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Thread Title Posts Started by Last Updated by Last Update
OT: Would you want your kids to...?39Johnny VySam MorrisToday, 02:31 AM
Woohoo! I just inked a contract to author a book!35Steven E. FrischlingDave PreloskyYesterday, 11:50 PM
Shooting Wide8Paul HayesDoug PizacYesterday, 10:39 PM
7D Mark II - hands on?1David StembridgeDavid StembridgeYesterday, 10:05 PM
J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome2Matt BrownTom StoryYesterday, 09:47 PM
Want A Brand New Leica M2 (KInda)?1Jim ColburnJim ColburnYesterday, 06:19 PM
If Cameramen Could Cover Sports They Way They Wanted...7Jim ColburnAl GoldisYesterday, 02:26 PM
Safety Issue: Editing and transmitting from MLB games13Robert HanashiroJustin BerlYesterday, 01:17 PM
It's here! iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.10Robert HanashiroPhil HawkinsYesterday, 09:12 AM
"On truth and war photography"1Jim ColburnJim Colburn09.15.14, 08:04 PM
Nikon D750?17Debra L RothenbergPaul DiSalvo09.15.14, 02:07 PM
Advocating a Business Tips Section for SS25Stanley LearyClark Brooks09.15.14, 01:18 PM
The hackers who recovered NASA's lost lunar photos1Darin SicurelloDarin Sicurello09.15.14, 01:02 PM
Canon 7D Mark II confirmed for release3Jeff StantonJeff Stanton09.15.14, 10:01 AM
Do you carry your batteries on board or check them?11Debra L RothenbergMark Loundy09.15.14, 03:42 AM
porn to the rescue3Doug PizacDoug Strickland09.14.14, 08:49 PM
The Beginning of the End?2Jeffrey NyczDelane B. Rouse09.14.14, 05:16 PM
World’s Highest Capacity SD Card 512GB!4Al DiazAl Diaz09.14.14, 12:29 AM
Lighting Question for Fresno State's Bulldog Stadium4Francis GardlerPhil Hawkins09.12.14, 03:59 PM
Mirrorless: Less is more. Thread II47Patrick Murphy-RaceyPatrick Murphy-Racey09.12.14, 10:08 AM
The Sony A6000: PJ dream box that even covers sports10Patrick Murphy-RaceyPatrick Murphy-Racey09.12.14, 09:49 AM
Drone for Photos Runs Afoul of FAA25Robert HanashiroTroy Taormina09.11.14, 06:45 PM
Knee Pad Recommendation?21Doug StroudBrad Barr09.10.14, 03:15 PM
HELP Canon WFT-E6A Wifi to Phone4Simon WheelerGeorge Bridges09.10.14, 11:32 AM
D1 Colleges Without a Photo Work Area at Football Games24David DermerBob Markey09.10.14, 01:41 AM
Photographing Baseball: How to get the perfect Bat on Ball P36Sean KingWesley R. Bush09.09.14, 10:42 PM
Sportsshooter Gridiorn Challenge15Doug HollemanScott Serio09.09.14, 09:04 PM
OT: Better than An iPad?1Jim ColburnJim Colburn09.09.14, 09:07 AM
Lenspen Item14Sam SantilliDavid Minton09.09.14, 01:46 AM
OT: Jeff Pearlman’s message to Gannett (May Be NSFW)7Jim ColburnJon Blacker09.09.14, 01:10 AM
Alaska Mag: Can we have a "courtesy photo"?5Robert HanashiroMark Loundy09.08.14, 10:29 PM
Relocating advice16Douglas BovittClark Brooks09.08.14, 02:19 PM
Bengal swats Ciny photog's camera.2Robert HanashiroClark Brooks09.08.14, 02:07 PM
Football season kickoff: Show us the goods!18Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro09.08.14, 09:00 AM
"Rod Stewart Sued for Reusing Image of the Back of His Head"4Jim ColburnBob Ford09.08.14, 12:49 AM
Sell individual photos of NCAA Players19David HagueMike Janes09.07.14, 08:54 PM
1Dx or Two used Mark IV's?8Simon WheelerChristian J. Stewart09.07.14, 03:18 PM
Worth A Read: Stolen Sports Photos?1Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro09.07.14, 02:05 PM
"Incredible New Trove of Depression and World War II Photos"1Jim ColburnJim Colburn09.07.14, 11:46 AM
SMS notifications from Apple Compressor 4 tutorial1Baron SekiyaBaron Sekiya09.07.14, 02:30 AM
USA Today staff cuts7Doug PizacBaron Sekiya09.06.14, 08:03 PM
Nikon D4 users: what do I need to know?13Martin McNeilStanley Leary09.06.14, 12:05 PM
First Pro NFL Game Advice9Doug StroudDoug Stroud09.06.14, 06:55 AM
G-Drives? USB-3 or Thunderbolt?9N. Scott TrimbleAlan Look09.05.14, 10:30 PM
Canon 600/4 Non-IS12Jim KarczewskiJeffrey Nycz09.05.14, 06:00 PM
Purchased a Canon lens within the last 90 days???5Jim KarczewskiBob Markey09.05.14, 03:06 AM
Miami Herald won’t cover FIU football, credential denied15Al DiazBob Markey09.05.14, 02:57 AM
