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|| Member Message Board

Ken Regan passed away.
David Seelig, Photographer
Hailey | ID | USA | Posted: 1:48 PM on 11.27.12
->> A great photographer and a better guy. Years ago I was a staff photographer for a NYC politician ken was brought in to do campaign stuff. AS if I had done it being on the city payroll it might've looked bad, we were shooting the sam eevent and I was a kid Ken, turns to me after about 15 minutes and says why am I here when they have you. It was a
totally out of the blue and unexpected thing to say. I was a no name a kid and Ken just made me feel great. I will never forget that. this was un known to him one of my heros talking to me, if you do not know Ken's work go and google him.
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Steven Mullensky, Photographer, Photo Editor
Port Townsend | WA. | USA | Posted: 6:50 PM on 11.27.12
->> Ken Regan, Camera 5. I'll always remember that byline.
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Sid Hastings, Photographer, Photo Editor
St. Louis | MO | United States | Posted: 7:30 PM on 11.27.12
->> Sad news. Obituary from PDN:
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Jim Colburn, Photographer
Omaha | NE | USA | Posted: 7:59 PM on 11.27.12
->> A fun guy.

Ken Regan stories...

1) There were many pictures of the Kennedy family with a "Ken Regan/Camera 5" credit but one time Ted Kennedy grabbed Ken's camera and took a few pictures of Ken. He displayed a print of that image with the credit "Edward Kennedy/Camera 5".

2) Someone once told me that Ken's idea of a good business lunch was to be in a limo, going from one assignment to another, while on the phone arranging a third gig, eating a sandwich...

3) Being in Newsweek's office one day to see/hear the photo editor going nuts on the phone. A full blown screaming fit. It turns out that Ken had, for the Lake Placid Olympics, had every piece of Nikon gear he owned winterized and then de-winterized by NPS. For most photographers that wouldn't be much of a problem but Ken Regan owned at least two of everything Nikon made and multiples when it came to cameras and such. The bill came to over $80K (more than $200K in today's dollars).
Newsweek paid the bill of course, the photos were excellent.
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Brian Blanco, Photographer
Tampa / Sarasota | FL | USA | Posted: 10:24 AM on 11.28.12
->> Man, I'm sorry to hear this. Ken was the real deal. His body of work made this world a better place... and will continue to do so.
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John J Coleman, Photographer, Photo Editor
Milford | Ct | United States | Posted: 9:23 PM on 12.13.12
->> Very sad news. RIP Ken.
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Thread Title: Ken Regan passed away.
Thread Started By: David Seelig
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