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Portfolios In The Year 2013
Scott Serio, Photo Editor, Photographer
Colora | MD | USA | Posted: 9:30 PM on 10.20.13
->> I tried to find some information on this, but there isn't much. While many of the staff positions I have looked at ask for links to my work, I have run into a couple who want examples of my work submitted with the application.

In the old days, a portfolio was your best photo story and you would fill out a slide sheet with your best singles to make 20 images. That was the old days.

What is it today? How are people submitting representative work when the reviewers don't want links?

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Kent Nishimura, Student/Intern, Photographer
Colorado Springs | CO | USA | Posted: 3:44 AM on 10.21.13
->> Scott i submit a CD with images on it. i've stuck to the singles + projects approach. also include multimedia work I've done too. really it depends on what the editor is looking for.
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Doug Strickland, Photographer
Chattanooga | TN | USA | Posted: 9:27 AM on 10.21.13
->> Making a CD is the way to go, but the actual nature of the portfolio? When I was applying for staff positions, I produced mine in PowerPoint as a simple, clean slideshow of large photos on white backgrounds with captions below, then I exported it as a PDF. I found that many times people can't open PowerPoint files, but EVERYONE can open a PDF, and you want your work in a file format anyone can view.

Could you throw all the images into a folder named "PORTFOLIO" and suggest they use PhotoMechanic to view it? Sure, and I did that in addition to the PDF for those who preferred it, but in my opinion making a PDF shows that you care enough about the position and your work to make a good-looking portfolio piece.
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Mat Boyle, Photographer
Pitman | NJ | United States | Posted: 9:44 AM on 10.21.13
->> If you have Lightroom you could use its book function to make a photo book and then save it as a pdf.
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Michael McNamara, Photographer, Photo Editor
Phoenix | AZ | USA | Posted: 1:43 PM on 10.21.13
->> I prefer doing books through Blurb and sending them out.

Yeah, it's pricey, especially if you're doing a bunch of books. But you can usually find good discount codes if you spend a few minutes on Google.

If you send a CD or an email with links, you're not in control of how they see your images...they might be looking on a 30" monitor or they might be looking on an iPhone. You don't know how their monitor is calibrated. If you send a book, they get a very nice, tangible product. And you get to pick every single bit of it. The book itself is a reflection of you as a photographer. Make a good one, and it tells the client that you really have your shit together.

Staff positions are few and far between these days, so do something that instantly sets you apart from every other person applying. Just send it in a nice, reusable box and include a shipping label for them to return the book.
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Landry Major, Photographer
Woodland Hills | CA | USA | Posted: 2:22 PM on 10.21.13
->> I have a PDF portfolio, but I also have a Blurb book that goes out.Editors still call and request you Fed Ex a book to them, so it's good to have one. With Blurb you can update your work easily.
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Thread Title: Portfolios In The Year 2013
Thread Started By: Scott Serio
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