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Nikon Focus Trouble
David Dennis, Photographer
Bakersfield | Ca | US | Posted: 3:45 AM on 09.25.16
->> I have been having trouble with one of my D3s with focusing. I have a body I use as my primary body on a 400 and I have been noticing that focusing seems off. I tried to adjust the AF Fine tune and that seemed to help. I notice it the most during the day. I first noticed it after using an extender and thought it was a side effect to the extender. When trying to focus I notice that the AF bounces in and out of focus quit a bit at times. Some times it does't even matter if there is good contrast on the player that I'm trying to focus on. I also notice when it acts up at times lot of the images end up with this soft halo type effect. Then today while shooting a game my back focus button would completely fail from time to time. And I have a ton or soft out of focus images. It feels like the AF is having issue locking and then continuing to adjust when the subject is moving.

I plan on calling NPS on Monday to begin to try and get it repaired. I also plan on changing to one of my other D3s to see if I continue to see an issue. I was wondering if any one else may have experienced a similar focus issue in the past either with their D3s or other model Nikon? And if so were you able to determine if it was a camera, lens or other malfunction. Other meaning there were setting set causing an undesirable outcome.
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Andrew Brosig, Photo Editor, Photographer
Tyler | TX | United States | Posted: 8:22 AM on 09.26.16
->> This may sound crazy, but check the screws on the mount on both the body and the lens to be sure they are tight. I had a similar problem with a D3 and the mount screws had worked themselves loose causing weird focusing problems.
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David Dennis, Photographer
Bakersfield | Ca | US | Posted: 1:39 AM on 09.27.16
->> Thanks for the info Andrew. I will double check and make sure nothing has come loose.
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Carlos Herrera, Photographer
Prescott | AZ | USA | Posted: 8:26 PM on 09.27.16
->> Are you sure it's the body and not the lens? My 400 AFSII started showing signs of focusing issues and took a complete dump during a football game last Oct. The focus cam and SWM were bad. It was searching and the AF wouldn't lock on. Same issue on three bodies. NPS didn't have replacement parts for the AFSII and they even attempted to source parts from various vendors. No go.

Hopefully, it IS the body in your case.
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David Dennis, Photographer
Bakersfield | Ca | US | Posted: 12:51 AM on 09.28.16
->> Carlos, I'm not sure what it is. Trying a few things for testing. May en up taking it all down to LA and taking it to NPS if need be.
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Thread Title: Nikon Focus Trouble
Thread Started By: David Dennis
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