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Quark or InDesign???
Michael L. Palmieri, Photographer
Barnegat | NJ | USA | Posted: 6:58 AM on 05.28.04
->> I am going to be the newspaper advisor at the new high school in my hometown. I need to let the admin know what layout software we should be purchasing.

I know that when I left the newspaper business, QuarkXPress was where it was at. However, some of my graphic designer friends are saying that Adobe's InDesign is the future of layout.

Any thoughts?
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Caleb Simpson, Photographer, Assistant
Dallas | Texas | USA | Posted: 9:11 AM on 05.28.04
->> Yes, Go InDesign. It is much more user friendly as well and ahs the same feel as PHotoshop and Illustrator. I use InDesign at work and love it. I think it makes layout pretty easy. It also allows you to do things like set tabs for an entire paragraph and Quark you have to do it line by line. A real pain!!! The industry is moving towards InDesign as you friends stated. You will not regret InDesign for sure!!!! It can also open Quark files too. But I have never had to do this so I'm not sure how good it is.
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Tim Clark, Photo Editor, Photographer
Nashville | TN | USA | Posted: 9:54 AM on 05.28.04
->> Quark
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Ian Halperin, Photographer
Plano(Dallas) | TX | USA | Posted: 9:58 AM on 05.28.04
->> I use InDesign but our print shop still uses Quark. You need to use whichever one will allow you be productive. The industry may be moving towards InDesign but it you are the only one using it you will be frustrated.
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David Johnson, Photographer
Social Circle | GA | USA | Posted: 10:45 AM on 05.28.04
->> Just an idea, but what about checking with local papers to see what they are using? That way, if a kid were lucky enough to get some kind of internship he would be familiar with what they are using.
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Paul Abell, Photographer
Macon | GA | USA | Posted: 10:47 AM on 05.28.04
->> Your application usage depends on the offset printer that you are going to be using. These days, many printers are supporting both InDesign and Quark, so I think you will be safe with either. Nontheless, I would still check to make sure...

I have to agree with Caleb. InDesign is where it is at. As a graphic designer, I have seen Illustrator take over Freehand as the standard Illustration program, and InDesign is not long from doing the same to Quark. Quark is an adequate program, but it does not have nearly the same capabilities that InDesign has, and they will continue to lag behind, as Adobe has the market on PhotoShop and Illustrator. It figures that the layout program is next... Quark will have to fight extra hard to keep close.

I will say this, this season, we switched to InDesign for all of our new publication work, and I have found that the workflow runs much smoother once you get used to InDesign over Quark. If I have to work on a file previously created in Quark, I find myself wishing that I was working within InDesign. I think that says a lot for someome that has the Quark experience that I do.

If your printer will support both, I say go with InDesign. It is just a better program, and I am comparing the current versions of both.
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Michael Fischer, Photographer
Spencer | Ia | USA | Posted: 12:13 PM on 05.28.04
->> It doesn't matter what you or I like - it entirely depends on what is being used by the people doing the printing. Everyone I work with uses Quark - but ymmv. If they will use either...then life is good ;)
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James Prichard, Photographer, Photo Editor
Owings Mills | MD | USA | Posted: 12:16 PM on 05.28.04
->> The printer really doesn't matter. Many publications are outputting to hi-res PDFs and sending those to avoid wrong fonts and quarky glitches. Both Quark and InDesign can output to Acrobat PDFs.

Although I don't like it, Quark is going to be killed by InDesign because of its pricing. No discount for students, no discount for upgrading, no discount for crossing over to their product. Schools simply can't afford to purchase it and maintane the upgrades. It's what the next generation of designers are going to be paginating on in ten years or less.

I use both on a regular basis and they are very similar. (it's almost similar to a Nikon/Canon debate) The principles are the same in both and if you teach solid design skills, those should be transferable to any application once another one comes along.
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Brady Creel, Photographer
College Station | TX | USA | Posted: 12:27 PM on 05.28.04
->> InDesign. The new CS version is fantastic. And PDFs obviate any pro-Quark arguments regarding to-film or to-plate prepress work.

You probably can get the whole Creative Suite quite cheap at an education rate. I'd teach those kids Illustrator and Photoshop, too, because they're the de facto standard.

Folks have been saying InDesign is the "Quark killer" since 2000. It's starting to come true.
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Randy Chow, Photographer
Long Beach | CA | United States | Posted: 12:54 PM on 05.28.04
->> I too would vote for InDesign. As others have mentioned, ID has better integration with other key Adobe products like PS and AI, as well as a similar look and feel. It took Quark a long time to finally go OSX native, and when I finally upgraded (big mistake), I was shocked how dated the QX interface looked. Another key factor for me was that Quark, as a company, is a complete PAIN IN THE ASS to deal with. They have the most difficult tech support policies, and the program itself is VERY expensive. Upgrading Quark is a major hassle. It's almost like they want your birth certificate and passport before selling an upgrade to you. Adobe's upgrade path is much easier.

