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Nikon D4 Battery Light Blinks
Tim Cowie, Photographer, Photo Editor
Davidson | NC | USA | Posted: 2:41 PM on 04.27.17
->> Before I send to NPS, I thought I would see if anyone else had this problem.

Nikon D4 Camera was working fine. Next day, I go to power up and nothing. I take the lens off and it will power up (date/time was wrong and clock was blinking). I replaced the internal battery and reset time/date.

Camera turns on and fires without a lens. When I put an lens on the camera, screen goes dead (battery level light is only thing on and is blinking), but won't power up.

As soon as I take lens off, it works without lens. Cleaned contacts, nothing.

Any thoughts??
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Andrew Brosig, Photo Editor, Photographer
Torrington | WY | United States | Posted: 2:49 PM on 04.27.17
->> Which lens is it not working with? Does it work with other lenses? Only thing I can think of is maybe battery is close to dead or needs to be recalibrated/refreshed and isn't carrying a full charge. Might hold enough to power the shutter but not enough juice to run the lens electronics as well. Do you have a second battery to try and, if so, is the problem repeatable with the other battery?
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 6:25 PM on 04.27.17
->> Ditto to Andrew.

Same thing happened with a Canon body years ago. The charger said it was fully charged but while it was technically, it wasn't once a load was put on it such as having it power the lens too. It's like a car battery that is on its last legs. It will power the headlights and radio but won't crank over the engine.

See if the same thing happens with other lenses too. If so, then it is the battery or camera. If it works fine with them, then it could be that one lens or a combo of it with the body.

Do you have another body or can take the battery to a friend or camera store that has a D4 to see if the problem happens in those cameras too? If the problem persists then it is the battery. If it works fine in the other bodies then it could be your D4.

It's all a matter of elimination. The better you can pin down the problem the cheaper your Nikon service bill will be.
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Thread Title: Nikon D4 Battery Light Blinks
Thread Started By: Tim Cowie
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