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RU using cloud storage. You might want to rethink that
Clark Brooks, Photo Editor, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 10:54 AM on 11.21.12

So when the government seized MegaUpload's servers, the cloud's clients lost access to their digital property.

"Even worse, the government admitted that it has accessed Mr. Goodwin's Megaupload account and reviewed the content of his files. By doing so, the government has taken a significant and frightening step. It apparently searched through the data it seized for one purpose when its target was Megaupload in order to use it against Mr. Goodwin, someone who was hurt by its actions but who is plainly not the target of any criminal investigation, much less the one against Megaupload. "
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Phil Hawkins, Photographer
Fresno | ca | usa | Posted: 5:56 PM on 11.21.12
->> I rest my case in urging people not to trust your backups and storage to strangers. Although this case is the exception to the rule, it's nonetheless another reason not to use online backup.
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Timothy Andrews, Photographer
Pearl Harbor | Hi | USA | Posted: 1:04 AM on 11.22.12
->> And they can't "also promise its customers that their property rights will be maintained when they use the service." What the?!?!?! What a twisted world we live in...
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Israel Shirk, Photographer, Assistant
Boise | ID | US | Posted: 3:05 AM on 11.22.12
->> That's more a matter of making sure you have read the contract with the provider than anything else. FWIW, Megaupload was not a cloud provider; it provided storage as a service and didn't go to any lengths to protect user data/privacy/etc. If you're worried about files being stolen, just encrypt them. Super easy to do.

Phil- If you use wifi or cell, you're much more vulnerable than your average cloud provider. WPA/WEP/... all have well-known exploits or weaknesses. Recent cell phones are probably the most secure just because the hardware is less common.
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G.J. McCarthy, Photographer
Dallas | TX | US | Posted: 10:54 AM on 11.22.12
->> "RU"??
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Steve Violette, Photographer
Gulf Breeze | FL | USA | Posted: 12:20 PM on 11.23.12
->> "are you"
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Chuck Steenburgh, Photographer
Lexington | VA | USA | Posted: 8:26 AM on 11.24.12
->> Better idea: don't entrust your intellectual property to a serial mass infringer, or a dude who renamed himself to sound like an internet North Korean dictator.
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Thread Title: RU using cloud storage. You might want to rethink that
Thread Started By: Clark Brooks
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