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Capturing Images
Michael Myers, Photographer
Miami | Florida | USA | Posted: 11:36 AM on 01.01.16
->> I used to shoot in 'jpg'. I've read so much (and found out for myself) about the advantages of shooting 'raw', that I now set my camera (Nikon D750) to "NEF + JPG FINE".

When I get back to the laptop, I let Lightroom copy everything to an appropriate place, both 'nef' and 'jpg' images.

I was helping a friend set up his Nikon D610, and I discovered that it had the ability to use the two memory cards for "overflow" when one fills up, or for 'backup', recording the same thing on two cards, and also for something I never knew about.... it can capture 'nef' files on one memory card, and the 'jpg' copies on the other card.

Presumably, I can then import only the 'nef' images into Lightroom, and once they are successfully copied, just delete the 'jpg' versions on the other memory card.

Am I missing something, or isn't this a good way to accomplish everything - back up images if needed, and only the 'nef' images going into Lightroom.
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 2:22 PM on 01.01.16
->> To each his own. Those are the magic words because there is no perfect answer. Companies/publications may have a single workflow process for continuity and compatibility with their systems, but when it comes to individuals whatever works best for the person rules.

For example, my D800 and D810 bodies have two slots for CF and SD cards. I happen to shoot RAW only and have the cameras set up to put those on the CF. I also have the cameras loaded with SD cards which is where the video files go. Why? Two separate media, two separate cards that are easily distinguishable for when I load the files into different directories on my computer.

About the only time I shoot both NEF and JPG is when I do time lapse where the JPGs are used to create a movie. Otherwise it is RAW only. Because NEF files contain so much more information, for me to shoot JPG is a waste of time. And because I have developed a very efficient Camera Raw processing workflow I can mass produce better quality images faster shooting RAW versus having to individually correct/tweak JPGs from what the camera thought was right.

As to the memory cards, I use high-capacity 32-gig SD cards because video needs a lot of continuous file space. But for CF I'll use 4-gig cards for short shoots and 16-gig for sports or dozens of corporate head shot sessions. Yes, I have to swap them out more often, but if a card goes bad or gets misplaced, I've only lost a fraction of the images I've shot versus the whole sh-bang.

To keep the cards straight I also use a practice from my old AP film days where we used large envelopes to record what was shot with one roll per envelope. With CF/SD cards I use 3x5 inch coin envelopes from Office Depot. I write down what I shot on the envelope and fill it with a single card. Then when I ingest the images the envelope is marked to match the folder the card pix are in which makes more specific caption writing afterwards very easy as I just go back to the envelope.

It all comes down to organization. The better you are the better your workflow and therefore more productive you are. And the best way you can determine what works for you is to sit down, mentally go through a shoot and how you post-process, and write it down in chronological order. Tweak it to increase your productivity and then make the appropriate changes to your camera settings, etc. Then try it out, tweak some more, and settle in on a physical workflow that works best for your mental workflow. Once you get down pat a productive workflow process that you can do blind-folded, you'll be able to spend more time doing the creative work.
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Travis Haughton, Photographer
Oak Park | IL | USA | Posted: 1:52 AM on 01.04.16
->> A jpg copy isn't a backup of the RAW file. It's just a jpg copy. If you're shooting anything that matters, shoot RAW to both cards.
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Jim Karczewski, Photographer, Assistant
Hammond | IN | USA | Posted: 6:17 AM on 01.05.16
->> I did this last week but then was thrown that on a 1Dx the audio annotation files were stored with the JPG rather than the RAW files not both. As Travis said, JPG aren't backups for RAW, so if your WB is bad you don't have an easy way to fix it, same with exposure. So it depends, do you need the extra overhead of the JPG? I know with Canon they embed a full size JPG in the RAW so I really don't need to write them to a different card, I just did it to see if basketball would be any faster and in then end it only saved me about 5 minutes so it's not worth it to me unless I'm really in a crunch for deadline which never happens.
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Michael Granse, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 8:47 PM on 01.05.16
->> I use 1000x cards with a USB 3.0 reader and shoot RAW on deadline with no worries.

I could shoot longer bursts if I were using jpegs, but I am shooting stills not making a movie. :)
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Thread Title: Capturing Images
Thread Started By: Michael Myers
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