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Thread Title Posts Started by Last Updated by Last Update
Papal Protrait Copyright Trouble2Jim ColburnJoshua BrownYesterday, 12:47 PM
Photogs are dangerous? :)4Larry LawsonTod Gomes08.28.15, 10:06 PM
Home Run King2Frank NiemeirMark Loundy08.28.15, 09:14 PM
Anyone using Affinity Photo?4Robert HanashiroDoug Pizac08.28.15, 02:01 PM
The Sony A7RII: The Beggining of the End of the DSLR?31Patrick Murphy-RaceyChris Peterson08.27.15, 01:08 PM
Beach soccer12Sergei StepanovCorey Perrine08.26.15, 10:16 PM
Formatting External Drive6Robert BeckEric Isaacs08.26.15, 07:56 PM
Video editing6PJ HellerPatrick Murphy-Racey08.25.15, 04:16 PM
Need suggestions for a Good compact camera17Melissa MacateeMichael Chow08.25.15, 02:05 PM
Anyone using Lexar thunderbolt hub?13Marvin GentryChris Collins08.24.15, 12:28 PM
Nic's Fund for a Small, Pro-Level Camera After His Hip Fract1Nic CouryNic Coury08.23.15, 03:03 PM
Nikon's new 200-500mm3Rob SirotaRob Sirota08.22.15, 11:51 PM
New Nikon glass13Mark PerlsteinMark Perlstein08.22.15, 12:50 PM
Dallas photo show venue ideas please?5Shelley CryanShelley Cryan08.22.15, 11:47 AM
Recommend Android Photo/Video Apps?3Jim ColburnPaul W Gillespie08.22.15, 11:37 AM
Anti-Drone Ammunition3Jim ColburnEric Isaacs08.21.15, 12:16 AM
NEIL LEIFER Podcast!! Friday, August 21, 2015 at 11AM - NYC1Robert CaplinRobert Caplin08.20.15, 03:10 PM
Prepaid WiFi Hotspot?6Jim ColburnCurtis Clegg08.20.15, 02:18 PM
1DX Underexposure6Jeffrey NyczColin Hackley08.19.15, 10:01 AM
Found a resource for repair of old Canon lenses5Simon WheelerDoug Holleman08.18.15, 07:41 PM
monopod cleaning?4Gary JonesKevin Krows08.18.15, 08:03 AM
What has happened to SportShooter??33Marvin GentryGeorge Bridges08.17.15, 03:57 PM
How Kodak invented the digital camera from Lens The NY Times2Simon WheelerPhil Hawkins08.16.15, 01:43 AM
Virus Problems and Macs6Simon WheelerKevin M. Cox08.15.15, 11:47 AM
More drone problems....6Chuck LiddyGregory McKie08.13.15, 10:50 PM
Sports Shooter Academy instructional videos1Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro08.13.15, 09:31 PM
Spots Still Available in SD Photography Workshop1Donald MiralleDonald Miralle08.13.15, 06:00 PM Coliseum Parking4Kiel MaddoxNic Coury08.12.15, 09:45 PM
Sports Shooter Academy News6Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro08.11.15, 10:23 AM
Katrina - 10 years later (need advice)4Wesley R. BushChuck Liddy08.11.15, 10:21 AM
1D x mk II?12Eric IsaacsKevin M. Cox08.11.15, 12:09 AM
Zenfolio Users26Kevin KrowsKevin Krows08.10.15, 08:08 AM
Argus C3 flash bulbs?7Wesley R. BushRon Manfredi08.09.15, 05:42 PM
Re-Entering the photography world after major injury.8Nic CouryNic Coury08.08.15, 06:29 PM
sc cord7Sam SantilliSam Santilli08.08.15, 03:57 PM
USB 3.0 devices unstable on new MacBook Pro10Simon WheelerSimon Wheeler08.06.15, 05:14 PM
First time this happened in 20 Years22Sam SantilliSam Santilli08.06.15, 09:06 AM
Many thanks to Maury at Lowepro Support6Lance KingKevin Krows08.06.15, 07:14 AM
Canon 16-35 f2.8 II out of service?12Scott A. SchneiderKevin Krows08.05.15, 06:11 PM
Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography1Frank NiemeirFrank Niemeir08.05.15, 12:10 PM
OT: Careful With That Windows 10 Update2Jim ColburnKevin Krows08.04.15, 02:20 PM
Surf photog left behind after Mick Fanning shark episode1Baron SekiyaBaron Sekiya08.03.15, 09:31 PM
Canon releases video camera with equivalent of 4 million ISO4Joshua BrownThomas E. Witte08.03.15, 04:46 AM
Matt Damon Loses $500 .. Who Promised Professional Headshots3Darin SicurelloDarin Sicurello08.01.15, 07:59 PM
Worth A Look: 50 countries with POTUS.5Robert HanashiroFrank Niemeir07.31.15, 02:15 PM
Last update to ACR in Photoshop CS611PJ HellerPhil Hawkins07.30.15, 03:29 PM
OT: Interesting Sports Job For Someone Qualified3Jim ColburnSam Santilli07.30.15, 01:04 PM
Baseball Hall of Fame?8Matt BrownSam Santilli07.30.15, 12:57 PM
