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Western Photographers Insurance
Phil Hawkins, Photographer
Fresno | ca | usa | Posted: 12:07 AM on 08.22.16
->> Does anyone use WPI for their insurance? Thinking of making a change. How are they?
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Ralph Mawyer, Photographer
San Antonio | TX | United States | Posted: 1:38 AM on 08.22.16
->> Phil, somewhat of a sidebar, but all these are brokers, e.g., Hill & Usher, USAA, Tom ?.

I'd see who the actual insurer is, e.g., Hartford, and of course, is the coverage the same as you have now.

I always thought the broker might make a difference, but given my experience with Hill & Usher and Hartford, it's actually easier to just work directly with Hartford once the policy is written. H&U just slow things down on policy changes or just make mistakes. The broker is pretty much just the sales arm for the insurer. I guess if you had a really big policy or needed a lot of frequent support, then a closer brokerage relationship is useful.

I was thinking about changing from Hill & Usher to USAA, for various reasons. I talked to Hartford about it and they confirmed I was receiving all the discounts available, so the premium wouldn't be any different.

I did learn, while trying to see if the premium for the same policy varied by broker, that once you are with a company they won't quote you through a new broker without a formal request to change brokers.
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Robert O'Rourk, Photographer
Setauket | NY | USA | Posted: 3:26 PM on 08.22.16
->> I do Hartford thru a local insurance broker and I am completely satisfied with the arrangement
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Al Goldis, Photographer
East Lansing | MI | USA | Posted: 5:25 PM on 08.24.16
->> Because of the way insurance is regulated, a policy must have the same price no matter where you buy it from. I suppose different brokers could quote different variations but if the policy is same, the price must be the same.
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Chuck Steenburgh, Photographer
Lexington | VA | USA | Posted: 6:05 AM on 09.14.16
->> Good discussion.

I recently got a postcard from RV Nuccio which offers insurance through Fireman's Fund. Their quote was about half what I'm paying now through Tom Pickard (Great American).

I've been with Pickard for several years now, and when I was originally with them I was also insured through Fireman's. A couple of years ago they switched to Great American.

Anyone worked with Nuccio before, or know anything that would suggest steering clear of Fireman's Fund? Is this in the "if it seems to good to be true" category?
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Stanley Leary, Photographer, Photo Editor
Roswell | GA | | Posted: 8:07 AM on 09.14.16
->> I just had a quote and it was half, but it took a while before I could understand why.

Not replacement cost. When at home only covered $10,000 of the $38,000.

While cheaper if anything went wrong and I had to replace my gear that was where the differences were.

Be sure you understand if it covers you when you travel international if needed as well. Not all do.

I wrote about this years ago on a Blog and not much has changed.
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Thread Title: Western Photographers Insurance
Thread Started By: Phil Hawkins
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