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The F-Bomb
Nic Coury, Photographer
Monterey | CA | | Posted: 3:48 PM on 04.24.13
->> Question on the F-word.

What's the policy out there for your paper on using the F-word if someone says it in a video interview or it's on a sign?

A colleague from another paper was telling me they don't run any photos or video where it's visible or audibly heard.

I feel like it depends on the circumstance.

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Chuck Liddy, Photographer, Photo Editor
PLANET | EARTH | | Posted: 5:45 PM on 04.24.13
->> Yup...we won't run it. Video, spoken or even written f&@king way. ooopsie!!
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Kevin Krows, Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA | Posted: 6:01 PM on 04.24.13
->> My guess is that if you have a "circumstance" you may need a "Depends" ... just my thoughts :)
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Mike Carlson, Photographer
Bayonet Point | FL | USA | Posted: 6:10 PM on 04.24.13
->> Even if it's "spoken from the heart"?
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Butch Miller, Photographer
Lock Haven | PA | USA | Posted: 6:22 PM on 04.24.13
->> About 12 years ago I was assigned to shoot a perp walk for a fellow who was accused of (and later convicted of) some very despicable crimes against a 10 year old girl. While he was being walked into the magistrate's office for arraignment he spent the whole time shouting expletives and "flipping the bird" with both hands in manacles ... then challenged all the media in attendance that we wouldn't run photos or video because he behaved that way ...

When I returned to the office and discussed the matter with our publisher and showed him the images ... he said "Run it, we won't be held hostage over his bad behavior."

Keep in mind, I was working for a very small home town, mostly rural area ... we expected the worst in terms of outcry from our readership complaining about the image ... to our surprise ... we did not receive one phone call or letter to the editor complaining about the image ... though we did explain why we used the image in the cutline ...
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Matthew Jonas, Photo Editor, Photographer
Longmont | CO | USA | Posted: 6:52 PM on 04.24.13
->> We won't run it at all. Actually had a video published online that I had to take down and edit so that the F-word wasn't audible then republish after the ME said readers complained.
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Thread Title: The F-Bomb
Thread Started By: Nic Coury
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