Queen's University student paper access restricted by AD2Sean BurgesMark Peters09.04.14, 09:31 PM
Canon 430 EX II vs 430 EX and 1 D series bodies1Simon WheelerSimon Wheeler09.04.14, 05:27 PM
WARNING -- Gameface Media34Tom EwartBryan Woolston09.04.14, 02:09 PM
Philppines proposes anti-selfie law...3Robert HanashiroDarin Sicurello09.04.14, 01:25 PM
Who uses the "cloud" for storage/archives?2Robert HanashiroChuck Steenburgh09.04.14, 12:24 PM
No Photojournalism Courses Left In The UK2Jim ColburnJeff Stanton09.04.14, 11:35 AM
I can shoot, I can shoot. NO YOU CAN'T16Mark PerlsteinChuck Steenburgh09.04.14, 05:28 AM
Mo Farah’s Saliva Accidentally Hits Photographer7Ken SheltonChuck Liddy09.02.14, 09:45 PM
Attn photogs in Southern California1PJ HellerPJ Heller09.02.14, 08:16 PM
Can't get Code Replacement custom text to work in Photo Mecn15Al MilliganScott Serio09.02.14, 11:23 AM
ACCESS2Alex MenendezJeff Stanton09.01.14, 02:18 PM
Best NAS Hard Drives?21Jim PierceJim Pierce09.01.14, 01:53 PM
GoPro's New Dog Mount4Jim ColburnDave Sizer09.01.14, 01:29 PM
Can anyone help with a wordpress coding issue2Rob DickerBaron Sekiya08.31.14, 08:44 PM
Canon EF 1200mm/5.6 In Action11Jim ColburnBaron Sekiya08.31.14, 08:30 PM
What has happened to my camera5Nadine ReddNadine Redd08.31.14, 02:24 PM
NBA reducing the number of baseline photographers8Jim ComeauRobert Hanashiro08.30.14, 03:28 PM
Remember... Film? Scanner info.15Robert HanashiroCraig Fritz08.30.14, 11:54 AM
Lessons from Ferguson9Wesley R. BushWesley R. Bush08.29.14, 09:32 AM
Nikon D810 Service Advisory Link1Rob SirotaRob Sirota08.28.14, 09:33 PM
Profoto B1 5008Kevin KrowsSteve Puppe08.28.14, 09:52 AM
Where to purchase an Overxposed floor plate13Tim BradburyTim Bradbury08.28.14, 08:54 AM
'Cops' TV show crew member dies after apparently being shot by police.2Chris MachianChris Machian08.27.14, 07:35 PM
Zoom H5 or Zoom H6?6Robert HanashiroJim Karczewski08.27.14, 03:16 PM
The Big Three Airliines Decrease Carryon Bag Size46Robert HanashiroSteven E. Frischling08.27.14, 12:21 PM
Donald Miralle's Photo Workshop1Al BelloAl Bello08.27.14, 09:02 AM
"How Long Do CDs Last?"14Jim ColburnKevin Krows08.27.14, 08:15 AM
40mm f/0.85 Lens For Fujifilm X-Mount...1Jim ColburnJim Colburn08.26.14, 05:09 PM
Subject of iconic photo speaks of anger, excitement9Matthew HintonJeff Stanton08.26.14, 03:21 PM
600 mm manual focus opinions10Chris PetersonChris Peterson08.26.14, 11:57 AM
Ipad software to recognize tagged images?2John ToddNick Turchiaro08.25.14, 05:51 PM
How you doing Nor Cal?5Robert HanashiroMichael Chang08.25.14, 04:48 PM
Dorothea Lange on PBS2Jim ColburnSam Santilli08.25.14, 12:49 PM
Remote plate - Overxposed.com3Karl Ludvig ThunmanKarl Ludvig Thunman08.24.14, 06:28 AM
Canon 5D Mark III or Canon 1D Mark IV3Louis BremsElan Kawesch08.23.14, 02:27 PM
Print Source for Leaflets & Flyers7Michael AugustinMichael Augustin08.22.14, 06:39 PM
Remembering Jim Foley1Frank NiemeirFrank Niemeir08.22.14, 08:24 AM
Interesing Nikon promo....3Dave PreloskyDoug Pizac08.22.14, 07:29 AM
Downloading RAW images from D4S to iPad3David BernalDavid Bernal08.21.14, 06:51 PM
Wanted: Old "soft" strap3Michael L. PalmieriMichael L. Palmieri08.21.14, 01:45 PM
Male Photographer of the Year2Jim ColburnJack Kurtz08.21.14, 06:36 AM
Obtaining photo gear sponsorships8James LeashMike Huffstatler08.20.14, 11:22 PM
What is considered a small camera at the Big House?1Chris RozemaChris Rozema08.20.14, 05:11 PM
Photo Mechanic and 4K (3840 x 2160) display1Loren OrrLoren Orr08.19.14, 10:44 AM
Indianapolis' biggest paper, lays off many14Jim KarczewskiBob Nichols08.18.14, 08:50 PM
Canon 70D4Doug StricklandDoug Strickland08.17.14, 06:01 PM
Cleaning your Canon equipment13Chuck LiddyEric Canha08.17.14, 01:48 PM
Nikon D800 or D810 for sports?27Robert HanashiroBradly J. Boner08.16.14, 10:07 PM
Excellent Book On Sound Recording1Jim ColburnJim Colburn08.16.14, 11:07 AM
Incorporating Video22Paul HayesJim Colburn08.15.14, 04:41 AM
Customs to Canada13Michael DerSam Morris08.14.14, 06:41 PM
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