38 PM
Photoshop Diet1Jim ColburnJim Colburn10.29.14, 11:19 PM
Do you get a daily newspaper delivered to your home? Pt21Sam SantilliSam Santilli10.28.14, 09:26 PM
Joe McNally's open letter to Delta's President6Mike HuffstatlerPatrick Murphy-Racey10.28.14, 06:31 PM
Do you get a daily newspaper delivered to your home?51Sam SantilliSam Santilli10.28.14, 02:42 PM
Where to buy remote plate?15Alex MenendezJustin Berl10.28.14, 01:41 PM
Dynalite Baja 400 battery powered strobe: perfect for SS!!!18Patrick Murphy-RaceyPatrick Murphy-Racey10.27.14, 11:33 AM
Twitpic shut down4Frank NiemeirSam Santilli10.27.14, 09:26 AM
Early Adopters IOS 8 problems?14Will PowersRichard Uhlhorn10.25.14, 07:53 PM
Fleece Blankets5Donna GratzingerTom Ewart10.23.14, 11:15 PM
New Strobe for small arenas: Rimelite XB Prime 5 vs. 600RX4Patrick Murphy-RaceyPatrick Murphy-Racey10.23.14, 09:53 PM
Animated Title For Video3Paul HayesBrad Tollefson10.23.14, 05:24 PM
Covering OU football? Then leave your monopod at home.3Jim BurgessJim Burgess10.23.14, 01:35 PM
Expensive Catch15Jeffrey NyczMark Peters10.23.14, 09:16 AM
Still have a darkroom?2Michael L. PalmieriGuy Rhodes10.22.14, 03:36 PM
Nobody saw this today? Sun-Times selling suburban papers1Jim KarczewskiJim Karczewski10.21.14, 11:07 PM
It's here! iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.13Robert HanashiroIan L. Sitren10.21.14, 08:11 PM
Camera Falls from Plane2Simon WheelerRichard Uhlhorn10.21.14, 04:20 PM
First time traveling to Los Angeles11David BracettyIan L. Sitren10.21.14, 03:24 PM
Funniest thing you heard this week on the sidelines?9Sam SantilliKenya Allen10.21.14, 01:44 PM
Football Player Falls On and Snaps Canon Telephoto Lens4Ian HalperinDoug Strickland10.20.14, 08:27 PM
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