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Some advice to younger photographers
David Seelig, Photographer
Hailey | ID | USA | Posted: 12:57 AM on 12.23.16
->> A word to my younger photography friends. So I have some neck damage 46 years of carrying cameras will do that. Also some hip damage so I have a message to young photographers. Quit being macho get a rolling cart. Use it into the stadiums you shoot at. Get a Think Tank Mind shift as carrying a bag over one shoulder is not healthy for your body. This stuff was not available 46 years ago when I started. All in all my body is not bad but so many older photographers are limping crooked form years of abuse. It will happen to you so get a clue. The mind shift backpacks have a bottom part that will move to your front and give you access to your lenses. By the way unless shooting sports go mirrorless as they are much lighter and work fine. Yes I still have my canons for sports but for anything else I shoot Sony or Leica and I hear Fujis are good too. I can shoot concerts with my Sony no problem. The af work fine on the Sony get the series 11 not the first versions. And the sigma adapter works great with canon lenses. PS I do not work for or get any think tank products or any other for anything but my hard earned dollars
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 4:11 PM on 12.23.16
->> Ditto, ditto, ditto!

Decades ago when I started cameras and lenses were a LOT lighter than today because bodies held film without the extra weight of sensors and electronics, and we shot with prime lenses instead of the big fat zooms of today.

Today, my left shoulder is two inches higher from my right because that is where I hung my camera bag. And my spine is S-curved toward the left to keep the shoulder elevated. Because of that, I have sciatic pain in my left buttocks and down the leg at times. And if I wear a backpack that straightens my back and posture I experience pain because that's not how my body grew over all these years. Surprisingly, if I do experience back pain I can sometimes relieve it by hanging a heavy camera bag on my left shoulder. Acupuncture has helped me a lot.

Back in the "old" days we had two cameras with a few lenses and a flash, plus a beeper. And my 400mm f/3.5 Nikkor weighs a fraction of what today's 400mm f/2.8 is because it doesn't have all the electronics, auto-focus motors, etc. inside it; you shot manual with an aperture ring. Today, photographers become pack mules with heavy zoom lenses, a laptop, card reader, cell phone, lighting gear, etc.

And it isn't just me. Many of my former AP colleagues -- and current ones -- also have back strain and have had surgery for herniated disks.

Your youth may think you are invincible, but eventual pain and discomfort is guaranteed to win in the long run if you don't start taking care of yourself now.

Kudos to David for bringing this subject up.
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Jayne Oncea, Photographer
Saugus | CA | USA | Posted: 4:26 PM on 12.23.16
->> You guys are a mess! Get to the gym! LOL TRX, stretching and tennis does wonders.
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Jim Colburn, Photographer
Omaha | NE | USA | Posted: 5:38 PM on 12.23.16
->> Also, find some exercises that strengthen the back and the torso and start doing then now, not in 20 years time when you start feeling the pain.
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Gene Boyars, Photographer
Manalapan | NJ | United States | Posted: 9:53 PM on 12.23.16
->> Yep, do it now... I learned the hard way that when you are using a shoulder bag, carry it on one shoulder when just transporting and then the other shoulder when actually shooting. Rolling cases are a huge help. Wide, softer, stretchy camera straps are a help too to relieve stress on your neck and shoulders. I am 70 now, two herniated discs in my lower back, some left shoulder issues and my right leg is half an inch shorter than my left...not related to photography but it has caused me to have an 'odd' gate that contributed to my back issues. I do get into the gym 3 days a week to work on strengthening my back, shoulders and legs and it does help. Another point to think about when you are young and running, eat better. I did not, it was always what ever on the run, in the car, in the press room..and now I get to deal with type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease. The good news, despite those issues they tell me I am healthy......
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Kevin Krows, Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA | Posted: 11:00 AM on 12.27.16
->> Working out one hour a day for the past 8 months, stopped smoking, and no more than 2000 calories a day has made a big difference. Also doing more with fewer cameras helps and makes sports photography more enjoyable.

Also, develop or renew old hobbies. Mine are cooking and researching Great Lake Ship Wrecks. May sound stupid but it keeps your mind clearer and people will find you to be less boring.:)
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Nic Coury, Photographer
Monterey | CA | | Posted: 1:46 PM on 12.27.16
->> I broke my hip at 31 and hurt my back badly at 26.

Always be moving. I do yoga every morning and go for walks often.

Get gear off your shoulders and support it better.

You might look goofy, but kid, you're making a living being a pro photog, so you're still pretty cool.
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David Seelig, Photographer
Hailey | ID | USA | Posted: 3:13 PM on 12.27.16
->> I sent a note to someone who was a little off to me and I got back lighten up do you really think anyone young will listen if one person does it is with it and got thanks off a blog pst of this in several different places so yet I do think young people will listen actually I know they will
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Thread Title: Some advice to younger photographers
Thread Started By: David Seelig
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