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Shooting basketball
Bradley Wilson, Photographer
Raleigh | NC | USA | Posted: 12:41 PM on 10.10.03
->> I'm working on a(nother) article on shooting basketball, particularly high school. It's for the JEA magazine I edit that goes about to 2,000 or so primarily high school publications advisers. I'd just like your tips, thoughts, advice, etc. Be sure to include your name, etc. so I can give you credit for your words of wisdom.
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Jr Shedd, Photographer, Student/Intern
Grayslake | IL | United States | Posted: 1:03 PM on 10.10.03
->> I went to JEA in Dallas last year! Won an award actually... Anyways, i like going right under the basket with a wide angle lens. For me its a 28 f1.4 on my D1, right under the basket. Makes some interesting shots...
Jr Shedd
Grayslake Community High School
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Bradley Wilson, Photographer
Raleigh | NC | USA | Posted: 6:18 PM on 10.12.03
->> Any good tips from y'all on getting tight action shots? Or maybe the benefits of getting reaction vs. just action? How do you tell a story with another basketball photo?
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Steven E. Frischling, Photographer
Amherst | MA | USA | Posted: 6:29 PM on 10.12.03
->> Bradley:

I like to use lenses :0)

You should check out Thomas Witte's web page, there is a link off his member page, it has some great tips
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Colin Corneau, Photographer
Brandon | MB | Canada | Posted: 6:50 PM on 10.12.03
->> Can't go wrong with Mr. Witte (or Steven either).

I've always had really good luck shooting with an 80-200 (although an 85 or 105 lens would do fine) in a corner. That way I can get the action under the net, and players at half court and approaching me. Basically I can cover a lot of court from one location with one lens, leaves me a lot of flexibility and ups my odds of capturing something that happens.

Best of luck
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Neil Brake, Photographer
Nashville | TN | USA | Posted: 7:41 PM on 10.12.03
->> Bradley,
I sit on the far corner of the court and shoot with a 70-200mm and a 300mm for down court action. Shoot available light if you can. High School is tough if you have to shoot with flash. If you do try to ballance it with the light that is available in the gym. Good Luck.
Neil Brake
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Jonathan Tauber, Student/Intern
Winston-Salem | NC | USA | Posted: 9:25 PM on 10.12.03
->> Bradley,
I know I am speaking to the choir when I say this because you actually have to judge these pictures- but this was the case with my highschool, and I know others had more difficult situations when the advisors go out to buy equiptment, they can't afford the big 2.8 lenses with the quick flashes. So--- what I did to go around this was buy a 50 mm 1.8 and use available light. For the most part, these pics turned out pretty darn good. Sacrificing distance for aperature was in my view worth the cost- especially since I bought the lens out of my Christmas money. Unfortunately this limits your distance but you can get some great stuff under the rim and in the key. Also a photographer should'nt stay in one position through the game but try different locales( under rim, midcourt, corner) Also, the photographer must remember that player effort is'nt any different in the 7th minute or the last minute of the game, thus they should be watching the bench when five seconds are left on the clock.
Jonathan Tauber
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Thread Title: Shooting basketball
Thread Started By: Bradley Wilson
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