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Amazon Cloud, Google cloud or other option
David G. McIntyre, Photographer, Photo Editor
Hong Kong | . | CHINA | Posted: 3:33 AM on 11.20.13
->> Who has used Amazon or Google cloud, or found another option to store photos on?

I am thinking about putting more things up on a cloud, but also wonder if it is a straight transfer, or do I have to have them sync with another place where I must also keep them?

Seems like the Amazon is the best priced too, and they do seem very reliable.
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David G. McIntyre, Photographer, Photo Editor
Hong Kong | . | CHINA | Posted: 4:24 AM on 11.20.13
->> The other thing is, I want to be able to upload folders, and subfolders. Some only let you upload files.
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Gavin Werbeloff, Photographer
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 9:03 AM on 11.20.13
->> In my experience, the limitations of using the cloud for photo storage and access have to do with the upload speed on your internet connection. All of the services you mentioned will be good, provided you have a high upload speed.
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Gordon Grant, Photographer
East Hampton | NY | USA | Posted: 9:23 AM on 11.20.13
->> David-

For backup purposes, I use Backblaze. It is great.

For my selects, I upload to PhotoShelter. Also great.

You can see my comment in the thread below.

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Armando Solares, Photographer
Englewood | FL | USA | Posted: 10:40 AM on 11.20.13
->> I'm with Gordon.

I deliver and sell to clients using Photoshelter. I backup my archive to external HDs and Backblaze. Best $59 I spend every year. Peace of mind and in a pinch I can access my stuff anywhere there is an internet connection.


Of course you can look in to, LOOM, COPY and Dropbox.
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Trent Nelson, Photographer
Salt Lake City | UT | USA | Posted: 5:08 PM on 11.20.13
->> ARQ gives you encrypted backups on Amazon Glacier dirt cheap and secure

It's a good cold storage option, as there is a delay when you want to download things. More of a backup than anything else.
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David G. McIntyre, Photographer, Photo Editor
Hong Kong | . | CHINA | Posted: 10:04 PM on 11.20.13
->> I also just found out that gives unlimited storage for $159.99 a year. They are formally Might be one of the best deals out there.

They said I can upload folders, with sibfolders too, through their desktop app. Also, you can access you files via their iPhone, iPad and Android app. This along with their transmitting zip files to clients.
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David Harpe, Photographer
Denver | CO | USA | Posted: 11:31 PM on 11.20.13
->> Amazon has been around the longest...

...but it's also pretty "geeky"...pointing to it's origins as more of an IT-style solution. Very reliable and relatively cheap. To make it work well you have to bolt on other applications to clean up the interface. If you're into that it's fine. Hard to beat the price.

Google Drive and Dropbox are the easiest solutions. Install an app then designate a folder on your computer and anything you put in the folder is transferred to the cloud in the background automatically. If you have multiple computers with Google Drive/Dropbox those computers will automatically receive copies of files in the cloud as well. If you have the respective apps installed on your smart phone you can access your files easily.

Google Drive gives you 15Gb free storage. You can bump up to 100Gb for $5/mo, 200Gb for $10/mo, 1Tb for $50/month and on up. Dropbox is similarly priced although they only give you 2Gb free before you have to buy more space.

I like Google Drive for backup because it's relatively cheap, easy to use and universally supported across all of my devices. If you use Google Docs it's a no brainer - use Google Drive. Although you can display photos with Google Drive it's not great at it. If you want your cloud backup solution to also be your photo sale/presentation/management solution, there are other options. But if you just want backup it's hard to beat the ease of use you get with Google Drive.

Photoshelter is fine if you buy into their infrastructure and use them for your web site. But keep in mind it's geared for JUST photos - you can't back up other documents to Photoshelter (i.e. ZIP archives, pdfs, etc.). It also requires "active" management - you have to use FTP or an app to send files to the cloud. This means you have to monitor uploads for errors and all of the other icky stuff involved with non-sync file transfers. But if you're into their way of doing things and use them for your primary site it saves you the hassle of having to upload your photos twice. Just make sure you back up other documents some other way.
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Marvin Gentry, Photographer
Birmingham | AL | USA | Posted: 11:57 PM on 11.20.13
->> I have seen a company called that offers unlimited backup for $5.00 per month. There is another thread on here that a member also mentions them and he has back up 4TB of photos. Anybody else used them?
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Derek Montgomery, Photographer
Duluth | MN | USA | Posted: 11:57 PM on 11.20.13
->> David, you can back up PDFs to Photoshelter. I just uploaded a number of them for a client who needed copies of documents. They list PDFs as a supported file format as well.

