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Liability Insurance
Mark Palczewski, Photographer
Manheim | Pa | USA | Posted: 10:41 AM on 10.06.16
->> I am a freelance sports photographer in the Lancaster, PA area. I have insurance on my equipment...but should I have liability insurance? Any thoughts? I don't know of any photographers in the area who have.
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Jim Colburn, Photographer
Omaha | NE | USA | Posted: 11:33 AM on 10.06.16
->> If you have any sort of homeowner's or renter's insurance (and you probably should) check with your agent to see how much it would cost to add a 'nominal' $1million of liability insurance to your policy. It shouldn't be that much.
Good to have if you drop a long lens on someone's head from a platform...
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Jim Pierce, Photographer
Waltham | MA | USA | Posted: 12:27 PM on 10.06.16
->> Mark,

Start with what Jim mentions BUT make sure they know this is professional use. How is your camera gear insured? if through homeowners or renters make sure they know it is professional use.

When I started out years ago, I wanted to add it to my homeowners insurance but since it is professional use they did not touch it and actually sent me a registered letter stating that. I have heard stories that people will file a claim with their homeowners insurance, their insurance company searches their name online and sees a business website...guess what, NOT covered as they say professional use.

It is best to be up front and tell them it is professional use, if they cover it great if they don't try Hill and Usher.
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Doug Strickland, Photographer
Chattanooga | TN | USA | Posted: 10:28 PM on 10.06.16
->> Most professional equipment insurance policies include liability insurance. If you're insured through something like TCP, Hill and Usher, or Hayes you should have it. Double check with your company and, as others have said, make sure you're covered for professional use and not through some personal "valuable personal property" sort of policy.
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Doug Strickland, Photographer
Chattanooga | TN | USA | Posted: 10:31 PM on 10.06.16
->> And yes, to answer your question (as I realize I didn't), you should have liability insurance. Accidents happen, and whether it's your fault or not you want to be covered if, say, you get run over by a player on a sideline and that player is injured, possibly by your equipment. That's an extreme scenario, but there are plenty of other risks to people or property that we deal with regularly which should be considered.
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Michael Okoniewski, Photographer
Syracuse | NY | USA | Posted: 7:49 AM on 10.07.16
->> Get the liability policy added to your pro gear policy. Mine costs $125 per year above the gear premium. I could not have worked for several clients without them being named as an additional insured on the policy. It's routinely required by larger clients and commercial property owners. And as previous posters have stated...tell your insurance company that you want a separate commercial policy. The Hartford offers full replacement coverage. Many other companies pro-rate the gear. It's expensive and I've pared down my coverage to the big ticket items.
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Thread Title: Liability Insurance
Thread Started By: Mark Palczewski
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