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Thread Title Posts Started by Last Updated by Last Update
Digital images can't be trusted, says Don McCullin1Jim ColburnJim ColburnYesterday, 10:35 PM
So, you want to buy a lens; read this first9Phil HawkinsSimon WheelerYesterday, 09:52 PM
Reuters to halt use of RAW files31Doug StricklandSimon WheelerYesterday, 09:46 PM
High School Sports Photographers11Marvin GentryDoug PizacYesterday, 09:14 PM
A little gripe...2Debra L RothenbergKevin KrowsYesterday, 01:56 PM
Windows 10 update removes user-installed apps1Jim ColburnJim ColburnYesterday, 12:07 PM
So are these folks considered professionals?7Chuck LiddyTim CowieYesterday, 12:06 PM
New Time Inc. Contract - John Harrington's take5Darren CarrollRobert Hanashiro11.26.15, 02:42 AM
2015 Black Friday specials9Doug PizacIan L. Sitren11.25.15, 11:16 PM
Call For Entries! POYi2Robert HanashiroSteve Russell11.24.15, 09:23 PM
Sports Shooter Academy 12: CONGRATS and THANKS!5Robert HanashiroGarrett Hubbard11.24.15, 12:40 PM
Adobe website is down1Mark PerlsteinMark Perlstein11.24.15, 10:39 AM
D3s Shutter Speed dial won't change shutter speed6David DennisEric Canha11.23.15, 11:29 AM
Pulitzer winner caught alerting news photo3Robert HanashiroKevin M. Cox11.22.15, 10:07 PM
HELP — Photoshop CS6 Problem5PJ HellerPJ Heller11.22.15, 05:24 PM
Apartment Complex Photography3Louis BremsDavid Seelig11.21.15, 11:44 AM
Nikon D906Michael MyersMichael Myers11.19.15, 02:07 PM
SportsShooter message board rolling back7Doug StricklandDoug Strickland11.19.15, 12:29 PM
How to stop Photos in EL Capitan popping up during ingest16Ting ShenTing Shen11.19.15, 02:04 AM
"This Chemist Discovered How to Salvage Useless Photos"1Jim ColburnJim Colburn11.17.15, 08:03 PM
So the facebook is now a photographer?4Michael MyersBob Ford11.17.15, 08:48 AM
"The referee thought i made i good save." - be careful.9Daniel MalmbergEric Canha11.16.15, 10:21 PM
Nikon D3S CF folders - 999 is the limit3Gary JonesDavid Dennis11.16.15, 12:36 AM
iPhone flash control1Michael MyersMichael Myers11.14.15, 09:55 AM
Nikon D750 Controls3Michael MyersMichael Myers11.14.15, 09:44 AM
Hockey netcam1Kevin SousaKevin Sousa11.14.15, 03:31 AM
How to Sell Your School’s Images without Breaking NCAA Rules11Stanley LearyTim Cowie11.13.15, 11:14 AM
Dangers of On Field Sports Photography6David A. CantorRandy Sartin11.12.15, 01:27 PM
Expensive!1Jim ColburnJim Colburn11.11.15, 11:15 PM
Screen Shots on Facebook, etc25Sam SantilliBradley Leeb11.11.15, 03:53 PM
Assignment Scheduling program and/or app1Michael StevensMichael Stevens11.09.15, 02:11 PM
Spec work10Chuck LiddyStanley Leary11.08.15, 12:32 PM
The Sony A7RII: The Beggining of the End of the DSLR?46Patrick Murphy-RaceyJack Kurtz11.07.15, 06:18 AM
Stolen gear in Washington State9Jesse BealsMarvin Gentry11.07.15, 12:55 AM
On Spec... Do you fall for it1Richard UhlhornRichard Uhlhorn11.05.15, 04:03 PM
New organization: Professional School & Sports Photographers1Ron SchefflerRon Scheffler11.04.15, 05:55 PM
"Drunk Unicorn Versus Clown Photographer"1Jim ColburnJim Colburn11.03.15, 03:07 PM
Dropbox Isues3Tom EwartTom Ewart11.02.15, 11:11 PM
Rugby questions2Alex MenendezWally Nell11.02.15, 06:34 PM
Help Needed for Rio EP/EP-S/ENR Accreditation2Grace ChiuBen Mackey10.29.15, 07:00 PM
F1 Air Race Video and Stills5Octavian CantilliOctavian Cantilli10.29.15, 04:16 PM
Great price on 3TB back up drive3Sam SantilliJim Pierce10.29.15, 03:48 PM
Backing up and outgrowing from Synology8Jim PierceJim Pierce10.29.15, 03:46 PM
Shooting at Heinz Field for the first time1Michael SwitzerMichael Switzer10.28.15, 08:53 PM
Trouble in NY, NY?8Rob DickerRob Dicker10.26.15, 08:05 PM
iPhone editing apps6PJ HellerTom Ewart10.26.15, 01:54 PM
Lightroom Imported Photos?2Tom SperdutoJack Kurtz10.25.15, 09:05 PM
Encouraging reading for my fellow young photographers1Mischa LopianoMischa Lopiano10.24.15, 04:00 PM
