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Best Cloud Solution & Why
Stanley Leary, Photographer, Photo Editor
Roswell | GA | | Posted: 9:45 AM on 12.19.16
->> I am interested in what is the best cloud solution for someone to backup their images online. This is not for them to share with others but just having another storage location.

What I am interested in knowing is:

1) Name of the provider/link
2) Cost
3) size of the storage/cost
4) How you use the service? Special software

Thanks guys!!!
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Kevin M. Cox, Photographer
Galveston & Houston | TX | US | Posted: 10:38 AM on 12.19.16
->> I think a big factor will be the frequency you need to access them. Do you just want them online as a disaster recovery option and you'll maintain local versions for regular access? Or will this be your primary storage method?

Also do you want a built-in web interface for searching and accessing the photos or are you happy with just a dump site to drop photos into?
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Stanley Leary, Photographer, Photo Editor
Roswell | GA | | Posted: 11:38 AM on 12.19.16
->> My clients will have two other storage solutions. A primary and backup onsite.

As stated this is for another storage location for backup. They do need the ability to go to the online system and download if needed. I do not see this as an online database to be searched, but rather just a disaster recovery backup.
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 1:04 PM on 12.19.16
->> Why online? Why not create an in-house RAID system such as Drobo or other technology. Western Digital has recently come out with their own system that uses their archival RED drives.

As Kevin points out, there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding which direction you take.
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Stanley Leary, Photographer, Photo Editor
Roswell | GA | | Posted: 6:10 PM on 12.19.16
->> This is a third choice not on site.

I am interested in what cloud solutions people are using and have experience using.

The reason a Raid isn't great is if your place burns down you can loose everything. The cloud is an off site solution that is easy to maintain. We are using this already. Looking for 3rd solution, beyond a primary and a backup.

Looking for other solutions than something like PhotoShelter which is great but the client just needs storage and not all the other functions.
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Steven Branscombe, Photographer
Omaha | NE | USA | Posted: 10:32 PM on 12.19.16
->> I use CrashPlan from Code42 (, you might want to check it out. They have options ranging from home use to enterprise use. I have the home plan backing data up to both their cloud and a local backup connected to my PC. Pricing ranges from about $60 per year on up depending on options you choose. To get started, I downloaded their software and it runs seamlessly in the background while it backs up to both the cloud and the attached local backup.

The initial backup of my photos, about 1.5Tb of data, took about three weeks to completely upload. I did have a hard drive crash this year and was able to restore from their backups. Since it was a hard drive crash, I restored using the local backup.

I'm not saying this solution with work for you and your customers, but it is an option worth looking into.
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Chuong Doan, Photographer
Kansas City | MO | USA | Posted: 10:50 AM on 12.21.16
->> I use Backblaze. Its $50/year for unlimited storage.
The software runs in the background and automatically backs up the files/folders/drives you choose in real time.
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Thread Title: Best Cloud Solution & Why
Thread Started By: Stanley Leary
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