Monopod Flexing With 400?14Kiel MaddoxKevin Novak07.29.15, 09:05 AM
Newspaper industry lost 3,800 full-time editorial profession1Stanley LearyStanley Leary07.28.15, 08:09 AM
OT: meaning not sports... but2Bryan WoolstonDaniel Malmberg07.26.15, 05:27 PM
D3s controls unresponsive2David DennisDavid Dennis07.24.15, 09:17 PM
Humor sells1Simon WheelerSimon Wheeler07.24.15, 05:12 PM would be great if ...6Clark BrooksSteven Mullensky07.24.15, 01:19 PM
PhotoMechanic/LRCC Issues - Locking on import into library3Jim KarczewskiJim Karczewski07.24.15, 12:47 PM
The man who bought the Star Tribune's vintage photo archive7Jim ColburnMichael Proebsting07.23.15, 11:22 AM
Raiders Training Camp Hotels?10Kiel MaddoxKiel Maddox07.23.15, 02:13 AM
Taylor Swift And Photographs...48Jim ColburnMark Loundy07.22.15, 07:23 PM
Alternatives to WFT-E6A on 1DX9Chris MachianMichael Coons07.22.15, 12:47 AM
A behind-the-scenes look at NFL rookie portraits5Johnny VyJohn J Coleman07.22.15, 12:18 AM
Robert Frank, "The Man Who Saw America"12Jim ColburnJim Colburn07.21.15, 01:39 PM
Adding wav files to images in post6Mike CopemanMike Copeman07.21.15, 01:00 AM
Automatic photo printing software8Joshua BrownJoshua Brown07.19.15, 05:14 PM
Lens stuck in D80014Doug HollemanDaniel Bartel07.19.15, 01:32 AM
Photoshop's "Dehaze"11Doug StricklandClark Brooks07.17.15, 11:10 PM
Football team IDEAS3Marvin GentryMarvin Gentry07.17.15, 10:03 PM
"Newspaper Sends Cartoonist to Foo Fighters Concert"3Jim ColburnKevin M. Cox07.17.15, 07:56 AM
Camera gear targeted at Pan Am Games1Geoff MillerGeoff Miller07.16.15, 09:34 PM
Nikon's New AF-S 300mm f/4E PF ED VR lens: I Like!!!10Patrick Murphy-RaceyJack Yin07.15.15, 08:33 AM
Robo photog, or f8 and go get a beer1Frank NiemeirFrank Niemeir07.13.15, 02:55 PM
Photoshop Alternative Available5Jim ColburnJack Kurtz07.12.15, 09:21 PM
Baseball Chat with Scott Clark1Matt BrownMatt Brown07.10.15, 10:15 PM
LR 6 Upgrade or LR CCC3Jim PierceOtto Kitsinger07.10.15, 07:19 PM
Cleveland Indians Honor Mark Duncan2David RichardDavid Richard07.10.15, 04:32 AM
Las Vegas lighting rental3Don FeriaDon Feria07.09.15, 05:18 PM
Costco 8x10's12Warren WimmerJim Pierce07.06.15, 04:15 PM
Drones in the news again17Keith SimonianStanley Leary07.06.15, 09:23 AM
Working for Free -- humor5Doug PizacMichael Stevens07.05.15, 09:45 AM
photoshop11Robert BeckJohn Froschauer06.30.15, 03:46 PM
Photo Rescue7Blaine McCartneyBlaine McCartney06.27.15, 12:03 PM
portable lighting kit16Travis MorisseKevin Krows06.24.15, 08:45 PM
Dynalite Baja 400 battery powered strobe: perfect for SS!!!38Patrick Murphy-RaceyKevin Krows06.22.15, 06:19 PM
Sports Shooter Acacdemy 123Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro06.21.15, 11:27 AM
Adobe Stock Launches Worldwide3Frank NiemeirScott Holstein06.18.15, 08:39 PM
LensProToGo robbed2Douglas CottleSam Santilli06.16.15, 09:00 PM
Anyone use the Sony RX-10?3Brett GroehlerRichard Uhlhorn06.16.15, 01:15 PM
Nikon Capture NX-D (ver1.0) to be released on July 154Stanley LearyGavin Werbeloff06.15.15, 05:45 PM
Accidentally deleted files2Marvin GentryStanley Leary06.14.15, 10:27 PM
LeBron James heads video camera3Doug PizacRobert Hanashiro06.13.15, 04:34 PM
SI American Pharoah Cover12Wesley R. BushMichael Granse06.13.15, 12:04 PM
Fixer in Cuba10Alex MenendezWally Nell06.11.15, 11:38 PM
Nikon 200-400 Help Purchase5Doug StroudMark Peters06.11.15, 02:42 PM
Anybody using printed thumb drives?10Mark PerlsteinRalph Mawyer06.11.15, 10:44 AM
The Art of Social Storytelling1Stanley LearyStanley Leary06.09.15, 09:30 AM
Sign me up4Nick MorrisDoug Pizac06.08.15, 07:37 PM
Lighting in Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans6Wally NellWally Nell06.08.15, 12:02 PM
Steve McCurry’s Assistant Busted in $654,3584Stanley LearySam Santilli06.05.15, 09:45 PM
TED Talk by photographer Alex Garcia1Stanley LearyStanley Leary06.05.15, 09:02 AM
Sportshooter 2015- Is this happening?11Doug StroudGeorge Bridges06.03.15, 12:40 PM
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