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Does This Seem Like Pointless Whining To Anyone Else?
Jim Colburn, Photographer
Omaha | NE | USA | Posted: 7:02 PM on 08.20.16
->> 'Nikon D1X "5 Min Portrait" Photo Challenge: Using A 15-yr-old DSLR On A Professional Photo Shoot'
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Andrew Brosig, Photo Editor, Photographer
Tyler | TX | United States | Posted: 7:39 AM on 08.21.16
->> He makes a couple of good points, namely work with what you have. So many people today get caught up on the new gear bandwagon. Particularly younger shooters who, by and large, have never shot film and have little if any desire to shoot film.

I know I'm casting a wide net of generalization, but so is he. His "shock" at what he could do with a supposedly outdated digital camera, for example.

It's all down to the idea that it's the shooter, not the camera. All we have to do is sort through and find some of the absolutely amazing work being shot on smart phone cameras (and it's out there) to see what I'm saying.
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Steven E. Frischling, Photographer
New England | | | Posted: 9:21 AM on 08.21.16
->> As opposed to all those portraits shot with the NC2000, DCS520 and D1?
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Michael Myers, Photographer
Miami | Florida | USA | Posted: 3:30 PM on 08.21.16
->> I watched the video for 10 minutes, then gave up on it. I read the article first.

Good thing I didn't realize how limited those old DSLR cameras were, or the lack of lenses, or the limitations on the menus and settings. Back then, it was all new and exciting, and (to me) a challenge to try to do as well as I could with film.

The only lenses I used to have, were what I bought for my F4 a lifetime ago. I don't think I used all of them, as some weren't usable on Nikon's old digital cameras.

The first Nikon digital I bought was a D2h, which came in the first batch of that model sent to B&H. It lasted a week or two, then died, and went back to Nikon to fix the electronics. This went on and on, over and over, with some kind of defect or another. Nikon kept fixing or replacing the body, and finally sent me a D2hs which worked fine, but overheated. I called my new buddy at Nikon service, who asked what I wanted them to do - and told him to just send me any old Nikon D2x that they were using in-house, and to NOT send a new body. I got that finally, and used it from then on. I did buy a newly released Nikon D70 for backup, took the D70 (lighter) to Italy to do a photo shoot and article about a race, and the D70 died the first day with whatever bug the first D70 cameras had back then. I borrowed someone's D50 for a week, and the magazine was completely satisfied. Gee, why did I need to spend the big bucks for a pro camera, when the most basic Nikon could be made to do what I wanted? As someone put it, it's not the camera - it's what is located ten inches behind the camera that counts.

I really don't like videos like this. I prefer documentaries, where the guy isn't talking like he's spaced out on drugs. I don't see what's all exciting, and from MY point of view, the D1x is "just a camera". Like any other camera, it has limitations. Nikon's very latest camera also has limitations. It's so big and fancy looking, that in India it scares away anyone who notices it. Street photography was very difficult for me with any big camera - the less conspicuous the camera, the better. The best camera I've ever used over there is a Fuji X100, which looks like a 50 year old camera and doesn't scare or impress anyone.

The guy on the video is so excited, and seems to be screaming, and is so upset because he can't use a specific aperture on his lens. Yeah, and that the viewfinder is so tiny, and there's only 2x magnification. That's way more than what I had on my Nikon F, F2, and other cameras before digital. (I wanted the Nikon digital camera back around 1980's or so, with the Kodak digital pack under it, and a price tag of $40,000 which would be probably ten times that much in today's dollars.)

My opinion - use what you've got. I usually send people to read Ken Rockwell's "The Camera Doesn't Matter" article, when they're telling me they can't live without some new super whiz-bang camera. I swear, people today don't care about photography, they just want to press a button and get a snapshot, and they think the quality of the picture is directly proportional to the cost of the camera. I ask them if the people writing books back then would have written a better book had they used a more expensive typewriter.....

Sorry for writing so much.
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Simon Wheeler, Photographer, Photo Editor
Ithaca | NY | USA | Posted: 8:04 PM on 08.21.16
->> Last week I saw a reporter doing double duty as a photographer. He was using using a D1H. What was even more amazing was that the thing looked absolutely mint. I remember loving that camera when we got some of the very first ones in August of 2001.
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Sam Santilli, Photographer, Photo Editor
Philippi | WV | USA | Posted: 12:45 PM on 08.22.16
->> Nice trip down memory lane. Must be nice to be able to run out and pick up 6 used lenses for a "5 min" shoot.
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Eric Canha, Photographer
Brockton | MA | United States | Posted: 2:42 PM on 08.23.16
->> I'm sorry he lost me when he said composition was 'old school'. The old school grumpy photographer in me was ready to introduce him to an old school monopod.... and not to stabilize his camera.
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Thread Title: Does This Seem Like Pointless Whining To Anyone Else?
Thread Started By: Jim Colburn
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