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Student Portfolio Help
Tim Lytvinenko, Student/Intern
Cary | NC | USA | Posted: 7:52 PM on 05.11.04
->> Hi everyone. I am currently getting together my portfolio to apply for some workshops. I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on my images, and please be honest. I am trying to get a good portfolio together, so don't worry about my feelings because I won't take your comments the wrong way. I need to have no more than 20 images and I think there are 35 on two hidden galleries: and I would love to hear about the best/worst ten as well as what is missing. I know I have a bunch of soccer pictures up there, so how many would be good and which ones. Thanks in advance.
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David Butler II, Photographer, Student/Intern
Somers | CT | USA | Posted: 11:17 PM on 05.11.04
->> Hi Tim,

I'm about to post the same question on the board... help w/ my with portfolio picks. :-)

My opinion regarding your work... you have some nice shots... I would include the following in your portfolio and leave out the rest... I would also try and get some captions if possible...

My picks are: Port #1
2, 8, 9, maybe #13 lots of distracting things happening, maybe just needs a better crop, I might have included other but I would need a caption to decide.

My picks are: Port #2
3, 6, 8,

Those are the pic’s that I believe stand out... just my 2 cents :-)

Thanks for sharing and good luck!

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Michael J. Treola, Photographer
Neptune | NJ | USA | Posted: 11:19 PM on 05.11.04
->> Tim

Portfolio 1 is ok but this is what I would kill and why.

#2 I had to look at that photo 2 times to see what you were getting at. There was actually a photo there but you didn't get it. Had you been shooting straight or slightly off center of that image where you could clearly see the hand on the face it would have been better.

#3 is just not a photo!!

#4 is the weaker image to #5 in my opinion.

#7 is a nice attempt at the viewfinder/screen thing but isn't a moment that one would look at the image and say, "wow what's going on there!"

#10 Nice image but not for the portfolio.

#12 is too tight and a tough read. Would have been nicer if shot looser.

#13 is the weaker image to #15

#14 is the weaker image to #1 (don’t duplicate!)

#18 has too much dead space. Ball is too far gone.the play was over. Oh...and is just another play at second.

#20 Once again is not a portfolio image.

What’s are left are your best images in my opinion. You might also want to tidy up your crops on some of the images like #’s 5 and 19. There's a photo within the photo there.

Portfolio #2 ...

HOLY COW! These images have the WOW factor I was looking for and are really nice...except for photos

11, 12,13 and 14 bring the rest of the group down. Might have been a big story but those are not portfolio images.

I would also get ride of the second boxing photo #10 as it duplicates the one before it that is far better.

Portfolio 2 was easy.

Without a doubt you should take the nine photos I mention in portfolio 2 and pull the strongest 5-6 from #1 and that's your portfolio. Just because you can have up to 20 doesn’t mean that's how many you have to have. Keep it tight and show you best work like the first 10 pictures of portfolio 2 and you will be fine.

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Tim Lytvinenko, Student/Intern
Cary | NC | USA | Posted: 12:40 AM on 05.12.04
->> Thanks for the feedback. David-I have captions for all of them, I was just trying to get photos up because the deadline is monday. This was just the first cut and I will post another gallery soon. THANKS
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Jon Austria, Student/Intern
Oxnard | CA | USA | Posted: 12:53 AM on 05.12.04
->> i agree portfolio #2 is better , i'd take out the group pose, and that 2nd boxing picture. i can tell port2 was all you, so concentrate on what you have there and build on it
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Tim Lytvinenko, Student/Intern
Cary | NC | USA | Posted: 1:21 AM on 05.12.04
->> is the second cut. I cut out all those soccer shots because I found the one I wanted #7. Also, what would be a good crop for #14?
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Andrew Phelps, Photographer, Student/Intern
Vista (San Diego) | CA | USA | Posted: 1:53 AM on 05.12.04
->> Tim,

I would definitely cut the shot of the kid in the viewfinder. Nothing exciting. Also, no matter how many times I look at it, I don't know what's happening in the photo of the woman running away from the store (No. 9 in your "second cut"). Get rid of it. Finally, I don't see a lot of portfolio value in the beach photo (No. 11). It's pleasant but not unique or thought-provoking. The horizon is crooked anyway.

Otherwise some nice images. Good luck!
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Thread Title: Student Portfolio Help
Thread Started By: Tim Lytvinenko
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