As someone with mass storage needs, I've shied away from Amazon because their pricing becomes progressively more expensive as you add more data. It may seem cheap at the start, but your monthly costs rise as you add more data whereas many services offer an unlimited amount of storage for a set amount. Amazon is not like this, unfortunately.

I've found Crashplan to be the best of all the services. They are affordable, established and offer unlimited storage plans.
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Jed Strahm, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | USA | Posted: 11:41 AM on 11.26.13
->> The worry that I have with any cloud service is the longevity of the company offering the cloud service. Wish there was some sort of FDIC-Insured guarantee to retrieve your deposits like there is at the bank.

One other thing to consider: if in fact a cloud storage company is going under and you have to pull X TB's worth of data back down to your computer, your ISP may limit your monthly download, for example, I have the 70$ premium cox cable and they limit you to 300GB a month, the $100 ultimate service limits you to 400GB. Just something to consider if using this as your sole backup source.
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Preston Mack, Photographer
Orlando | FL | | Posted: 12:30 PM on 11.26.13
->> When Digital Railroad went under, people were left scrambling to download their content off their cloud drives. Always scary to trust in a company with that many GBs of data.
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PJ Heller, Photographer
Santa Barbara | CA | USA | Posted: 11:28 PM on 11.26.13
->> As far as cloud plans go, have a look at crashplan ( which several others have recommended.

Re backblaze, be careful if you detach an external drive for more than 30 days, as backblaze will then permanently delete your copied files. However, Backblaze says that if you shut down your computer with the external drive attached it does not detect that the external drive has been unplugged and won't start the 30-day countdown.

Re cloud companies going under . . . why would you rely just on the cloud for backup?
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Mike Janes, Photographer
Attica | NY | USA | Posted: 4:41 AM on 11.27.13
->> Dear PhotoShelter, sounds like there's a market here, hint hint!

Would love to have a cloud option with them as well as my sales site, even if the cloud was not directly connected to the sales/search site and did not have the same features (pricing, features, etc). Personally only want something can send images in and they're left alone, not updated unless I update them, along with an easy way to get them if something ever happens like my DROBO's being stolen. Though be nice to have everything connected in one area as you can technically do now with PhotoShelter the price for 3-4TB, and growing, make it a non-option.
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Chuck Steenburgh, Photographer
Lexington | VA | USA | Posted: 5:42 AM on 11.27.13
->> I recently discovered DrivePop, which is currently offering an unlimited backup plan for just $14.95 a year (50% off).

Having had a woeful experience with Carbonite (ridiculously slow upload speeds) a couple of years ago, I was skeptical but for $15...

I'm averaging upload speeds of 650-750 mbps or so with DrivePop (which is actually fulfilled by a service called LiveDrive). In fact, I had to use the software client's controls to throttle the upload speed down to 500 mbs because it was hoovering all my bandwidth for other purposes. (I have Comcast internet and they have not yet implemented their nominal bandwidth cutoffs).

I have nothing else to report other than the tremendous upload speeds...but so far, so good. Yeah, it may be too good to be true, but I'm willing to risk the $15.

I have two additional local backups, so this is by no means an all-eggs-in-one-basket system. But it is off-site, AND it offers file versioning - the only real defense against those nasty new malware attacks that encrypt your data and hold it hostage.
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Francis Specker, Photographer
Riverside | CA | USA | Posted: 12:32 PM on 11.28.13
->> I have Backblaze, dropbox and Google Drive, all great cloud solutions.

I was thinking of getting my own cloud based system which was independent of companies that might fail or have service outages. Looking into the Transporter by Drobo - -which connects any hard drive and lets you access your data anywhere with syncing a la dropbox. Ideally you could put this thing offsite.
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Thread Title: Amazon Cloud, Google cloud or other option
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