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Photo mechanic 5 non-destructive workflow.
Kay in t Veen, Photographer, Photo Editor
Rotterdam | ZH | Netherlands | Posted: 5:37 AM on 02.22.13
->> Hi all,
Im coming from a Aperture 3 envoirement but switchting towards PhotoMachenic 5 and photoshop. Made some amazing jumps in knowledge and speed. but the main frustration is that the default workflow as many use it is a very destructive way.

Is there a foolproof system to work in a non-destructive way without moving files, renaming files manually? Any tips on this?
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Victor Biro, Photographer
Toronto | ON | Canada | Posted: 9:00 AM on 02.22.13
->> Hi,

You may be interested in this tutorial on a PhotoMechanic-LightRoom workflow:

Also, Dan Carr has compiled a group of his video tutorials into a Playlist that may be interesting to someone new to the two programmes and their workflow:

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George Bridges, Photographer, Photo Editor
Washington | DC | USA | Posted: 9:45 AM on 02.22.13
->> Depends on what you want to do.

There is an easy way to edit without moving files.

Once you get all the files in one folder and are viewing. You can color tag the selects. Once you have all the selects you can view only those tagged with that color. Now all of your images are in one folder, but you are seeing only the ones you want.

Then you can make your second edit, changing color tags to what you like. Again, you can then view only that one color.

My workflow is normally like this in deadline situations.

Tag in camera when shooting.

Ingest all images into a folder using PhotoMechanic.

Select View Tagged Only.

View the images one by one color tagging my selects in one color.

"Drop out" (not viewing but still in folder) all of the non-color-tagged images.

Run through those selects and change color tag on the ones I make my final edits and want to work on.

Drop out the non-selects so I'm viewing only my final edits.

Select those edits, launch into PhotoShop. Crop, tone.

Use a PS action to save to an edit folder (same one every time).

Use PM to view the Edits folder where I will caption the images and then FTP from there.

So now I have ALL of my images from an assignment in one folder basically untouched. No crops, tones, captions (except generic info put in on ingest). A few are color tagged but its "non-destructive."

Then I have my "destructive" folder with my cropped, toned, captioned images in the Edits folder. Everything neatly separated.

I will later move those from the Edits folder to a "Sent" folder so I have all of my final edits from all assignments in one place as well.
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Michael Prengler, Photographer
Dallas / Ft. Worth | TX | USA | Posted: 5:25 PM on 02.22.13
->> I do a process close George's.

Prior to an assignment I setup my folders:

ingest tagged
ingest all

first transmit
second transmit
final transmit

I only ingest my tagged photos during an assignment. In PM I set the ingest primary destination to ingest tagged. I also set the options for that folder to ingest tagged only. Additionally, click the checkbox for new images only to avoid duplicates on subsequent ingests.

You can now either navigate to the tagged folder with Bridge and edit in PS or launch Lightroom and import from the tagged folder. Everytime you import with Lightroom it will only import and display the New Images that it sees even though you are working out of the same folder. This is really helpful when your are transmitting often because you only see the images since your last import.

When you're done editing either save/export to your transmit folder.

Open your transmit folder in PM and apply your stationary, rename photos etc and transmit.

Sometimes you will need to ingest all the images during an assignment (jersey number, name, etc)in those cases, set the primary destination to target the ingest all folder and set the option to ingest tagged and untagged. Leave the Duplicates checkbox alone.

If you never ingested all your images during an assignment you can now ingest all and then merge your ingest tagged and ingest all folders and rename that folder to whatever you want that indicates all of your "untouched" images from that assignment are in there. This of course is the time to do your secound round of edits for individual player shots etc.
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Kay in t Veen, Photographer, Photo Editor
Rotterdam | ZH | Netherlands | Posted: 6:26 PM on 02.22.13
->> i think the "i use a action to save my image in seperate folder" is the thing i was looking for.
going to play with that.. thank you!
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George Bridges, Photographer, Photo Editor
Washington | DC | USA | Posted: 10:29 AM on 02.23.13
->> Always save your cropped and toned images to another folder. THat way you don't "dirty" up your raw take with edited images. So when you go back you have the untouched take to re-edit.

I use an action in PS because I always use the same folder to caption my images in. That way I can keep caption shells for various sports so my set up is easier for each game.

I've also made the mistake (more than once) of saving to the original folder and overwriting the original file so I no longer have the untouched image. That's why I've set a single folder to save and do a PS action -- so I don't accidentally hit the "are you sure you want to overwrite" button and wipe out my original.
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Thread Title: Photo mechanic 5 non-destructive workflow.
Thread Started By: Kay in t Veen
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