Szczerbowski nails a great picture of Blue Jays Bautista in NY Times3Simon WheelerKevin Sousa10.23.15, 08:41 PM
Are we moving in the right direction North of the border4Steve RussellDoug Pizac10.23.15, 04:38 PM
On field iPad workflow, captioning photos...7Bobby McDuffieJack Kurtz10.23.15, 12:35 AM
Beware of the Lightroom CC "upgrade"17Daniel MalmbergJack Kurtz10.23.15, 12:33 AM
Interesting survey from small colleges5Sam SantilliMichael Augustin10.22.15, 08:58 AM
Food for thought1John H. Reid IIIJohn H. Reid III10.21.15, 03:42 PM
“rarest photograph in the world found in a Fresno junk shop"3Frank NiemeirDavid Sinclair10.19.15, 07:22 PM
Photo Mchanic Tagged Photos8Kiel MaddoxMichael Chang10.19.15, 03:43 AM
Online photo sales alternatives14Corbey DorseyPJ Heller10.18.15, 07:05 PM
Best "Real" Backpack Camera Bag12Jim PierceJim Pierce10.17.15, 09:33 AM
Instagram + Craigslist = Free Photography1Doug PizacDoug Pizac10.16.15, 05:29 PM
Polarr Photo Editor 3 Launched for Web, Chrome, Windows 102Frank NiemeirMike Huffstatler10.16.15, 03:24 PM
Anti-Drone Ammunition7Jim ColburnSam Santilli10.16.15, 09:35 AM
Has Anyone Here Cloned A SIM Card?16Jim ColburnBaron Sekiya10.15.15, 04:34 AM
The NBA, cameras and concussions2David RichardGene Boyars10.14.15, 08:09 PM
What has happened to SportShooter??38Marvin GentryMichael Granse10.14.15, 03:34 PM
Matt Damon Loses $500 .. Who Promised Professional Headshots5Darin SicurelloDavid Hungate10.13.15, 02:17 PM
A new low in Sports photography10Ed ChanDoug Pizac10.12.15, 11:43 AM
Fox Sports feature on LA Angels DOP Matt Brown2Robert HanashiroMark Sutton10.10.15, 07:56 AM
another camera on the market..6Larry LawsonCorey Perrine10.09.15, 03:40 PM
Kudos1Steven MullenskySteven Mullensky10.09.15, 01:13 PM
Gannett is about to buy Journal Media1Doug StricklandDoug Strickland10.07.15, 07:02 PM
Chromebook4Chris PetersonChris Peterson10.07.15, 10:10 AM
CBS want Pulitzer winner's photos for free!2Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro10.07.15, 03:50 AM
NASA Apollo Photo Archive Now Online3Jim ColburnIan L. Sitren10.05.15, 11:33 PM
El Capitan issues6Jack KurtzAndrew Knapik10.05.15, 02:27 PM
NPR Story "What's it like to take photos of a dying man"1Joshua BrownJoshua Brown10.05.15, 01:36 PM
Damian Strohmeyer football workshop in October7Brad ManginBob DeChiara10.03.15, 10:34 AM
Windows 10?4Sam SantilliJim Karczewski10.03.15, 04:16 AM
Street Photography now illegal in Atlanta10Stanley LearyEric Isaacs10.02.15, 08:46 PM
Sports Shooter Acacdemy 12: THE coolest!1Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro10.02.15, 01:57 AM
Super Wide Lens advice needed5Paul DiSalvoSamuel Lewis10.01.15, 04:00 PM
School Makes Students Sign Work For Hire Contract3Jim ColburnSamuel Lewis10.01.15, 01:40 PM
"What is #Weddingphotogate & Why Should Photographers Care?"2John StrohsackerSam Morris09.30.15, 11:20 AM
Nikon's new 200-500mm10Rob SirotaChuck Liddy09.30.15, 11:19 AM
Anyone know where I can get a photography bib4Darrin SpencerRandy Sartin09.29.15, 10:24 PM
IOS9 WiFi Assist Feature1Jim ColburnJim Colburn09.29.15, 10:47 AM
OT: Best Craigslist ad for a photographer ever!5Steve RussellPaul W Gillespie09.29.15, 12:03 AM
What was it like being a newspaper photoj 30 years ago?7Steve RussellKevin Sousa09.28.15, 03:11 PM
CPS Contacts4Tom EwartKevin Krows09.26.15, 06:42 PM
Amazon Prime $67 Today Only (Friday 9/25)4Jim ColburnChuong Doan09.26.15, 10:50 AM
Camera pole suggestions?9Ed ChanMichael L. Stein09.26.15, 07:59 AM
PETA sues photog on behalf of monkey.5Douglas CottleJohn Schreiber09.25.15, 02:30 PM
Removing the stick form a 300 hood.15Darrin SpencerDarrin Spencer09.24.15, 11:04 PM
1DX Underexposure7Jeffrey NyczKeith Lucas09.24.15, 03:22 PM
200mm f/1.0 Lens5Jim ColburnSam Santilli09.24.15, 11:33 AM
Getty Images names Dawn Airey as new CEO1Brad TollefsonBrad Tollefson09.21.15, 01:47 PM
Layoffs @ Times-Picayune and NOLA Media Group2John StrohsackerGene Boyars09.20.15, 07:16 PM
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