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"Journalism restraining order"?
Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 4:09 AM on 09.12.13
->> "The State tells its sports columnist he can’t cover University of South Carolina football

In 2011, University of South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier refused to talk to reporters while Ron Morris of The State — McClatchy’s paper in Columbia, SC — was in the room. The coach complained that the sports columnist was a “negative guy.”
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Michael Granse, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 8:21 AM on 09.12.13
->> In as much as it bothers me that Ron Morris has become persona non grata for writing stories whose content is apparently poorly received though not in dispute, I am also troubled by the fact that the journalism community has not done more to protect one of their own.

Perhaps Steve Spurrier needs to walk into an empty room for two or three consecutive scheduled press conferences, or have every question asked be about Ron Morris with follow up questions asking about the length of cleats that the players plan to wear in the next game?
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Mark Peters, Photographer
Highland | IL | USA | Posted: 8:55 AM on 09.12.13
->> The most disturbing part of the article for me -
"Spurrier told me that he helped “Superfan” Snyder get his job at The State."
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Steven Bridges, Photographer
Knoxville | TN | United States | Posted: 11:28 AM on 09.12.13
->> At least he still has a job. Bobby Petrino had Renee Gork fired for wearing a Florida hat to a press conference.

Maybe he should have fired Jessica Dorrell instead.
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Chuck Steenburgh, Photographer
Lexington | VA | USA | Posted: 7:30 PM on 09.12.13
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Tom Ewart, Photographer
Bentonville | AR | USA | Posted: 9:35 PM on 09.12.13
->> Not to take away from the Bobby Petrino comment, but here at Arkansas may years ago one of our coaches just refused to answer any question or talk with one certian reporter because of columns I thin his boss wrote. The paper changed writers and moved the writer to Dallas to cover the Cowboys. I may not have all the facts, but that's what i heard. The reporter after several years has returned to covering the Razorbacks, the coach in question is no longer at the U of A. I even though I fancy myself as a journalist, I feel as though someone ultimatly has the right not to talk to someone or when someone is around if he or she chooses... It actually the civil thing to do than to go off on that person and say publicly what he really thinks about them. He could make his team and staff off limits to everyone, ever hear of a closed practice..
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Steve Franz, Photographer
Baton Rouge | LA | USA | Posted: 10:26 PM on 09.12.13
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David Minton, Photographer
Denton | TX | USA | Posted: 6:15 PM on 09.13.13
->> So, how much are we gonna bet that a threat to revoke some advertising money by the South Carolina athletic department had something to do with the publisher's attitude? That's what it sounds like was happening behind the curtain to me.

Coach: Tell him to shut up or I'll have the school stop putting ads in your paper.

Publisher: Ron, shut up. Don't piss off the check writers. Now, let's go hire some homer that will regurgitate whatever Spurrier says so that they're happy and they keep giving us what little ad money we still can get.

Gamecock Fans: We love Spurrier! Boo Morris and his poopy mouth.
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Thread Title: "Journalism restraining order"?
Thread Started By: Robert Hanashiro
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