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Event Photography Order Form
David Hungate, Photographer
Roanoke | VA | United States | Posted: 5:07 PM on 02.12.13
->> Hello fellow SS Members.

I have agreed to shoot an event in a few weeks that requires me to have an order form for parcipitants to purchase photos. As this is not the kind of thing I normally do, I don't have a clean, stylish and proper order form.

That being said, I ask my fellow shooters if anyone has a form they are willing to share? I can modify it to fit my needs and reflect my branding.

Thanks in advance for all who are willing to assist. This is one of those things that I can do, but my graphic skills are limited and it would look as if an ape with crayons put it together.

(It is odd to me that I can take a reasonably good photo, have an eye that has allowed me decades of employment as a commercial photog and have worked with hundreds of clients, agencies and other who use graphic artist and NO GRAPHIC TALENT AT ALL has rubbed off. You would think that the two skill sets are close enough that I would be somewhat decent at it, but, there you have it, I'm not.)

Oh, and for those snarkey enough to suggest that I search the message boards for something, I did.
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 9:32 PM on 02.12.13
->> There are all types of events and all sorts of order forms depending upon the circumstances. Can you please be more specific?

Last summer I did a league swimming championship where the parents could have their child photographed and receive an 8x10 color print for $25. One key to making it work was that the parent had to fill out my custom form with their name/address/email and which race, which heat and which lane the swimmer was in. The second key was that the order was PRE-paid. No money, no shoot, no photo. After the meet I simply posted my non-post-processed images in a Photoshelter gallery as proofs, the parent did a search on their name and told me which image they wanted whereupon I then did the post on it, had it printed and mailed. Seeing my take, many parents ordered extra photos too. The three-day event was very profitable.

For other events I've had clients give me their email address whereupon I send them an interactive PDF and a link to the photos in a gallery. Each order line has a drop-down print size box. The form calculates print totals, sales tax and adds a shipping charge. They then resave the PDF file and email it back to me whereupon I do a Quicken invoice and email that back. While their print order is being done they are sending me a check.

Another option is to do a form on a tablet for on-the-spot orders. When filled out the client can give you his/her credit card whereupon you run it using tablet/cell CC swipers such as Square, Intuit, etc.

What's the event? Are you doing a photo booth, are you shooting a stage event, are you doing a prom, etc.? And what services are you providing? Image files, prints, etc.?
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David Hungate, Photographer
Roanoke | VA | United States | Posted: 7:31 AM on 02.13.13
->> It is student photos. The client of the school wants paper order forms and I need something that has a place for the buyer's info, different types of packages and a la carte offerings.

Nothing too elaborate, but it has to look more polished than my simple Microsoft Word skills allow.
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Robert Herrera, Photographer, Assistant
Lakeland | FL | United States | Posted: 11:46 AM on 02.13.13
->> Perhaps something like this?
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David Hungate, Photographer
Roanoke | VA | United States | Posted: 9:23 PM on 02.13.13
->> Thanks to all who were kind enough to send along samples of their forms. I have it covered and now have to photograph 250 kids. Not exactly my line of work, but I guess I can make do.

It is an asset and worth the $25.00 a year to have access to the fraternity of shooters on this site. As we say here in the south, you folks are good people.
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Brad Barr, Photographer
Port St. Lucie | FL | USA | Posted: 8:08 PM on 02.15.13
->> Glad u got it covered. Another option, Black River Imaging has a sports program and has these avail forany sports at a decent price.
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Thread Title: Event Photography Order Form
Thread Started By: David Hungate
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