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OT-How women percieve their looks vs reality; Incredible!!
Phil Hawkins, Photographer
Fresno | ca | usa | Posted: 1:59 PM on 04.26.13
->> I know many of us here also shoot portraits, especially sports portraits, so...

This is incredible! When you've done as many portraits as I have over the last ten years you see a common thread among women (men don't seem to have this phenomenon) that reflects a disconnect between how they REALLY look vs how they THINK they look. In fact, I've noticed that the more beautiful a woman is, the greater the disconnect between reality and perception, 100% of the time for the worse (women think they look worse than they do). I've seen stunningly beautiful and sexy women (I mean REALLY beautiful and sexy) almost in tears over their denigrated self-image.

It's worth bearing this in mind when shooting women and how you approach the post procedures. Connecting with your female subjects is sometimes very difficult but absolutely necessary if you are to get something worth keeping. Knowing (or at least being aware of) their self-image will help you when getting them in front of the camera.

Check this out; it's freaking fascinating! Watch the entire video and then look at the sketches... and then view each individual video for a peak into the mind of a woman... This is a HUGE learning experience.
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Jed Strahm, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | USA | Posted: 2:00 AM on 04.27.13
->> Thanks for sharing the post/link, good insight from ya. It reminds me of something that ive never forgot, I met someone a while back that was part of the HBO documentary "Thin", the topic was anorexia. Anyhow, I watched the film and there was a clip where these girls drew their own self image on life size paper, all of them drawing a much larger person than their skinny frames. Next they stood against the paper and had someone trace their outline, they all were shocked and highly emotional at the difference in actual vs. perceived size. Crazy concept. I don't know that much about psycology.....but I do know the perspective of your reflection in the mirror is often verrrry different than reality. Thanks again for the wit shared here Phil.

Jed in Az
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Ron Scheffler, Photographer
Hamilton (Toronto area) | Ontario | Canada | Posted: 1:44 PM on 04.27.13
->> Just wanted to mention that I realized many years ago that what I saw in the mirror every morning getting ready for work, school, etc., was not exactly an accurate representation of myself. There's something the mind does to mask certain aspects while enhancing others that tricks oneself into 'seeing' something a bit different from the neutral observation of a camera (though of course what the camera sees can be manipulated by the photographer through various techniques/settings)...

Basically I think we see what we want to see, and block out what we don't.
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Thomas E. Witte, Photographer, Photo Editor
Cincinnati | OH | USA | Posted: 9:45 PM on 04.27.13
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Lyle Aspinall, Photographer
Calgary | AB | Canada | Posted: 12:47 PM on 04.28.13
->> While I agree this project sparks important conversation and raises a awareness of a legitimate problem in our society, let's not forget that, at the end of the day, this is primarily a clever marketing campaign.

BTW, I love the men parody.
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Matthew Hinton, Photographer, Assistant
New Orleans | LA | USA | Posted: 1:07 PM on 04.28.13
->> Part of it is that women, and men, spend a majority of their time looking at themselves in a mirror which flips left and right. A photograph doesn't do that, so it's the opposite in some ways of how they see themselves. In one study a researcher made a special mirror that didn't flip left and right. In the research some people described seeing their non-flipped reflection as seeing their "evil twin." It can be disconcerting for some people.
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Mark Peters, Photographer
Highland | IL | USA | Posted: 1:58 PM on 04.28.13
->> Matthew -

To make the "special mirror" just place two mirrors at right angles and look into the center of the angle - this will "flip" the image and you will see yourself as others see you (at least physically).
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G.J. McCarthy, Photographer
Dallas | TX | US | Posted: 8:01 PM on 04.28.13
->> I see only sadness and pain when I look in the mirror.
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Chuck Steenburgh, Photographer
Lexington | VA | USA | Posted: 11:32 AM on 04.29.13
->> I'd like to see a third sketch, based on the description of a man who chats with the woman while he is drinking his 4th beer.
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Landry Major, Photographer
Woodland Hills | CA | USA | Posted: 1:57 PM on 04.29.13
->> I see this all the time with the women I shoot. I started doing portraits of my son's girl friends who are all stunning. They have no idea how beautiful they are. When I post their images and people comment on their beauty I hope it helps them realize how the rest of the world sees them. Girls grow up in a highly retouched world where they are judging themselves against an unatainable idea of perfection that stares out at them from every magazine.
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Thread Title: OT-How women percieve their looks vs reality; Incredible!!
Thread Started By: Phil Hawkins
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