It seems Quark has been a one trick pony. QX is the one program that is keeping them around. I remember they tried to unseat Photoshop with Quark Xposure in a collaborative effort with JVC. That project failed. I personally think the integrated Adobe suite is a lot better.
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Michael P. King, Photographer, Student/Intern
Athens | OH | USA | Posted: 2:16 PM on 05.28.04
->> the fact that you can buy InDesign bundled with the entire Creative suite for around $350 with an education discount should be a selling point for you, Michael.

I'm just a student, but from what I've heard, the future *is* in InDesign and that's why most of the schools (like Ohio University where I'm at) has started teaching it instead of Quark. Since the school newspaper is an education process, it seems fitting to train the students you'll be working with to use the professional tools.

It's a great deal and a GREAT software suite that you'll use a LOT. Worth the money already and I've only had it three months.

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Jean Finley, Student/Intern
Iowa City | IA | USA | Posted: 2:47 PM on 05.28.04
->> 95% of the classes we teach (University of Iowa, School of Journalism) use InDesign. Students are encouraged to become proficient in the entire Creative suite. I have been told that the industry is moving toward using technology in new ways (think internet and multimedia).

During Chris Kelley's (editor, visit last semester, he metioned that any potential employee with both solid journalism skills AND technical expertise (multimedia, etc.) would definitely receive serious consideration.

Open as much of the technology up to the kids as you can. It will only make them more marketable in the future.

Jean :)
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Jeff Stanton, Photographer
Tucson | AZ | USA | Posted: 6:19 PM on 05.28.04
->> I have never used InDesign. I use Quark when working on the design desk at my office. Of course, I am well-versed in Quark and I am also aware of Quark's traditional attitudes when it comes to support - and it hasn't been very good the last several years.

I believe it wouldn't hurt to check out InDesign. As mentioned in earlier posts, many print houses are supporting both. It was also said that Illustrator has overtaken Freehand. I don't believe that is accurate.
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Brad Wilder, Photographer, Student/Intern
Lexington | Ky | USA | Posted: 9:33 PM on 05.28.04
->> I have used both Quark and InDesign as well as Pagemaker. While Quark has obviously been an industry standard for years, the functionality and seemless workflow between Photoshop is great. I have been using Quark for 3 years, and am switching to InDesign this summer. I can't stress enough how frustrating it is to try to integrate even the simplest of photoshop functions. InDesign is hands down a superior program, especially when it comes to drop shadows, transparency, cutouts, and the like. It also can handle larger document sizes, has a better zoom, and again is much easier to integrate with Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe products. The file type is really a moot point. Just save it as a PDF. Quark is good. InDesign is the best.
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Brad Wilder, Photographer, Student/Intern
Lexington | Ky | USA | Posted: 1:34 AM on 05.29.04
->> The second sentence above should read "the functionality of INDESIGN..."

I need to start proofreading.
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Tim Jones, Photographer
The Colony | TX | USA | Posted: 4:39 AM on 05.29.04
->> It's a no-brainer...go with InDesign. Here at TCU, we're switching all the journalism labs over this fall. It's partly the money factor, but also most of the faculty (myself included) feel that it is the inevitable future for the industry. Most of your students will probably be using InDesign wherever they wind up going to college...schools that haven't switched yet will very soon.

Adobe is supposed to be coming in this fall semester and giving us free set up and faculty training/tutoring; deep discounts, cheap upgrades...InDesign is the future, like it or not.

The seamless integration with Photoshop just seals the deal...especially for those of us teaching photo courses.
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Erin Schrad, Photographer, Assistant
Glen Allen | VA | United States | Posted: 10:42 AM on 05.29.04
->> Just a few years ago when I was a Production Editor at my college newspaper, myself and the IT director and the ops manager were tasked with deciding what to replace Pagemaker with... InDesign or Quark. Now, we are talking about making this decision when ID was brand new, too, and Quark was what everybody was using. We went to see demonstrations of Quark's whole file management system and everything, and ultimately we decided to go with InDesign.

It was quite the leap of faith at the time to go with ID, but there were several factors that influenced the decision. The similarity to PageMaker and the rest of the Adobe applications was important because it meant a shallower learning curve for our staff, but that wasn't the key factor... it was cost. Our IT director was working on writing a program to track articles through the editing process and ID was going to be much easier to work with to integrate this program. In our situation, with Quark we would have had to buy in to the whole Quark production system at something like $10,000. We concluded that Quark was good for very large newspapers or magazines, or for those that were already invested in Quark, but not for us.

Now, 4 years or so down the road, time has shown that we made the right decision. Then we were being told that the next version of Quark was just around the corner. In reality, the newspaper upgraded InDesign twice before QXP6 came out.

Other posts have mentioned creative suite and IDCS... be sure you check which version your printer supports. I have the creative suite in my job now as a graphic designer, but my printer still only supports up to ID2. So I have to design all of those jobs in version 2. I imagine they will support it pretty soon, but they can't be the only ones that haven't moved up yet.
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