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1DX Underexposure
Jeffrey Nycz, Photographer
Warsaw | IN | USA | Posted: 2:13 PM on 08.17.15
->> Anyone had issues with a 1DX and underexposure? My body is on it's third trip to CPS for underexposed images. First time adjusted a "mal-positioned component" second time replaced the shutter and now who knows? It seems the metering is very sensitive to specular highlights and therefore darkens nearly all my images.
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Kevin Krows, Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA | Posted: 8:25 AM on 08.18.15
->> Does under exposure happen in all metering modes? Many of us often forget that there is life beyond "evaluative" which pretty much leaves everything up to the camera to figure out.

Personally, I start with evaluative >> note the setting for shutter / aperture >> if it looks good >> switch to manual mode. As the shoot progresses and I change positions or if clouds roll in and out, I'll switch back to Av mode to get another reading and repeat the process. Sometimes all that is necessary is to make a fast adjustment to shutter, aperture, or ISO.

I know this sounds like a pain in the butt. However, I've been doing this for years so it's almost second nature. With practice, is very fast to do in the field and saves a TON of TIME in post production correcting images. The trade-off is worth the hassle in the field.

I've been shooting a 1 series bodies for 10 years. I've never had a single camera body that didn't underexpose a bit ... including my 1DX's. They always seem to be about 2/3rd's stop under exposed. I know many photographers that live their lives (when shooting outdoors) in Av mode, evaluative metering, and 2/3rds Exposure Comp to the right.

Hope this helps.
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Kevin Krows, Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA | Posted: 9:55 PM on 08.18.15
->> Jeff - One other thing. Every time you send your camera to CPS that reset everything to factory settings. Even if you copy your settings to a CF card and reinstall them, sometimes all of the settings are not restored. This would include such settings as highlight protection, lighting optimizer, and other stupid features.... may want to double check some of these settings.
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Jeffrey Nycz, Photographer
Warsaw | IN | USA | Posted: 9:22 AM on 08.19.15
->> Kevin:

I have tried everything, all metering modes, lighting optimizer, various camera settings and I can't get a consistent exposure. Every time I get the body back from CPS I go through all the settings and set them to my liking. Here's the killer; CPS sends me a loaner body and I do a side by side comparison with the same settings, even in a studio setting and there is a huge difference in exposure and to a lesser degree, clarity.

Additionally, I have a 7D MKII that absolutely nails exposure. I'm now using that body and the 1DX is used sparingly.

I had one sequence of a second baseman relaying a throw to first, shot about 10 frames. The first 4-5 frames were exposed correctly, then the next frame was almost black, at least 2 stops under.

I'm at a loss.
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Jeffrey Nycz, Photographer
Warsaw | IN | USA | Posted: 9:51 AM on 08.19.15
->> As a follow up, CPS is now replacing the pentaprism which also contains the AE sensor. May not have the body back until next week.
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Colin Hackley, Photographer
Tallahassee | FL | USA | Posted: 10:01 AM on 08.19.15
->> Check the lens mount on your 1DX and the mounts on your lenses and clean the contacts on all. If lens mounts are worn and there is even a bit of play between camera and lens, twisting one or the other slightly while photographing can cause this problem.
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Keith Lucas, Photographer
Verona | VA | USA | Posted: 3:22 PM on 09.24.15
->> Jeffery,

Let me know what you find out interns of if that corrects the issue....I had the shutter and mirror box just replaced and have onlyshot a few thousand images BUT mine was doing the same thing....I shot a burst of a running back coming through a hole, first 3-4 shots fine, and all of a sudden 3 black frames...

Curious to see your results...

Keith Lucas
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Thread Title: 1DX Underexposure
Thread Started By: Jeffrey Nycz
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